Very manly

Manceuticals has a new cream that's a very good alternative to Botox. I will never use Botox and will hopefully never need it. But a good cream is important and if it makes me look better then why not. I got a tester and I really like it. It's £55. For more info go to their website.


I have so many of these t-shirt from American Apparel. So comfy. There is one thing though...the clevage is deep. I'm talking J.Lo deep.

What do you guys look like?

I am REALLY curious about how you guys look like. What's your style etc...? I will post the coolest styles and people, who send me a picture and tiny text about themselves. Mail it to me at

August Sander

I just like this serene

Bruuns Bazaar post 201

Now I've passed post nr. 200. Kinda crazy... Anyhow, I saw this really awesome knitted long cardigan from Bruuns Bazaar fall/winter 2008. It is AWESOME! I love these and it's probably because I live in Sweden and the winter is really cold, windy and rainy.

H&M + Marimekko

H&M as you all know love their collabs, the latest one is with Marimekko, who are famous for their fabrics. Especially the flower prints. There was one t-shirt that I liked and I'm gonna look for it next week. What do you think...too much or simple enough?


My sister got this really cool Whyred spring/summer coat. It seems to be made out of linen with some kind of glitter thread. Really nice...

The L'uomo Vogue and Plaza Party

Sooooo, the second night in Milano me, Eric, Charlotte Carlberg Berg and a journalist called Willam...,I think, are out partying. I'm really bad with names by the way. It was pooooooring down like crazy but we headed to the Plaza Party at the Straf Hotel. The bad thing was that there were no one checking the list at the entrance...How bad is that? I love that magazine...but when they say that there will be a list and the drinks, had to have drink tickets..., which is really strange. I saw the Diesel man...don't remember his name either...and the editor of the Swedish Elle Decor. He was a special person...I don't know if I'm supposed to say what I saw him and some his friends doing, nothing really outrages,... but it was kinda funny.

After a while, we decided to go to the Vogue party...we weren't invited, but that didn't really stop us. We had pizza at Princi and went to Corso Como 10. I found this bag at the party and took it... Here comes the funny part, we got in because of this bag. The party itself was like a common mingle party with fashionistas. Carla and Franca Sozzani were there and their friends. That was kinda cool. They are so like each other but still so different. I already miss Milano. Well except for the freaking weather... Me and my friend had to walk back for an hour in the rain... because there were no taxis available and no public transportation...

This picture that I took...well you can't really see anything... but very special, don't ya think?!

The drinkin* game

I've been drinking too much. Like it might be because the weather is great...I'm taking it easy and just chilling. Yesterday, I went on it again on my sisters terrace. I got there after work and Sweden is really sunny we had some drinks and let me put it this way...I couldn't get home so I spent the night on their foldout bed. Comfy but I hate waking up in the middle of the night and everything spins like crazy....

And isn't it funny how every conversation gets really deep and interesting, when everyone have had a little too much to drink? I mean suddenly almost everything is cool and you go into the conversation with all you got. I had a blast...talking about Oprah, design and the way families's never ending...

Gotta say...I love all my sisters...Helena, Stephi and Isabella...


Found this picture from the fall/winter collection and it's AMAZING. Thomas Meier is one of the best designers out there. I really like the comfy materials and the tone in tone colors.

From: Photo by Marcio Madeira


This museum in Toronto by Daniel Liebeskind is one of the most beautiful museum expansions that I've ever seen...soooo wanna go....

Kriska's going away party

This is a tribute to my friend Kriska...thanks for the party and enjoy London! Mille baci...

Tom Dixon

I saw this Tom Dixon lamp. It's an evolution of one of his pending lamps. He was actually standing next to it, when I took this picture...kinda cool.

Above the Alps

We just flew over the Alps and the weather was perfect. I was hoping that it would stay this way the four days that I would actually spend in Milano.

Going in for landing, we were trying at least to have a plan for what to do, see etc.. First day, we went to Zona Tortona. This area is the place to be at outside the fairgrounds. Everyone from Tom Dixon to Wallpaper had their exibitions in Tortona and all the years that I've been in Milano during Salone, I've had the most fun there. One time me, Fah, Milan, Lauren and some other people went to the Moooi party for Marcel Wanders. The theme was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White had a thong, boots and a whip...The dwarfs were these super muscle dudes in smal white speedos. Imagine how that looked.

The Tortona area had some great things on display. I was just a little dissapointed with Superstudiopiu...usually it's really out there and super fun. This year it felt more corporate. But I saw some awesome stuff...


One thing, which caught my eye was this hand-painted Be@rbrik at the Poliform bedroom exibition. Kanye West would have flipped if he had seen it. The bear was inside this glass globe to keep it safe. I don't know who did it...but Mr. Wanders was the man behind the show, so I'm thinking....

Four days of Design

The following posts will be about my trip to Milano. This was something that I really needed. I feel all relaxed and happy. So crazy...and it's not like I have been taking it easy. In fact I've been doing stuff from 8 in the mornings until 3 past midnight almost every single day.

The trip started out with problems though. I swear to God that I seem to have some kind of issue with transportation. The train got stuck behind another train in the middle of the Oresund Bridge and for a minute there it seemed like we would miss our flight, but we made it just in time. In fact, when we got to that gate we had to board. Funny part is that...we got an upgrade to 9 in the morning I had half a bottle of champagne...great huh?!

Milano Milano

So this Wednesday I'm going to a friend's party at Frank...and I've also been invited to the Plaza party. Gonna be fun! I'm gonna have a lot of fun I think...ha ha ha. Then there's also the Salone and Fouri Salone. I have a feeling that it could become too much design. Amazing!

Get De-mystified

I heard their song "Deep inside" on CSI. Future Funk Squad are just awesome. The beat in their new album is very deep and the lyrics talk to me on a level that's....well it goes right into me.

I love China

I'm gonna get into a whole lot of trouble for this but I don't really care right now. Have anyone realized how awesome the architectural and design front in china is?! Many people have praised the forwardness of the Chinese Republic on that issue. Take the CCTV headquarters in Beijing designed by OMA and Rem Koolhaas. This building is a triumph to design. The mere skill of the entire concept is amazing. I would pick that building over the Burj Dubai any day. But also, the Chinese are so smart when it comes to business that they will soon become the largest economy on earth. Why? They seem to have no fear.

Imagine being an environmental and design consultant for the Republic. Now that would truly be amazing. Helping them to become one of the biggest leaders in design. They have all the potential. I would do it in an instant. Not only that, it seems that they make money on almost anything... What if they started to plant wast forests and sell H2O to other countries? It's possible and they sure have the land area to do it.


I used to work for Rizzo...for a very long time. I had a blast and they were great! I have a love for loafers and I'm thinking about this red one that they at only SEK895. What do you think? Too pimpy?

Very Eairth-y 2

And here the very awesome clothes that I love... Photos by the lovely Miss La O'

Very Eairth-y

For the very first time, a full interview. Please read....

* Where does the name Eairth come from? "The name EAIRTH came from an early morning poetry clutch between my aunt and sister Melanie. We were figuring out how to combine the artistic visions of all of us siblings . We are all earth and air signs.. so the combination of these 2 words became an acronym, EAIRTH . It was perfect as it summated something green, organic and yet abstract".

How was it conceived/conceptualized?
"The whole thing started in a very effortless funny way.. Was on a long road trip with my aunt and uncle heading up north through Isabella, working at a friend's farm for a few days then searching for waves..I had only a few white t-shirts with me and some I started ripping up the white t-shirts and deconstructing them... creating knots and fringes as we went along the trip...ended up making several spectacular pieces and even my aunt wanted me to make some for her. This was the beginning of the very 1st collection.. The anchor was truly when I was exposed to the Mangyan tribe in Mindoro during a hike through the jungle. Stumbling into their little village.. I saw one of the Mangyan girls wearing a thrashed, weathered ACDC rock tee shirt with a primitive woven frill skirt.. she had a machete (knife) roped around her waist ... I was so inspired by this that I had to do it... the sun drenched colors all faded out... greys and this sort of chalky coral and stained we went on that trip to South Africa to look for natural pigment sources... having a difficult time figuring out how to manage the importation of mud, clay and tea.... decided to look for resources here in the Philippines. We found it...
Realized that we were able to extract endless colors from leaves, fallen wood/barks, roots, and flowers.. even coconut husk.
So we set up our own dye house, where we source our pigments through various tribes such as the Mangyans and Ifugao tribes. We work on a fair trade system with them where they harvest crude materials for us and we pay them for the harvest, allowing them to sustain their communities and not taking them out of it. I also employ a handful of artisans, who I have trained to do some innovative knitting techniques with tee shirt fabrics. These are all done by hand. We support small cottage industry manufacturing balanced with factory cut and sewn pieces. Each piece is hand dyed and washed by hand then sun-dried. We try as much not to use any machineries in the dyeing process,. it's like cooking a stew. All embroideries are done by hand".

Where is it made?
"All fabrics and trims are made in the Philippines.. Except for the denim which comes from Italy and Spain..".

*What inspires you? How do you go about designing each collection?
"Wow... big question. It constantly changes.. right now the underwater world inspires me.. being always on top of the water when surfing , you never really get to hang out with what;s under.. recently went diving in Davao, very far south of the Philippines and discovered the genius topography of the underworld.. I am loving the texture of the sea plants and corals mixed with the reflective, vivid colors of fish...I also am twisted about the idea of unisex clothing.. I love the look of androgyny ..the way a man's pant fits a woman, vice versa...

I don't really think with a "collection" in mind. I'm always collecting stuff.. tears, poems, garbage... whatever i cross that makes me tingle.. i keep baskets of stuff at the studio and also have a monster board by my work table where i pin things on constantly. eventually the board forms some sort of feeling .. a picture.. then it begins..".

*Where are you selling?
We are selling to select stores in U.S.(NYC: pixie market, jussarra lee, kaight, oak LA: fred segal, kin SF: MAC, cielo, august JAPAN: cul de paris

What is your price range? "$100-250 for tees, $220-$275 jeans/pants $300-$1000 dresses.".

For men and women? "Both.".

* Any plans for expansion? "Yes.. we are presently showing the collection to a few select stores in Paris and Milan for fall 08. Also looking forward to opening a small atelier in Paris . For the love of surfing, I am designing a tight group of surfy gear and tiny bikinis for next spring 09 as well as very special range of hand tufted and bobbin lace lingerie in cotton. super delicate.".

10 Greene St

Acne has opened their first America store on Greene St...go and buy some hot jeans...

Salone del Mobile 2008

Next week I'm going to Salone del mobile in Milano. Hopefully, there's going to be some awesome new stuff. So ya'll gonna see some cool posts coming the weekend after the 19th April. I'm way too excited for my own a little child in a candy store...

Who's is that Girl?!

Robyn and her song. Free creative spirits...We need more of them

The Office

So I have this new job and I don't know how long I will stay here, but I must admit that it's a whole lot of fun. My buddy, who gives me info, is the loveliest...ha ha ha...can't give out her name. But she's hilarious, laughs all the time and knows just about everything here. People are constantly asking me why I came back but that's my secret. It so calm and quiet here. No stress whatsoever.

The majority of the people here are female and that's why the gossip level is very high. The CEO is also a woman. I honestly think that someone could make a series about this work-place. It's never boring. The job itself isn't very creative, but hey, for making a living it's more then ok.

Words Words Words

This song from Mina is one of the best. "Parole Parole Parole" is very funny if you understand the words...


These new glasses from Vibskov are the it glasses of the season. Buy them at at a price of SEK1295.

Going to War

I found some clothes at the Tres Bien Shop in Malmö. They were very sophisticated and the name got to me...Nom Du Guerre. I'm not going to give you an input about the brand but I'll let them do it themselves,

Nom de Guerre is a New York based creative collective founded by Holly Harnsongkram, Wil Whitney, Devon Turnbull, and Isa Saalabi. The concept of the collective is to combine basic and diverse influences from art, fashion, and various New York City subcultures to create a composite culture and product.

Love it...

Hey Ya'll

I've been very busy. Well only this last week. Otherwise, I haven't done anything. My computer has been acting up, which is one of the reasons you haven't seen any new posts on my blog.

These past few weeks have been a bit overwhelming actually. I left my old job due to certain circumstances. Extremely weird ones but I'm much happier. I have been helping out my little sis with her school projects, my older sister and I have been hanging out talking about her wedding and my parents and I have been having fun. I've taken the time out to be with family and friends. I really love them and would never put anything before them.

I have also been watching a lot of TV and one of my new lame ass favorite show is... The Hills. Kinda funny but lame. That show reminds me of how my life was before and still is a little. I will continue watching gay...but who the fuck cares?!...

I also want to give a major shout out to my friend Melissa La O'. You're a big inspiration! Plus, all of you who still reads my blog- love all of you! I will post more. Promise. Also...did you guys know that H&M is doing their new collab with Commes des Garcon? So's a major PR trick and they are opening up stores in Japan soon...very clever.
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