Switching Chanel?

Look at these two videos about Chanel's Mobile Art. I'm gonna let them do the talking...


I already have eight of them...the Filippa-K mugs are nice and fit perfectly in my home. They have recently created a new one called Shade and as you all should know by now...they collaborate together with the Swedish company Rörstrand. Can someone please buy these for me?

The Portal

I'm on this new blog portal that is supposedly one of the biggest in Sweden... By the way guys, it's in Swedish...

Mark it

I got the new Mark magazine. This architecture magazine is THE most interesting one I've read in a very long time. Many try but have failed in the areas that Mark succeeds. Their objective is to find beauty, functionality and perfection, and then expose it to the public. It's available all over the world and I suggest that you get your copy today.

The Importance of a Legacy

Our Legacy is the it brand of the moment. All of you should check out their spring/summer collection...I just hope that they will keep their awesome sense of style going even this autumn/winter...

The time is now

This is how I fell at the moment...the time is now. Take everything as it is and just live it to the fullest. I love Moloko...don't you?


I'll tell you why...Whyred's woven laced shoes are this seasons hottest shoes. Well they are together with the white tennis shoes that I got from UrbanOutfitters. They cost 2700 SEK and are available at their webshop http://whyred.eshop.se/. Erik is getting them...I'm tres jaloux...


I love IKEA. This is one of the major foundation for all Swedish design. I don't care what others might say. Super smart and cheap furniture. I mean if you say that you don't like it for the sake of just not liking it, then you're a complete idiot.

I came home to my sister yesterday and she has decorated her new office space with Ikea. She got one of these really beautiful lounge chairs. Black base and white fabric. The combo is perfect. I honestly thought that it was from some expensive scando designer...


This new lamp from Habitat by Claire Norcross is really in time. And what do I mean by this, well now with the green revolution we all need to come closer to nature. Hanging this one in a beautiful room would make it seem like you had a tree watching over you. Almost like a protection. Or you could just buy it because it's cool...it's your choice for £399...


Finally Prada

The Prada website is up and running perfectly. I have waited for it to come up for some time now. You can shop online, watch the collections, videos and so on. It's simple, essential and very stylish. Almost like an old-school drug prescription...sexy


Oh so Sneaky

I used my silver Sneaky Steve's until they died. They DIED! Beyond saving...but when something is so cheap, who cares! Now for their 2008 spring collection I fell for their pastel sneakers. Very cool and they give more life to all the black, grey and beige colors. And guys, pink is ok to wear...if you do it in the right way...


The new Crema Nera from Giorgio Armani is supposed to give your skin cells new and vital energy, thru the vitamines concentrate. The packaging is smooth and sexy but also very Armani in the right way. It's inspired by volcanos...silence and power. Just ready to explode...

COS I love COS

Petrol is a very good color. Especially for people that don't like color very much, or just have a problem with colors. So, I first got a petrol colored carpet and then I got inspired and got a grandpa-sweater in petrol. The collection for this spring is in line with the one from fall and I know that most of you guys will like it. Just take a look at this suit...very nice with the same sneakers that I have from COS. Very summer...

White ones

I got a new pair of sneakers... Yes I know, I'm heading for number 200. But these are cool and very 30s. They're perfect for summer and go well with jeans and just a t-shirt. They're from Urbanoutfitters and cost 16USD, Cheap, right?!

Hunting for the cool

I found a blog that is the best. Stupid as I am...I'm going to post their address on my blog. Why? Well they are just great. I don't know how I found them...but I did. Right now I'm watching a movie and trying to figure out what to write about, since I have been neglecting my blog. I do that to often now a days, but I've promised myself to become better. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I'm posting about http://www.coolhunter.net/, I have to step up my game now. They write about design, fashion, architecture and more, but aren't trying to spot trends. They want to find and write about beautiful things, which is good. Very good in fact. They are even going to expand their small empire into hotel bookings and I would definitely book my hotel stays thru them...They have amazing and impeccable taste. Now..how about some orange truffles, made by me...

The stylish mafia

Everybody wants to be part of a cool, sophisticated and funny group of people. We want to have great jobs, awesome clothes and party every weekend. We are supposed to be perfect all the time and we all want to live in New York, London, Paris or Milan. Now, how great would that be? I would be thrilled if my life was like that. The pressure is just as big on men as it is on women. Now suddenly it feels like we all have to mimic Entourage, Sex and the City or the new Cashmere Mafia. They're all very unrealistic, but at the same time very real. Try and think about it and I think you'll understand what I mean.

I, for one, miss my life in Milan. It was something so unreal that I had to "hit" myself everyday to make sure that I wasn't dreaming. My life in Sweden isn't bad, in fact it's great. I have a super apartment, designed by me with the help of Erik, my roomie. My last job took me around Europe. I have clothes and shoes that could fill up a store and my family is the best. But I miss a challenge and that's what all those shows provide us. There are challenges that takes the characters to new levels. Work problems, relationship issues and competition at work. My life here is very much the same all the time, so I would like someone to smack me in the face with a design challenge that would break me into pieces. I want my friends to call me and tell me about their problems and I want to have fun. Not only party fun but everyday fun. Now how cool would that be? And I would like all of my best friends to be with me near constantly...stick up for each other, just be there...almost like a stylish mafia...

Timber in the Lake

I dissed Justin Timberlake really badly once on my blog. Not fair some might think, but I had a good reason....ha ha ha. Well he makes good music that I have to give him.

But there is something good he has done. He has hired Johan Lindeberg and his wife to design for his brand William Rast. To bring up the brand a notch. It will help, but I still think they have to do more. I have a lot from Lindeberg and he has done really great things. So Justin...now you just have to do some kick ass campaigns and awesome merchandising and you're set.

Saturday chillin*

We took a walk around my hood this Saturday and it was sooo nice! We had the best day and took some pictures. Can you tell that me and Stephanie are siblings?

Sofia M. Westin

Erik got a parka from an Umeå based designer called Sofia M. Westin, but it didn't fit him. I kept the hood from it and this is what I'm gonna wear when I go party in Milano. Looks like an 80s thing...

All new

I'm getting there slowly...but it's turning out the way I want it to. I got a new carpet in petrol, candle holders from Iitala from the 70s and my lamp is up...I still have to get the cord up properly though.


Here's another one of their videos..."The 30000 feet club"

Is it a Bird?

No it's a bunch of dogs. Vitalic's video "Bird" is one of the best videos ever made. Funny as hell and stylish as the devil...did that make any sense?

We need Justice

This band "Justice" has made an awesome song "DVNO" and the video is made with style. 80s in the best way possible.


So I had a great day in Copenhagen. Gonna show what I got later. The first thing is this really cool shower curtain from Muuto, designed by Timo Vierros, and it gives a cool look to my bathroom. It's very playful, yet, very luxurious at the same time.


This Danish design brand is truly great. I mean look at the pics or just go their website, and let it speak for itself. I'm going to Copenhagen right now and might be shopping for some of their items...let's see what happens.


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