B-Boy and Paul Smith

This is my favority notebook of all time. I've had it for 3 years now and used it as well. Don't know if Mr. Paul Smith still have them. If they do...buy them.


1973, that's the name of the company. Check them out at their homepage and shop some while you're at it. I have the B-Boys giftwrap paper that I've used as art. Just put it togheter with a nice frame.


The Package

When you buy something, I honestly belive that the packaging is important. It should deliver a specific feeling and the concept of the product and the company.

When I got my Prada-phone, I was impressed by the packaging that the phone came in. It was studied to perfection just to make sure it said "Prada".

Take a look att the Bottega Veneta Art of Collaboration video and listen to Mr. Tomas Maier.


Good Stuff

Here are 4 things that I have used a lot.
First up is the ExVoto Deep Leather home parfume and candle. It's the best you can buy. The scent is strong but still fresh and best of all, it doesn't stick to your furniture or clothes, which is very important if you want to change scent in the future.
Second, are loafers from Helmut Lang. I have two pairs and have used them until they broke. They are or were the best loafers on the market. Simple, comfortable and very good quality.

Third, is a huge bag from COS. This one has been extremely useful to me and has come with me to work almost every day. It's strong and has a very clean style to it. Simple, I think, is more.

The forth object is this YSL wallet that my dad gave to me. It's vintage or used, as some like to call it, and he got it for 5 euros. Cheap! I have my business card and other things in it.


Be@rbrick makes amazing toys that are so simple yet gives the possibility to become extremely complex depending on who designs them.

Photo from : http://www.funkyzilla.com/acatalog/Bearbrick-series-12.jpg

Toys from Paolo

I have a love for toys and buy designer toys when I get the moment, and when I find something that's special. Otherwise, who cares. Yesterday, I designed these toys and I'm thinking of making them myself.

Best Fashion Show Mens Wear Spring/Summer 2008

Maybe I'm boring but the best fashion show for men spring/summer 2008, in my opinion, is Bottega Veneta. Tomas Maier has created a collection that is simple, sleek and elegant. It's comfortable to the eye and with no doubt even for your body. The combo of colors that are "dirty" and patterns that are easy to the eye, yet very basic, is beautiful.

After a couple of years of excess and clothes that have been too much, we now see much more comfortable clothes coming out next year and I do belive that Bottega is one of the leaders in this. Make sure that you are visible first and then your clothes. That's something that many do wrong... They let their clothes represent them and not the other way around.

This is something that I would wear at all-times, but can't really afford... Well I could but I wanna live some too.

Take a look at the collection and let it speak for itself.

Photos from: http://lei.excite.it/foto/1324/Moda_Uomo_Bottega_Veneta_PE_2008/2

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