Here's a new video about my thoughts for 2008. I can't turn it around...sorry!

Kaiser Karl and Reggina Anna

I got a new friend on Myspace..and on her site I saw one of the coolest photos of all time. Soo now I'm going to post it as a tribute and hopefully they will not kill me for it.

So here goes guys, Karl and Anna back in the days!


Hedi Slimane

Hedi was the man that gave Dior Homme its status. He made it into what it is today. The way he designed and formed the concept of this global brand was close to perfection. All the clothes had an amazing fit and form and it's almost as if he knew all of his clients and, the other way around, that they knew him.

Mr Slimane has moved on now and I truly hope that his newfound freedom will take him to new heights. I went to his website and took a look. Trust me...he knows what he is doing. He has always been very graphic and done what he felt was right. I love the simplicity with strong details, which gives a new kind of perspective to things.

His diary with his photos are very beautiful. What he manages to capture is creativity. The creativity of young people. This is what is the most important thing in this day and age. We the young ones need to be creative. We need to be acknowledged for what we create. Take a look and be amazed. I know that you will like it.

Photos from http://www.hedislimane.com/

The Happy 30s

Something that is coming strong this spring is the style of the 1930s. Pastel colors, elegant shoes and up-rolled trousers. Everything is a little oversized, but not in a strange way. I found some great things from four of my favorite brands. These four got it right. They cover both the elegant and casual styles of the thirties.

Now when they say that a recession is coming, we all have to look to the future.. What better way to do that than take from the era that embraced all that was futuristic.

New Years

For New Years my sister wants me to come to this costume party...I said I will, but I will come as Victoria Beckham... My sister started to laugh as hell. Then I thought I could be KanYe...let's see...I will do whatever is easier. I know that the Victoria outfit would be the choice. Ha ha ha, funny shit!

Going Gold

Here's a Christmas salut from our favourite Goldfrapp...always fresh

Have the best Christmas everybody

I haven't had the time to blog, but am posting something small now. I hope you all have the best Christmas and get the best and most stylish gifts. These pictures are from when.. my baby sis and I was trying clothes on at COS in Copenhagen and doing some other stuff as well...

My Crib

This is one of the first pictures of my home. Right now I can only show my bedroom. My sister took the picture.

I tried to make it reflect me and my style, but at the same time comfortability. I have a liking towards Italian and Scandinavian styles so my main focus was to intertwine these styles into one.

Take a look and please be nice...ha ha ha.


I found this article on one of my school projects from Scuola Politecnica di Design. They don't show any pictures, but I will. This brings back memories...see if you can find my name...


Better late than never

Posting some of the hundreds of photos that me and one of my best friends, Andrea Dal Ben, took during the Salone del Mobile 2007. Enjoy...

Piggy and the apple

The simplicity of graphic art is something that is the best kind of art for a modern home. I've been scanning around for some new art and I've found what I was looking for.

Danese from Milano Italy have a number of prints on screen by the amazing designer Enzo Mari. The message in his art is simple. You yourself have to decide what you think and how you translate his pictures. The funny thing is how up-to-date the prints are, even though they are made in the 60s.

I have to get the Apple or La Mela and the Pig or in the right language Il Porcello. These two pieces of art are to me is what defines most humans. Intelligence and greed. A pig is always seen as greedy in my eyes, because of their way of living. Lazy and always eating, wanting more and more food. Almost like us human beings. The apple is something that is valued. The symbol that one would bring to show ones teacher to show respect, in the old days. Newton got his head hit by an apple and started to think about gravity right there and then. The apple woke him up. I could go on, but I think you understand.

I'm gonna put Il Porcello in the kitchen side and La Mela in the livingroom side. Makes sense...right?


So I found this new store in Copenhagen. It's squeezed in between the Adidas Store and the Designers Remix Collection store. I didn't really pay any attention to the brands that they were selling, well I know that they have Hope, 1houndred and D&G etc., but the store itself was really cool. I think that I saw details from an old bathhouse. It was kinda obvious, colors in the store were typical, tiles in white, black and grey. Then they had three gnomes in black and gold from Kartell by Philippe Stark, toys from Toy2R and The Simpsons and it goes on...

The most amazing thing that I saw was this radio that had aa outer shell made in foam, one in black and another one in orange. The price was 400 DKK. I really want one...hopefully I'm going to get one soon. If you have the time, then pass by this cool store. They also had a lot of literature...if you care...

Citta di Armani

I always said that Sig. Giorgio Armani was one of the people that defined Milano. He owns almost an entire street there, a neighborhood and an entire block which he has turned into the Armani Via Manzoni. I don't always agree with his design when it comes to his clothes, but his Armani Casa collection is far more sopisticated for my eyes. The dark colors and the echo of the 1930s artdeco style in it is close to perfect.

His stores are naturally beautiful and reflects his own taste...I think. I've run into him once when he was walking from Armani Via Manzoni to his private home. His was smiling at me and wearing all black. The second time I saw him was when I was working pro-bono for Wallpaper* and they had their exhibit and party at Giorgio's Armani Teatro. The space is a clear reflection of himself. Simple, hard and full of surprises. Let me say that the mens bathroom was so funny in a very cool way, I'm not gonna tell. I know and now you need to find out...

Overpowered by Murphy

This is the new shit from Roisin Murphy. She is it when it comes to new innovating style. Both musically and style wise. I'm trying to find music from Modelselector from France. They are COOL AS SHIT!

Stressin' way too much.

So, I've been moving and the apartment is coming along just great. Made some small changes to my first designs. The mix is great, I for some reason started to buy a lot from IKEA...but that's ok, as long as I don't fill up the entire apartment with products only from them. What one has to think about when designing an apartment is that you have to mix from all price ranges. A very close source from the IKEA core told me that that's the way they want their clients to think.

Show also your space the respect that it deserves. With that I mean, work with the space and materials. Don't do anything way too radical. My apartment is very open with big windows and paper white walls. There's a great flow between all the spaces and Im keeping it that way. Because of the extremely large open spaces in the apartment, I felt that I had to make it warm. But not by cluttering it up with stuff. I have just enough things that have warm colors. That's the best way to make an apartment cosy. The sofa is dark grey with black structures in it, the wood is oak that is worked on to be almost brown grey and then I've used some details that would make everything a little more fun. Some graphic lay-outs to spice it up, ha ha ha.

Don't have any pictures yet but they are coming. I want to make a shout out to Nikolaj from http://www.trendbazaar.dk/. You have some great thing on your site. I love people that love design.
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