Fly Glasses

I went to this newly opened store in my dear hometown Helsingborg. Lately, they have started to open new stores with a lot of crazy stuff. Good brands and sick stuff. So in this new store that I think is called Sweet&Tender, I'm not sure, they sell original sunglasses from the 70s and 80s and they are almost in perfect condition. I got 2 pairs for SEK250 or USD39. Take a look at my favorite pair...they are so nice. Dark purple with toned glas.


Miss Alison Goldfrapp has probably one of the best female voices in the history. Her style is unique and fresh. Her music becomes ever more interesting for every album she or her band releases. The latest one Supernature is one of the best electro pop albums ever made. But my favorite one is Paperbag. My favorite two songs are Ride a White Horse and the all time best Goldfrapp song is Lovely Head.

I hope that one day Goldfrapp will make music for a James Bond movie. They seem to do it better then anyone will ever be able to.

In need of Wallpaper?

I must make a homage to the magazine that made me extremely interessted in design. It's Wallpaper* and I must say that it is THE magazine. I have even been so lucky to assist them during the 2006 Salone del Mobile.

The founder Tyler Brüle had a vision and I am soo happy that he made his vision a reality. This is the magazine that finds the new and brings it out to us normal deadly people. The people there are really nice especially Olivia Plunkett and Sarah Hammond. They are the best and with Tony Chambers they just got better.

The Fisherman Sweater

I went around my city this Saturday and took it easy, when I realised that I wanted to buy the Peter Jensen sneakers. So me and my friend passed by the Cottonmouth store and I got my shoes and my friend got a sweater from the Danish brand S.N.S. The sweater is the sweater of the season. A thick knitted wool sweater with a perfect fit. The color was an antracit grey and I was about to kick my friends ass cause he got it before I did.

Sören Nielsen Skyt founded the brand as a young man and made a living by selling knitted clothes in central Denmark. He realised that fishermen on the Danish West Coast was in need of warm sweaters so they could stand the cold whilst working at sea. Trust me I live in this area and it can get extremely cold during the winters. The best thing with these items is that they are all signed by the person who made it and they come in a limited edition. Most importantly you look good in these sweaters.

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Acne arrives in Hamburg

The Swedish super brand Acne has opened a new store in Hamburg. The style follows the design of their other stores and I must say that they are in front of design in every way. The clothes are so cutting edge that they make other designers look boring, and honestly I do believe that Keiser Karl would love Acne or maybe he already does.

Even though they are expensive, everyone should have a pair of their jeans in their wardrobe. The fit is close to perfect and goes with everything.

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Twisted Taste

The kinda newly opened resturant Torso Twisted in the Turning Torso Gallery is nice. Nice in a very stylish and comfortable way. The atmosphere is varm and cosy but it still has an elegant feel to it. The food is amazing, so amazing in fact that I got a little pissed that I managed to eat it as fast as I did. The menu changes each and every month. A bit expensive but worth every penny! And by the way, dining with a few design icons is always welcome in my world. I mean the restaurants' neighbour is one of the world's most beautiful skyscrapers ever built... The Turning Torso designed by Santiago Caltrava.

Photo from Pierre Mens &

Going Hi

"Hi-tops are fresh and sick" as Kanye would say. These from Peter Jensen for B-store are cool and cost almost nothing, SEK695. or around USD107. They have a bunny print and are in white and black. Basic colors are the best. I'm gonna get these as soon as I can...

Check out the Tres Bien Shop at They have some great stuff. Must say that we in Scania, Sweden, are lucky. Why? Well they also have two freestanding stores called Cottonmouth in Helsingborg and a new one in Malmoe. So go and shop at this awsome OSS.

Photo from Tres Bien Shop.

Gonna let you know

Miss Roisin Murphy was truly amazing when she was the lead singer in Moloko. Their music style was fresh and the right way. When she went on to do her own thing, I was affraid that it would be a total disaster. But as we all know she has great taste, both in fashion and music. Here is one of her new videos "Let me know" and I think she knows that she is it.


I haven't had the time to post lately. But when I was working the other day I saw this video from Kent. The name of the song is "Nothing". When it comes to videos Kent always make them beautiful and strong. All the animals are portrayed in a perfect way, almost to a point were the animals become better and much more beautiful than a supermodel. Maybe they are the new models of this century...

Going West

There are very few celebs that have good taste. I mean very few. Look at Marc Jacobs, he is probably a very nice person and designs every collection like it's the last one he will do. But he has the need to be naked on almost every single magazine cover that he does. That's bad, very bad. Then there are others that show up on Cribs with their hideous homes stacked with Crystal and tons of bad bad bad taste.. Worst part is that they influence people and make them believe that they know what good taste is.

So now I'm heading West. West to Kanye's crib. I now am a fan, not only because he makes great music, but also cause the man has...yes I'm going to say it...maybe the best taste in the world of celebs. His videos are new and innovative, his clothing style is fresh, sleek and highly fashionable and his home ... absolutely amazing! As an Interior Architect, I was blown away by his taste and the way he has created a home reflecting his mind and soul. He has bared everything. By combining urban retro, modern, a touch of art decor, plus all of those extremely cool pieces of art, he should have an award for making all of it go together without it looking weird or wrong.

You can tell that he's a very creative individual and I hope that he will continue to make a mark on all of us with his music, soul and mind. Mr. West you should have an award, soo now I give to you the DesignBox Award for Best Taste 2007. Now I just have to design the award too...

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