Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008

I came back from the Sthlm Furniture Fair last night. It was great working there. I spent Monday and Tuesday preparing a really big stand for Moltex. It's really interesting to see how all the design companies profile themselves during a fair. Even the fair itself work to profile itself as one of the greatest design fairs in the world. It's simply captivating.

Moltex is located in Hall B at the very end, but the funny thing is there were many big companies there. Kosta Boda was one of our neighbors. Hall C was the hall to be in. Here I saw Swedese (I love them), Flos, B&B Italia, Moooi and so on. When it comes to new designs...well there wasn't that much cool stuff. I would like to see a fair where new and innovative design came first. It would maybe not be commercial, but it could trigger the minds of many to be creatively free. When you set people free they seem to do the most amazing things.

I have taken some pics and let me was forbidden to do so. But, hey, anything for my

Take a look at Swedese's chill out chair in the front of one of the pics. One of their other chairs had a curved back side and I saw this amazing lamp from a company that I don't remember the name of. It had an industrial spiderish feeling to it and this other company that had done an awesome shelf system for magazines and books.

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