A New Chapter

Hey everybody....

My life has taken a new turn. I'm now writing a new chapter and I'm very happy. At least for the moment. After a bottle of champagne, I feel great. This whole day has been amazing. Why you might ask, well I feel free. I've had the best time of my life in my old job, but now I have to challenge myself and try new things. I'm 24 and so far I've been an assistant head designer, taken a Masters in Interior Design, been a store manager and I speak 3 languages fluently. I feel that I'm always in a rush, but I've always had so much fun.

My life this past year has been like "The Devil Wears Prada". I've partied like Marcello Mastroiani in "La Dolce Vita" and now I want to know what's coming next. I feel that I want to have fun and experience more. It honestly feels like I'm writing a new chapter in my life. What will I do a year from now? Where will I be? What will happen? Right now I'm writing and contributing to two new books with one of my favorites...Melissa La O'. Plus, I recently realised that I have at least 600 readers a month on my blog. You are all great and I really hope that you find it cool and inspiring.

At this moment, I feel like Carrie in "Sex and the City" with an LIttala glass filled with "Lanson" champagne and about to take a new step... Like a child taking it's first step. My life has taken so many turns and I think it's wild how we all live so much crazier lives compared to 15 years ago. It's all so much faster and we all want to be strong and individualistic. We want to do our own thing. Our lives should be like a movie and if you think about it... our lives could actually be made into movies. Or, what do you think?

It doesn't matter who you are...Mary Kate Olsen, Tom Ford, Miuccia Prada, Kanye West or Brad Pitt....I truly believe that we all go thru some very interesting situations and life changing moments. We must "pause" or take a "break" sometimes and enjoy it and then take off again. We are capable of doing anything we want, and we can become whatever we like. I mean Madonna went from simple girl to super power. Trust yourself and believe in your own talents. You know that you can do whatever you feel like. I feel like the shit (very awesome person) at the moment...It could be the champagne talking....ha ha ha. Love it!

Designer items for sale

Hey, Erik is back...

So, during the past weeks I have been cleaning up my wardrobe. Two very cool items, which I love, has unfortunately sung its last verse on me. I need to make room for the spring collections;)

First a very cool calf leather jacket. It is MC-inspired and can easily be worn both during spring and autumn. Size M from L'ecole National.

Secondly, a very nice knitted 100% virgin wool cardigan from Marc Jacobs. Size M. I'll let the picture speak for itself.

Both pieces have been worn seldom. Let me know if you're interested. Take care and I'll see ya soon.


Running Wild

This new sneaker from ACNE spring/summer is hot. This will go with anything...and as we all know white sneakers are the shit. As I've said before, the 30s tennis sneakers are the choice this half of the year. Also check out Tretorns classic tennis shoe.

Doing it for the Kids

I've styled this entire corner for Moltex Kids Collection...and I think it's cool. One of the first classic collections for kids that doesn't look too obscene.

American Boy

Estelle with KanYe...good match...don't ya think?

Mr Fiasco

He is one of the new pioneers in the music business. I think he brings a message that is important to all of us. Doesn't matter who we are and where we come from. His name is Lupe Fiasco. You all know who he is. His new single "Supestar" is amazing. Here is an old one but one of the best ever..."Daydream"

The Favorite

Here comes some cool music. The brilliant John Legend and his song "We just don't care". This one is for my friend Armita. Sending tons of love.


The new Sarugaku Daikanyama Market Street in Tokyo is the new evolution of shopping galleries/malls. This simple and smart solution of future shopping is brilliant.

The idea comes from the old market places in Asia and Europe. The architect Akihisa Hirata, made it into a vibrant fresh market by making all the buildings white so people more easily would focus on the stores. At the same time, however, feel at ease by the style of the buildings. The super high concentration of stores doesn't make it feel cramped in any way, and the most clever thing is that this mall is out in the open. This gives the real feeling of a city. I just wish that a thing like this would come to Europe soon...

Cartoon in motion

I saw this lounge chair at the STHLM Furniture Fair...and I love it. The curved back and the signature Swedese style is going to make this object a hit. I'm actually feeling the Mickey Mouse ears a little bit, ha ha ha. The fact that they made it all black makes it even more sexy. I'm going to buy it...


Anna Wintour

She once said that there is only one designer in Italy that is innovative. This is true. Why you may ask. If you take a look at some of the Italian designers out there...they all seem to be stuck in a distasteful sense of style. Mr. Armani always does the same things, D&G are more compelling to sleazy Southern Italians and Donatella Versace is desperately still trying to replace her late brother's grandness but with extremely poor taste. May he rest in peace.

They all seem to be unable to be fresh, new and innovative. They do what many designers do. They're unwilling to change something that already works. What I mean is, why try something that may make you less money. Because in the end it's all about the money.

What I like about Ms. Wintour is that she seems to strive finding people that will do their own thing. Being creative and take chances. Push themselves to a limit to reach perfection. I really do understand her. And as you all know, when you trust yourself you are able to do amazing things. For instance, I love Scando designers. Some are completely crazy and go all the way with creations that will blow your mind, like Sandra Backlund, or the 30s inspired Our Legacy collection for men. Maybe Anna Wintour dislikes Scando designers...but that's her opinion. At least she has the balls to say what she thinks.

Paolo Savi Designs ... going bubbly

Here's another one of my designs...I call it Bubbles.

During the Weekday

So I'm back after a little pause...I've been working like hell and I must say that everything is going just fine. As you all know, I went out this past Saturday. Trust me when I say, it was much needed. Then I actually got a new pair of boots from Refined by Bobbie Burns. So cheap...50% off. And today I wanted to buy this awesome t-shirt from Weekday's own brand. It's a, as we say in Sweden, grandpa t-shirt. the material is awesome...super soft and it has a really interesting texture. Weekday's new spring/summer collection is a must for all of us. I already got a shirt from them. Now how stupid do I look in these pics...?


I am at my parents' house in my hometown. The thing is I can't believe the people that go out here. So fucked. I met the sweetest girl, my ex's little sister. So nice and so cool but nothing has changed. The worst part is that I have a hard time remembering people. I don't know anyone anymore. They're all so different. I'm happy that I've moved and all has changed. I still miss the old days though.

Me and one of my best friends, let's call her the Balenciaga girl, had a night out. Usually, we have our selected Saturdays. We're all dressed up in hot clothes and have fun at her house. Then we go out. But do you know what the difference is between here and other places I've lived? When I went out in Milan to party at Plastic...I was so happy, and the people were fun. They were free and didn't give a fuck about anyone else. Funny and cool. Here you have to think about who you know and what you do. Fucked. I hate it.

I wanna stay in Sweden, but it has to become better and give me something more, otherwise, I will have do something about it. There are few people that make me wanna stay..Eric, Helena, Stephanie, Palle, Mom and Dad, Eric and Zarah..the rest I don't know. God I'm drunk now. Sleep thight y'all.

L'ecole e finito

The Swedish brand L'ecole National is no longer. This brand that I truly liked because of their style is now out of business. What will happen now, no one knows. Maybe someone will save them.

Paolo Savi Designs

I'm at it again...I can't believe it. Just did something small, which took a couple of minutes. This set of sofas and tables just popped up in my mind and I started to do them in 3Dmax. Crazy.

Flashing Lights from the West

This is something strong. A sequence from life...it could be mine or yours. I truly see Mr. West as one of the great artists of the 21st century. A creatively free sprit.

Miss Jenny

Our friend Miss Jenny has left for Istanbul. This funny and very hot girl will be missed for the months that she will be gone. Amazing in every way and with a very cool style...

The Support

I want to thank you guys for the support. I've spent my sick days watching TV and just relaxing. My apartment looks like shit and now I'm gonna clean it...trust me it's needed.

The last few weeks have been like hell. I've been traveling a lot and then I suddenly decided to quit my job. But I did it for all the right reasons. Now I've been really stressed and then from no where I got this stomach flu. Bad shit.

My mind goes back and forth, thinking about what I've done and if this was the right thing to do. I always come back to the same answer...I would have died creatively if I had stayed. I'd rather have no money and be happy than have a lot and constantly feel like a zombie.

The Sickness

I've have been sick all weekend and these past two days. I tried to function normally but it's difficult. Yesterday, was awful and today I have been exhausted. Does anyone have any tips for stomach flu?

Refined by Bobbie Burns by Erik

I have become a shoe addict lately. When selecting an outfit for a specific day the shoes play an important role.

I have a pair when I want to look lesiure casual. Another when I want to be sophisticated and so on. Refined by Bobbie Burns make sleek, attractive and comfortable shoes that matches with the season.

I have already bought two pairs and I have my eyes on a third one. The following pictures caractherizes and adds the finishing touch to my styles. Great styles at a resonable price!

Check out their homepage at http;//www.refined-by-bb.com

Until next time, take care!

Time to make an entrance...


I'm Erik, Paolo's roommate, and I have the pleasure and excitement of writing my very first post. From this day onward I will write random contributions to this blog.

I'm addicted to Swedish male fashion brands.

Acne, Whyred, Blank, Our Legacy to name a few. You name it, I wear it! I would classify myself to have the appearance of a modern urbanist with a twist of the 1930s.

Hard to visualize. A preview of myself...more will follow.

I hope you'll enjoy my posts that will mainly focus on Swedish fashion.

Trembled Blossom

Prada has created this amazing new video. The producer is James Luna and all the illustrations are taken from James Jeans illustrations. The story is magical. It's a tale about a woman's journey in nature. Everything that she touches turns into Prada objects. It's almost like a tale for childish adults. I can't get enough of Prada...

Sick Sick Sick

I hate being sick. I can't do anything and I don't want to be in front of the computer all the time. Scanning the Net to see if anything new is happening, but I can't find anything that's interesting.

Anyone got anything?


Today, I want to post some of my own designs. This chair, the AG easy chair is one of my proud designs. I personally love it and hope to make it real someday...

Goin' to the gym

I just woke up and have this urge to go to the gym. Crazy! I never had the urge to go to the gym. But it can be a really good start to my day. Erik found this new radio station yesterday, it's the Hed Kandi station. It can be a good complement to Feist and other chill music. Check it out at http://beta.hedkandi.com/Pages/default.aspx . Now I'm gonna make me some coffee in my Mukka and get dressed and head for the freakin' gym. See ya'll later.


I don't know if you guys remember Artful Dodger...they were great. I re-discovered them today. Take a listen...


I had a really good Saturday. It was calm and fun. Started the day by sleeping until 10 and then I had some breakfast in front of the TV. Guys, you all should do that sometime. Truly relaxing just to take time off for yourself. Then I cleaned the apartment with my roommate Erik. So I had to take som pics.

Afterwards, we decided to go to Copenhagen and have a look at COS, the new Hope store and Marc by Marc Jacobs. They had great stuff all of them. The new collections were really simple and calm in their colors. Jacobs had this really cool cardigan in a sand/beige color with a tiny stripe of blue. Very Chanel actually. Then there was these white Marc Jacobs Vans with color stripes around them. So cool. Hope had a very simple but distinct interior. It was inspired by an industrial style but also very similar to Acne's concept.

Take a look at Erik in the pics. He's wearing a jacket and sweater from Hope, bag and pants from Whyred, shoes from Acne and finally sunglasses from Marc Jacobs. Yeah, I hope he's insured...awesome style

Going to CPH

I'm going to Copenhagen today. Gonna check-out the new Hope store and take some pics. The interior is supposed to be really fresh. "Typical Swedish" people tell me. So come back later for some updates...

Some Black Jack?

This new Jackspade t-shirt from BBC/Icecream is so cool. It's a good complement to all this super scando simplicity. Still it's very simple, in the sense that the colors match just about any other color. The print is 17th century. Look carefully...they're having ice cream.....Go and get it.


Good things come in 2

Funny how I have a thing for luxury scented candles. My favorite one is the Deep Leather from ExVoto. I have that and the home perfume as well.

Comme des Garçons has created a candle that has a deep sweet leather scent. The CDG 2 also comes as a perfume. So now your house can smell like you do. Get it from Les Tres Bien Shop.

Miss Minelli

Gonna show ya'll some cool shit. My friend Shyza Minelli and her dude Mr. Jay Haze. They make some awesome music. You can find them at myspace music. Check it out!

Head for 5th Avenue

The Swedish brand Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is a brand that goes all the way with their clothes. Sometimes too far. But it's good that they do, very good in fact. Because by doing so, other brands in Sweden will have to go a bit further than they normally would. Check out their spring 2008 collection...


The first time I heard this song, I was speechless...so calm, so new and so fresh. I got their album and the entire thing is so artistically free. It feels like a group of scientists got together and created a new form of music. This type of music was born in a lab.

No more Miu Miu

As you may all know...Prada Group has decided to close down Miu Miu for men. That's a real shame, but I wouldn't be surprised if the mens line would come back in the future. The same happened to Helmut Lang. When Lang started going bad, they didn't sell it off. Instead, they decided to close the brands stores and re-vamp the brand itself. Today, it's back and better than ever. The clothes are made more available to the public and are better priced. This is the way to work.

I kinda knew that this would happen to Miu Miu for men, because last year during the Salone del Moblie I went to the new store on Via Della Spiga and they said that they didn't sell the mens line there. The store itself is huge and could easily fit both men and women's, since this was the old Prada Sport (now Prada lina Rossa) and Helmut Lang store. I just hope that Signora Prada decides to do something cool for us young men soon....I would like that a lot.

Top 3

This is a takeout from the fashion shows in Paris and New York fall 2008. Yves Saint Laurent has done one of their best collections. It seems very inspired by Mr Yves. Then we have Michael Kors and John Varvatos. The long wool cardigan is one of the best items I've seen in a long time and Kors has made the perfect suit. Very sleek, classy and sexy...

Yves Saint Laurent fall 2008

John Varvatos fall 2008

Michael Kors fall 2008

Photos by Marcio Maderia. Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent. Also visit http://men.style.com/

Triple Vase

Last week I got this new vase from Paula Navone. The idea is way too simple to be true, but it works. Three vases in three different sizes pulled together with an orange rubber band. Brilliant. This is a perfect complement to my Ole Holmgaard vase in blue. You can get it at Casa shop in Copenhagen. I also got a magazine stand that is really cool. My house is finally starting to look and feel like an installation...

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2008

I came back from the Sthlm Furniture Fair last night. It was great working there. I spent Monday and Tuesday preparing a really big stand for Moltex. It's really interesting to see how all the design companies profile themselves during a fair. Even the fair itself work to profile itself as one of the greatest design fairs in the world. It's simply captivating.

Moltex is located in Hall B at the very end, but the funny thing is there were many big companies there. Kosta Boda was one of our neighbors. Hall C was the hall to be in. Here I saw Swedese (I love them), Flos, B&B Italia, Moooi and so on. When it comes to new designs...well there wasn't that much cool stuff. I would like to see a fair where new and innovative design came first. It would maybe not be commercial, but it could trigger the minds of many to be creatively free. When you set people free they seem to do the most amazing things.

I have taken some pics and let me say...it was forbidden to do so. But, hey, anything for my

Take a look at Swedese's chill out chair in the front of one of the pics. One of their other chairs had a curved back side and I saw this amazing lamp from a company that I don't remember the name of. It had an industrial spiderish feeling to it and this other company that had done an awesome shelf system for magazines and books.

Chill-out Area

My chill-out area in my apartment is almost done. I'm just waiting for those Enzo Mari prints. I got a Cord-lamp from Design House Stockholm...it matches the table from the same brand, and the vase from Ole Holmgaard is a perfect touch of color to the simplicity of the furniture. I love sitting here, the view is amazing. I can see to the Oresund bridge. Ya'll should come and have a look...some music and drinks, it would be great.

Re-enters The Ant

Check out the Ants live journal. He talks about the new silver version of the Prada-phone that is AMAZING, and the new APC surplus store in New York.


No Sole

These boots from Schmoove are the best that I've ever seen. I want them but can't seem to find them in my size. I know that I have a shoe fetish...that sounds disgusting....I just love having many pairs.

Carin Wester Sthlm Fashion Week 2008

This is very me. Knitted sweaters, simple colors (max 3) and black. These clothes are comfortable to the eye, yet stylish although they look so calm.

Acne Stlhm Fashion Week 2008

Here comes Acne people. I love the cardigan on the jacket...very new and the big bags are here to stay.

Whyred Sthlm Fashion Week 2008

The Whyred show for fall/winter 2008 was, according to me, very post war inspired. There are hints of the 50s, which is far more sophisticated than what they usually do.


The best actor of all time is Marcello Mastroianni. When I think of him I think of his character in "La dolce vita". So very calm and charming. A man with true Italian style. The style of wonder that once was the driving force of the world.

Marcello stayed married to his wife his whole life, but had affairs with Faye Dunaway and Catherine Deneuve. He was born in Italy and died in Paris...how perfect to die in one of the most characteristic cities in the world, so very Marcello...

The Award Goes To...

Johnny Johansson got the Elle award for best designer 2008. Well, he deserves it...he's the mind behind ACNE. Not only that, he is on the top 100 most powerful people in fashion, in Sweden that is. Gotta love it.

Photo Jörgen Ringstrand/SKARP


I've grown up with Robyn. Always loved her! She had a different take on music...compared to other artists in Sweden. But it's only with her latest album that I've really come to feel her. This is because she started her own music label and did her own thing. Complete creative freedom...and now we all know that it's the only way to go...

Snap Shot

This morning when I was getting prepared for work...prepared to quit...I took this picture. This is my face when I'm so stressed out that I'm about to pass out. Luckily I didn't...

White Shoes

Reading thru my new Vouge Uomo, I just stumbled upon these really cool Calvin Klein sneakers/boots. I hate shoes that have thick soles. HATE IT. They should be forbidden. Well, there are very few sneakers that can have it...but very few ones. Like my old Pony's or my new ones from COS.

Then I saw my favorite sneakers of all time...the Jack Purcell. They just go with anything. Did you know that I got mine at Corso Come 10...well I did. And guess who was shopping there at the same time. The lead singer from REM...

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