Giving Notice

Tomorrow I will give my notice. I'm officially leaving my current job. I wanted to post this cause, when it happens I will be able to be more free and be even more creative.

I truly believe that every person should follow their heart...I haven't for the last year...when it comes to my job. Hopefully, I will find something great. It's a free fall, but I know that I will feel much better.

You know what that means for my readers? Well, I will have the time to post more cool stuff...

LL - Love Lanvin

The men spring summer collection for Le Maison Lanvin is, as they say themselves, almost weightless. Super soft materials and light colors makes this collection perfect for summer. Go to their website and look at everything... I know you will like it.

Small Talk

New video ya'll!

Capo di Capo

It doesn't matter where I am in the world...when I need a hair cut I always go home. Why you might ask? Well because my hair dresser Ida is the best one there is. She knows my crazy hair like no one else. She is funny and has an enormous talent. My hair always turns out perfect when she cuts it.

But there's also one other thing...the mini institute of Capo di Capo is amazing. They have a store with Dermalogica and Karin Herzog, the salone for the hair dressers and finally the clinic.

The clinic provides you with a huge range of treatments and let me tell you...Pernilla Werner knows her stuff. She gives treatments and cares for her clients in the most particular way. I'll give you an example...the first time she gave me a full body treatment...I fell asleep because it felt perfect. That have never happened before in my life! The space where the clinic is located is so calming and beautiful too.

Did you know that one can also get Botox there?

More Hotness

Miss Roisin Murphy and this awesome song called "You know me better". Enjoy!

Classic, n'est-pas?

Sometimes you have to use some classics to update your wardrobe...I always go classic with my belts. I have a simple Fendi belt, some Gucci belts and so on. But there's one belt that I really want...the reversible H-belt from Hermès. This is the belt...together with the Bottega Veneta woven leather belts. Just look at it... It almost has the same effect as the Birkin-bag... It goes with any kind of style.

Available at or any Hermès store


I saw this new espandrillo at Bally, when I was in Milano. Simple, in suede and in a color that goes with anything. I need a pair. They also had a pair of loafers that I think takes the throne as the best loafers around...and at 225 € they're kinda cheap.


There are so many of you from the sunny country of the Philippines that read my blog. And today I was thinking about laying on a beach and just doing nothing...wearing a pair of white linen trousers, brown espadrilles from D&G and some cool vintage 80s sunglasses. Talking about design and stupid stuff, having some cold fresh drinks and taking some cool pics.
Now that's a vacation! While doing all of this imagine yourself on this awesome sofa called the Croissant from the Philippino designer Kenneth Cobonpue. This designer is doing his own urban twist to old school Philippino handcraft. From looking at his products, I really do understand why he won the Asian Design Award...Melissa, I think you might see me at your beach house this summer...

Antonio Marcone

A friend if mine...a friend that I had a lot of fun with just by doing nothing. We chilled and took life easy but studied the best way we could. Our lives in Milano was something that I believe everyone should experience at least once. We enjoyed life to the fullest.
Imagine great wine, parties and food. Just the best of everything. Antonio is now probably one of the best fashion photographer out there. His photos are like pieces of art. I wonder what he would say if I used one of his photos in my home as a compliment to my interior...

Photos by Antonio Marcone at

Neu Paparazzo

I always hate how unglamorous paparazzi pictures are. One day I hope that they will make pictures that give the people they chase down the right that they deserve. Wow that was a weird sentence. Anyhow, my friend Melissa has set a new standard. A standard that shows these people how they really are...but in a cool way. It's almost like a tribute.
One is Carine and is it Carla or Franca on the other? Well either way the pictures are amazing...

Photos by Melissa La O'

The Ant

So I'm back in Sweden and just took the day off...I've been working non stop for 7 days and am in need of some genuine chilling. There is so much new stuff that I want to write about and I'm going to try to do so tonight. I really want to go to my home town for the day, meet friends and family...but also see what's new at some of the great stores that we have in Scania.

Tonight I'm going to tell you all about Mimmo Osteria dell Corso, on Corso Garibaldi in Milan. The best resturant in Milano. It used to be Frankie Pietanza...but they are gone.

There is one thing...lately, I've realised that there are many out there like me. We have the same taste and interests....One is Ant. All of the comments that I get are the best! Thanks to all of ya'll and sorry for going Britney on you. Here's a tribute to Ant but also everyone else who reads the DesignBox. Ci vediamo piu tardi ragazzi!


I'm in Milan right now. My former home could say. I've spent a couple of years here at a design school and I love it! Every time I come back I just get this feeling that I belong here and right now I don't want to go back to Sweden...or my job for that matter.

Milan is as always...still the same but always changing. New stores pop up everywhere and the people are more fashionable than ever. Just by walking on Montenapoleone you can see so many people dressed in Dior, Jimmy Choo, Prada and Miu Miu and the presence of Armani Via Manzoni is truly great. It has become something of an institution. But even though this is considered to be the design capital of the world, I must say that some people here should be... Well I'm not going to finish that sentence, but you get the point. A style that I really hate is the Terrone style. A Southern Italian sleezy style.

Something that Italians are unfortunately very bad at is jeans. They're stuck in some kind of weird 90s era of ugly jeans. Or their jeans are ripped in all the wrong ways. They should get to know ACNE or Cheap Monday.

In terms of designing...well they are still at the top. All the design stores just caught my attention immediately, when passing by them. I'm seeing a lot of color and mix of organic (a little old now) and old-school glamour. Also futurism. Tomorrow, I will have to work at the Macef Fair... worst part is that I'm not a sales person. I need to be creative. Maybe a change is needed? I think so...

Hommes et Femmes

I heard about this store in the Philippines called Hommes et Femmes. The store is owned by Jappy Gonzalez and according to my friend Miss Melissa this person is incredible.
The store has brands such as Lanvin, ACNE Jeans, Balenciaga, Dior and so on. But what makes this store even more amazing is that it cares so much for its customers that it has become the store that they always come back too. Melissa's family have been shopping there for the past 11 years and if I'm not wrong... they deliver. It's like the perfect neighborhood store...

Photos by Melissa La O'


This last Sunday was really the best. Me and my sister and another friend just did what we used to as children. Next to where I live there's one of the coolest playgrounds I've seen. So we got dressed in comfy clothes and went playing. I actually have what I think is the only pair of sportpants that ACNE has ever made...I had to look good at the playground...

Melissa La O'

I got a new friend from the Philippines. This girl is fashionable and also a photographer. She saw my blog thru a friend of mine, Gabriel, and now she's a fan ;)

I loved her photos so I stole some from her Facebook site...hopefully, she wont kill me for it. These photos have so much soul and an everyday life feel to them...take a look...

Super Sale

I went to the Normann Copenhagen sale with my best friend Erik and I thought I was going to flip out. For two reasons. One, I hate when too many people want to shop at the same time and with lines that fill-out an entire store that's 1700m2. People act like pigs that haven't seen food for a year. Two, the store was amazing. This was the shit!

Normann Copenhagen has created a space that is like a canvas. All the products just came towards me in the most particular way. They could be seen the way they were supposed to. In an amazing temple of design. Pass by and shop there... They have clothes too...

Magic Touch

I found this on KanYe's blog. It's a MacBook Touch. The concept was developed by some students and quite honestly, I think, this is something that Apple should consider to work on themselves. Or what do you think?

The Wallpaper* Awards

The annual Wallpaper* Awards are among the best awards in the world. They pay a tribute to good taste and creativity. Our globe gets searched after the best restaurant, hotel, private house, public building, add, fashion designer, domestic appliance, stool and on it goes.

Here it's important that someone has created something new and fresh. Something that will add beauty to the world and inspire others. That is what we all need i.e. surroundings that inspire us.

I'm glad that there are awards like this, I can and already live without the Oscars and the Golden Globes. The same goes for all the Swedish award shows. We are a country that have over 10 different costly shows every year and we are only 9 million people.

What I do miss is the VH1's Fashion Awards, that was a lot of fun...
Pthotos from

Victoria Beckham + Marc Jacobs

Suddenly I'm talking a lot about Mr. Jacobs and now I found the new campaign for his brand with Mrs Beckham. Funny shit.


The collection for Marc Jacobs ready to wear 2008 is perfection. You can clearly see the high scando influences. Really nice, don't you think? The splashes of strong colours combined with the down to earth black and grey makes it very hot. I don't really have any smart words for how perfect I think this collection is.

Did you all know that Mr. Jacobs didn't even know that they have opened a Marc By Marc Jacobs store in Copenhagen? Well he didn't. How do I know that... He answered a message on his myspace site. I really like him.


So I'm in Frankfurt right now. This is one of the few cities in Europe with something called a skyline. The people here actually have better style than most people in Germany. Hannover scared was like traveling back to a bad 1990s techno Sweden. BAD! Here it's better. I think it has to do with the fact that most people work for one of these huge corporate banks so they all have to wear a's for the better I think.

The city itself is very nice. There's a nice vibe. I like it. But the fair grounds are hideous. I've spent a couple of days there and the architecture was awful. There is no consistency in the style whatsoever and it doesn't matter that they have a couple of scrapers to make it all more cool. Milano's RHO fair is still, according to me, the best fair in the world. It may be huge, but it's sleek and sexy.

Now I'm gonna have some candy and watch some really bad German TV...has anyone realised that Germany and Germans are very American?

Jack or John?

So now we have reached a new year. I had a great New Years! I was supposed to be dressed up as Jack Sparrow for a party but everyone was like "that is the best John Galliano outfit I've seen!".

I don't really know what I was, but I was hot! Or I'd like to think that I was hot....

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