Shoes that look good

I'm always waiting for new shoes to come. Today, I saw this pair of shoes from Gucci. They look good. Gucci have been doing some ugly shoes for the last couple of years, but I think that they are coming back in that apartment.

These shoes are great. Almost no sole and the white and red combo is cool. Hope that they're not way too expensive. Gonna buy them. Have to have them.

Funny Shit

Must say that my attempt to introduce myself was bad. But hey, I'll do better next time. I was stressed and have a lot on my mind. Take care and I'll post something good very soon.

Me, myself & I

I'm really trying to introduce myself. Take it as is. I will become better at it. Lol.

Fresh Berry

Mulberry is becoming something amazing once again. I have this huge vintage weekend bag and now I would really like to buy some of their clothes. They are fresher and much more interesting than before. Sleek cuts and a light but still down to earth color scheme. But they could have skipped the boots.

There's a little Scando over their new clothes and honestly...Scandinavians are amongst the most creative people on earth.

Photos from

I Heart H&M Spring 2008

One of my friends suggested me to take a look at the spring 2008 H&M collection for men. Honestly H&M has been a little too common lately, in the sense that the style was too "hey I'm a boring 35 year old white man with a common middle aged life style". Well I'm happy to say that that is about to change.

The style for 2008 reminds me of an east coast 1930s style. The colors are very 1990s with a modern twist to it. Material wise it's linen, cotton and synthetic. This would be perfect for the Hamptons or Båstad. I love it. Now one can really say that H&M is right up there with the rest of the fashion Mafia.

Photos from Foto: Peter Gehrke. Stylist: Robert Rydberg

Miss Jackson

Since I was little my dad listened to Motown music, Otis, Dina Washington, Marvin Gay and so on. He told me that I had to listen to the lyrics carefully. One day, I discovered Miss Jackson and I absolutely fell in love. This to me was the coolest shit around. My friends were listening to all kinda crazy Swedish music, but I was raised to take influence from everywhere.

Miss Janet Jackson is amazing. When I've seen her in interviews I could feel her. She seemed so honest and true as a person. She deserved all the best and all of her albums are great. I hope that she's happy and I have to agree with Mr. Dupri...Mr. Timberlake lost his balls after the Nippelgate accident. Or did he ever have a pair? Don't think soo. Remember to stand by your friends no matter what. Miss Janet was strong enough to take care of the incident by herself and big ups for her and everyone that supported her.

Cheap, cheaper and cheapest

H&M are pioneers when it comes to cheap clothes. Cheap, stylish and actually good quality clothes...if you know how to wash. I just bought a dinner jacket today that had the perfect fit and they are also selling another one for only SEK198 or around USD26. Just buy it, I mean it's no money at all and you will look good in it too. I'm thinking grey tight jeans, a black long sleeved t-shirt from Cavalli and the high glossed dinner jacket. I love H&M.

Photo from http://www.h&

Un Surprise

This coming weekend I plan to post a surprise...a surprise that will become something great if I manage to pull myself together and just do it. I promise to bust my ass and make sure that I'll show something good...all made by me.

Top Point

The city of Malmö cancelled the Malmö Tower. It would have been taller than the Turning Torso, but instead they are building a new tower called Point Hyllie. The tower is better style wise than Malmö Tower, but it's half the size. Anyhow, it's better than nothing. Looks good doesn't it....

La Sophia Coppola

When I watch a movie I want to be able to relate to that movie in one way or another. To see myself having been in the same situations as the characters. When I realise that I've been in a situation similar to someone's in a movie, I get a comforting feeling.

Sophia Coppola is a person that is able to present her view of a story and at the same time make her audience understand the message in her films. All the traveling that I've done, instantly made me understand the loneliness in Lost in Translation, for example. How to be able to cope with yourself when no one is around, but also how to have fun and let go.

Then we have the right to be free and to be ourselves. To be able to do as we please, without disappointing our surroundings. Being a grown-up, even though you don't want to. Marie Antoinette was a perfect example of this. So misunderstood and lonely. The movie was truly colorful and well made. I hope that Sophia will make another film soon. I would personally like to see something about the de'Medici from Florence. Something like a thriller, when Alessandro de'Medici got assassinated. It would be a great tribute to Italy.


So here's the first sketch of my new apartment. I made it on the trainride between Malmö and Helsingborg. Nothing much but you can get a good idea of what it will look like. The porportions are all wrong, but as I's the first one that I made.

New Apartment

I'm moving into my new apartment in a building very close to Santiago Caltrava's Turning Torso. As an Interior Architect I will do my best to make myself feel at home. It's hard to do your own home, but I have started the planning with my roommate and here are some of the stuff that we have bought and are gonna buy. I'm quite happy with our choices.

Nouvel Tour

New York is getting a new landmark...hopefully. MoMa is proposing a new 70 story project and it's designed by Jean Nouvel. The tower is going to become an icon if it gets built. The style is bold, organic but still very futuristic. Almost robotic. The entire building looks like it has it's skeleton on the outside, which gives the building a very distinct style of it's own.
I hope they build it, because New York deserves a tower like this.

Work Work Work

Was out working on the field yesterday...styling. Here is the result. I didn't choose the products or the lounge chair or table. But I think that it turned out ok.

Work Work Work

Was out working on the field yesterday. Here is the result. I didn't choose the product or the lounge chair or table. But I think that it turned out ok.

KanYe West

Just wanted to give KanYe my thougts. He and his family lost his mother late last night. I hope that all is well with him and everyone who knew his mother.

Mo dolla

Got a mail from Billioners Boys club and saw this kicking new t-shirt of theirs. It's the Dolla Dolla Bill Foil Tee. Can't buy it cause I'm moving this month and I need to buy some stuff for my new home. Gonna show it here when it's done. It's gonna be dope. But if you can buy this t-shirt...then do it.

Touch It

LG and SonyEricsson are going for touch screens in their future concepts. SE's new phone PXi is a further development of their smartphones and will have a 5 megapixel camera.

Then you have the new LG phone. It's a new kind of Prada phone with an extra screen on top of the phone so you can see who called. The extra is the huge doc-station that will make it easier to mail and surf. It's all still on a early stage of development but it will give laptops a run for their money. Why? Well they are smaller and sexier and hopefully they will cost less.


I was standing at the Kristiansand Airport in Norway thinking about what to get my little sister. She's a very fashionable 16 year old girl with a high fashion sense. Plus she's fun and a very sweet person. So I wanted to get her something special...and while thinking about the prior, I saw this sparkling bottle of Moët covered in Swaroski Cristals and I thought it would be perfect for her. Cause trust me, she sparkles every day...

Vintage Handmade

Yesterday, my dad gave me one of his old handknitted sweaters. This brown wool cardigan is all handmade...aaaaaaaaaaaaaall of it. Even the buttons...they're made out of wood. He never wore it and he got it in 1987. So here I am in new vintage sunglasses and sweater on my way with my parents to return an ugly pair of shoes that I got yesterday. I felt fresh and quite comfy.

Are you whyred?

One of my best friends are going to buy this great new bag from Whyred. It's very inspired by Bottega Veneta, but that doesn't matter. It's fresh and clean. The color is great because it matches just about anything. Price tag is around USD1000 or SEK6000. But it's worth it.

COS I like it

The new brand from the H&M group is right now the best brand around. It reminds me of Prada in the 90s. Sleek, clean and simple. I always use those three words when I like something, but those three words mean everything to me.
I got two sweaters from COS and I truly must say that they pay attention to small but extremely important details. One of the sweaters has two big pockets in the front...that you can't really see and the second one has invisible stitches. The store concept is truly thought thru in every way and the touch with the Hans Wegner chairs in the Copenhagen store is the perfect match to a perfect store.

Fly Glasses 2

When I saw one of my friends with these set of fresh glasses this summer, I wanted a pair. I asked him if they were from Tom Ford and he said yes...but it turned out that they were actually from H&M. So I ran over to the H&M store and got them. I don't know if they still sell them...but you have to love them.

Monkey-ing about

This year in April I got this awesome pillow for my big sister Helena. It's soo simple but soo fresh. It's a print of a baby gorilla made into a pillow. My sister and her fiance Hjalmar have probably one the most beautiful apartments on this planet. Soo to kick the style up one more gear I had to give them this pillow.
It's made in Brooklyn New York...this makes it even more awsome.

Winter Warming

Tea is an old but still fresh way of keeping warm during winter times. I will drink just about anything that taste good and I was recommended to buy Kusmi Tea. I did and I loved it. The tin box is really kicking and every taste have a different color. The one that I got is with chocolate flavor and the pink color is fresh against my simple and clean kitchen. So do as the Parisians have since 1867, keep warm with Kusmi.

Keep the Legacy going

I went to the Cottonmouth Store last weekend and saw this awsome t-shirt. The material is super soft and the print is a limited edition collection. It comes from the brand Our Legacy. This is truly keeping the art of printing going. Going oldschool is a way to keep the history living.


When you use hair products make sure that it makes your hair look natural. Men or guys have a tendency to over use products so that their hair looks too wet or just plain ugly.
I use three products. The first one being any kind of conditioner, which I use after I've showered and I don't rinse. Then second, Sacha Juan's Ocean Mist, which is a spray that is based on natural ocean salt. It makes the hair look fixed but natural and it gives an "post" beach look. Finally, I use Sacha's Shine Spray to make it a little shiny. Just make your hair look good. Trust me women notice it. Even men.

Back to bloggin'

I haven't had the time to blog, cause I've been too busy working and came back home from Kristiansand in Norway today. The company that I work for made me go to Norway to help this company called Skeidar to style up our products. I had to color co-ordinate everything and as you all have big problems with colors...but I think that I managed.

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