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Vogue Hommes does it

There are too many magazines for men. Some good. Some bad and I bought Vogue Hommes International for the first time yesterday and found it to be good. Some things were a little too much but it was still new and fresh. Then I compared it to Vogue for Men U.S. magazine, which was in my opinion bad. You could tell that it was made almost exclusively for American men. No offense, but I think most American men have no style. Still that doesn't mean Vogue should lower their standard.

The best American magazine is Surface*. Edgy and they understand good quality. So up there with the best ones are Surface*, Vogues Hommes International, Plaza Magazine, Vogues Uomo, Wallpaper*, Monocle and the list continues.

PS. Go and buy a copy of Vogues Hommes if you want a full overview of this falls fashion and trends. They got it right.

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Home Interior goes Fashion

I've been writing an awful lot about fashion lately and that's because the stressful influence of the fashion industry is making a big mark on the home interior industry. I often work too much and too long to make sure that the company I work for can make new home collections every season. This is not all, yet there's nothing I can do about it. What I can do and am going to is to write something that could and will seem controversial.

I actually understand why people in several industries such as, for example, the fashion, design and financial, take drugs or other "uppers" to be able to stay awake and work long and hard hours. It's wrong, very wrong and we all know it. My own solution enabling me to cope is to try and eat right and workout each and everyday. One who does that, I believe, is the one who lives longer. Live healthily and try not to do any drugs.

Prada Linen

I have a thing for Prada. They are and I quote someone very powerful, the only Milano based fashion house that are always showing new and creative objects and clothes. Now they have gone that extra inch to do something more for us.

They have now introduced Linen water, a scented candle and a scented drawer linen paper. There's a light scent of Iris and it makes it easier for you to iron your clothes. I hate ironing but this makes it a little better.

Mr. Sneaky Steve and Bobbie Burns.

The question coming up in my head each and everyday these days is "should I buy a pair of sneakers for €300 or six pairs for €280?". After many ifs and buts, I now know that I will go for the second choice and this is all thanks to Sneaky Steve and Bobbie Burns. These two new Swedish shoe companies have done for the world what Cheap Monday already has. With that I every man can buy high fashion items for a very small penny. Trust me one doesn't have to spend a fortune to get sleak high fashion clothes. It's all about how you wear it. I mix €200 sweaters with €20 jeans and I think it looks F-ing great.

So get yourself a pair of silver sneakers from Mr Sneaky Steve.


This par of fragrances are, according to me, the best ones at the moment. Amber by Prada has earthy tones with a touch of woody musk and an amber base. This is truly the perfect scent for a man.

Then we have the Gucci Pour Hommes 2. The combination of cinnamon, tobacco leaves, myrrh and bergamot is outstanding, but a little weak. After two hours I can't feel it anymore. But it's still the number two scent at the moment.

Needed Architecture for Helsingborg

The small city of Helsingborg, in the southern parts of Sweden, is going thru a revamp as a city. Much has been done starting back in 1999 at the Fair of H99, which was the sister fair of the world famous fair in 1955 otherwise known as, that's right, H55. Now the southern parts of the city is going to be rebuilt and revamped to huge proportions and hopefully they are going to do something great.

HSB Live are proposing and building the buildings with the highest design value in the city and here are some of their project idéas. I truly hope that they all get built. Architecture firms such as Tegnestuen Vandkustens, Wingårdh and Snöhetta are providing the designs.

Lets see what happens...I hope for crazy, sexy, sleek and elegant buildings that have never been seen in Sweden.

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Black Toys

The toys from Toy2r are just cool. There is no other word...just plain cool. I have a love for items that are black and just sexy. And these toys are black. Look at them. They are all available at LuisaViaRoma.

OSS - Online Super Store

OSS (Online Super Store) means us in Swedish, which makes sense...or does it? There's an online super store that I enjoy a lot that has a lot of good stuff - especially for us guys. I'm about to order a pair of Dior sneakers and some toys soon. As you all know, when you have little time to do other things than just work, you want to hang out with friends and family and I bet that shopping is one of the things that are at the bottom of your list. So late at night when you have some free time to shop, do it at one of the OSS.

I just got some nice deep v-neck t-shirts and chill-out pants from and three pairs of shoes from sale. I've ordered from all of them and they are on time and safe.
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