James Franco + Gucci

James Franco is going to be the new face for Gucci men. How lame is that? Using a celeb for your ads is not the way to go anymore..at all. That's when you lack creativity and your ad people suck. Just use models that look good instead.


Sweden has truly been affected by teen girl bloggers. These girls have immense power and their opinion is really important to many people. There are so many bloggers that are jealous of them. Just because they make tons of money and have 25-50000 readers weekly. How crazy is that?!

Unfortunately, there are no guys except for the Schulman-brothers that reach those levels. They're just plain stupid though. Well not all the time, sometimes they do have a point. So I think that we need more guys that blog... Maybe I should become much more personal, since the biggest and most famous bloggers just blob out their private lives to everyone...I'm not too comfortable with that and who would like to know what I do on a regular basis anyway? I think no one...

LV 46664

Louis Vuitton has made a special pendant where the sales go to Mandela's foundation called 46664. It's a limited collection numbered 1-466 and costs something around 1700 Euros. So nice and funny, when fashion does something good. Every company should do something like this...don't you think?


Impossible OMA

The CCTV building is nearing completion. This is a building that will redefine the architectural scene forever. China and OMA have created something truly amazing and so beautiful that when I'll see it, I believe that I'll cry and be very amazed. Imagine working there...

Zara braided Belt

My mom got me this really nice braided belt from Zara. Goes with everything, especially with my brown Girard-Perregaux watch. Classy...

Future Lacoste

Lacoste has made a collection on how they think people will dress when they play tennis. It's extremely futuristic and as I can see there are some glowing stuff on it as well. The shoes and the tennis racket have this green glow to them, typical Lacoste green.

Canon at the Triennale

Canon had an exhibition at the famous Triennale in Milano during the Salone. There were some photos that really caught my eye. "Futuristic Ethnicity", that's what I call them. Really fresh and at the same time historical. They actually remind me of some of the Star Wars clothes, but these are much cooler, and with some hot models it all becomes much much more perfect.

Flos Lamp

I saw this lamp at the Boffi showroom on via Solferino in Milan. This lamp is a perfect combo of 50s Italian style mixed with new organic. The marble defines the entire lamp...oh...so...sexy


This is my narcissistic self portrait.

Mama Savi

My mom is gonna flip if she finds out that I'm doing a post about her. Ha ha ha. Really, she is gonna kill me. My mom is very stylish and on this pic she's trying out a dress and some shoes for a very particular event that's coming up...keep in mind that my moma is turning 47 this coming fall!!! She can really work it!!!

Paolo Savi

Favorite Designer: Tom Ford & Thomas Meier
Favorite Brand: Bottega Veneta, but also COS and Weekday
Type of shoes most likely to wear:
White sneaker or loafer
Type of outfit most likely to wear: Deep v-neck t-shirt, cardigan and jeans(all very thight)

The belt of the moment: Braided leather belt
The glasses of the moment: Vintage 80s brown sunglasses
Perfume right now: Prada
Cellphone: Prada

You know me better

I love Roisin Murphy...here comes her new video.


I'm a May child...which doesn't make any sense with what I'm about to show you guys. This Swedish/Italian girl Veronica Maggio has made a new cool song where the video reflects many Swedes' childhood. Look at the surroundings and you'll get at good idea of what our school times were like. Very cool. And she's hot too...or?


I saw these lounge chairs in an ad and I want them really bad. They are made by Coro and are for outdoor living. So they would fit perfectly on a huge balcony and, personally, I would still have space left over. I really believe that when you are supposed to chill outside, you must have huge comfy furniture. The inspiration for this modular system comes from, what else, a bird's nest.

H&M fall/winter 2008

The new and really well done collection for 2008 is great. The only thing that I don't like is the purple color. Otherwise, H&M is becoming a major player, when it comes to fresh cool men's fashion.

The best thing out of Norway since...oil?

I really like a hard electrobeat. Sometimes even when it's really girly cause who the f**k cares. Annie has made this new song and really cool video called..."I know that your girlfriend hates me". And trust me...I don't wanna be a jerk towards my neighbors, but most of the time they have really bad taste. When Norwegians party, they tend to put on ABBA and I don't like ABBA. Never have and never will. Couldn't they just throw on some Annie.. It would do them better.

The video has been removed from youtube, but here comes the remix.

Moooi-r Milano

At the Salone an item from Moooi caught my eyes. Marcel Wanders is a genius sometimes...and this piece is proof of that. Old-school-futuristic-Dutch style...can I call it that?


I love my sister's dog. She and her fiance got a Border terrier more than a year ago and it's the best dog in the world. He always wants to chill but loves playing with his toys as well, especially his pink little pig. Yesterday, I played so much with him that he, after some time, had enough. So he went to the couch and just laid down to take some time off. This dog is also so cute that when I walk him, there are a lot of people that want to talk to me. Just because of him. And then, he matches my style...

Red Shoes

For my birthday I got a pair of shoes from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. The color threw me off at first, but now I love them. These red slipper shoes are so comfy that it feels like socks, when you wear them. Very very comfortable. I would like them in white as well...

Up, close and personal

The past couple of days I've been posting some personal pictures. But it's nothing way too personal. I normally never post these kind of pics, but I hope you guys like them! Mille baci tutti...

Look at this grandpa-sweater that I got from my sister and her fiance, J.Lindeberg...so very Paolo

On the beach

I used to be a gymnast and this is all that I still manage to do...ha ha ha. Can you believe that that beach is in Denmark?

My eating area...

Look how it is right now! I like it...just some tiny things missing. The lamp is one of my favorites and the rest as well...


I went to Copenhagen like a week ago and found this really amazing Paul Smith cardigan. The stripes are really psychedelic. It's made of merino wool and is super soft. Goes with everything. Can you see that my sister and her fiance have the same lamp from Design House Sthlm that I have...


Here's a pic of me and my sister Helena and I'm wearing the t-shirt from H&M. So Soft.

Doing it right

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. The bags are from Whyred and Mullberry. Shoes from Bobbie Refined and clothes Burberry, COS and ACNE. Looks really cool.


Now how ugly am I on this pic?! That's not important...the important thing is where I was at the time. The restaurant is called Mimmo and you can find this AWESOME place on Corso Garibaldi in Milano. The food is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday Boy

That's right happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Saturday I'll turn a quarter of a century...fucking crazy.


Check out the BRNDNUSTORE. They have Sneaky Steve and GRAM. Swedish shoes in LA...kinda cool.


Sneaky Steve & Bobbie Burns brand fight

I can't believe it but there's a small brand fight on my blog. All I can say is that I've used my Sneaky Steve's until they died...kidding still have them and the same goes for my Bobbie Burns. Love your shoes guys!!!!

ACNE + Lanvin

For spring/summer 2009 ACNE is going to produce denim products for Lanvin. They like what ACNE does and feel that they could deliver good products. How cool is this?!
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