My spy in Prague told me about this great online store. Check it out! Awesome stuff.

Prada S/S 2009


Carin Wester Jeans

I got a pair of Carin Wester Jeans. They are a little baggy, but I really don't mind cause they are so comfy. Goes well with my new white sneakers..


Yves Saint Laurent S/S 2009

I don't know why but it feels very heavenly...


Missoni S/S 2009, post 301

I have reached post 301. Crazy! Anyhow, I was going thru the Milano fashion shows and the Missoni collection is good. Sometimes, there's a bit too much color or it's too feminine. Nevertheless, there are some really great pieces. The classic knitting is impeccable and the sweaters are perfect. Colorful clothes go best with other items that are earthy and calming. These two outfits are my two favorite ones because of the colors and the simplicity.

http://www.missoni.it/ www.wallpaper.com

Paul & Friends

Every time that I've been to Sthlm, I've always shopped at one of my favorite stores called Paul&Friends. This store had all the cool brands back in the days. Now after some severe damage control, the store is revamped and back at the top. The stores that they had on Grevturegatan and on BirgerJarlsgatan had to close due to financial problems. Take a look at their store thru the web and also, you can shop. Oh and the store is at NK on Hamngatan in Sthlm.


Night at the Torso Twisted

As I mentioned before, we finished our night at the Torso. The ambiance was calm and very nice. Great drinks, wine and beer. The music was at a perfect level, so we didn't have to shout out everything to each other. And also just being with good friends and family is perfect. Another thing, the interior is very cool. They should open a hotel there with a direct connection to the Torso Gallery.

Train Heat

I hate when trains become way too warm for everyones own good. It kills you and people get pissed! Just look at my sis and Erik.

Two Outfits

I have two new pics of me on my way to work. One of the best things with my job is that I can wear whatever I want, well almost. I just have to look fresh and clean...stylish is good too, when I manage to pull it off.

Copenhagen Shopping version 3 - the real story

So here goes. The story is that my sister is getting married next month and she needs some things for her outfit. She is going to wear two dresses. With these dresses, she needs shoes and that was our mission.

The morning started with me and Erik going to the gym and my sister and her hubby sleeping. So Erik asks me "Paolo I have free tickets to Copenhagen...lets just fucking go".
So ok, my sister really wanted to go and Hjalmar stayed at my house. In Copenhagen we had to split. Me and Helena in one group and Erik by himself. Otherwise, it would never have worked. The thing was that we had to cover all the shoe stores around Kronprinsensgade and the lower end of Ströget. We managed to enter Soho, Stig P, Bruno & Joel and about 10 other stores. I was about to die, so freaking stressful but also lot of fun of course. My sis did well, she never turned into a bridezilla.
She is as calm as can be. By choice, I believe. After six hours we had enough, so we got some espressos and latte. A kick really needed.

On our way home to Malmö (it takes 20 min. over the bridge), we grabbed some shakes at Joe's Juice Bar. The juices and shakes are all natural but a thing that really bothered me about that place was the loud music. Jesus and to top it off the bartenders just scream that your shake is done. Hate loud shit.

Later that night, we had some dinner overlooking the "Sund" and the bridge and guys I have a new drink that I like. Champagne, cointreau and pineapple juice. Nice and fresh for the summer.
I gotta say it was a lot of fun and ending the night at Twisted Torso was great.

Copenhagen Shopping version 2 - The Sale

Copenhagen is having a huge summer sale. Almost all of the stores are following the bigger department stores and are selling out on almost everything they have. The sales start at 30% and goes all the way down to 70% off. COS, Marc Jacobs, Magasin du Nord and the list goes on. They have a lot of stuff left and I'm not talking crappy stuff. The only thing that I got though was a chocolate brown t-shirt from COS. So cheap.

Copenhagen Shopping version 1

My God! I've been to Copenhagen all day but I will post a soon as I can. I have guests at my house.

Mille baci ya'll!

Weekday A/W 2008

The new collection from Weekday... How very Swedish, ha ha ha.


Common Project

Tres Bien Shop has a new brand in their store. I saw these awesome desert boots from Common Project. The grey color is nice and will match almost anything. I would like a pair. They come at the price of SEK2195 and Tres Bien Shop offers free shipping all over the world until the 30th of June.


I know a secret

I found out a secret thru one of my spies. A close friend to one of the most significant designers told me that his friend has full blown AIDS. His time may be closing in. I just hope that he gets better.

H&M summer styling

H&M have this summer style on their homepage. Good clothes and cheap as usual. This blue suit that is supposedly slim fit is in dark blue and costs something like around €130.



I'm at work wanting to kill myself. My bud here at my floor is hilarious, but my God how boring. I'm thinking about shopping. Just going crazy and spend tons of money on shoes and other shit. I see people around buying stuff and I can't, cause of my sister's wedding. She and her fiance (my new bro) deserves the best gift, but I want to buy something to calm down my nerves. How f***ed up is that?! The worst part is that I have so much clothes and other stuff that I shouldn't really have the need for anything, but if I donate some of my old things then I could buy some new this fall without feeling guilty or whatever.

Well well. Erik bought two new pairs of pants from Hope (really cool) and the new LG Secret. I hate him...no I don't. Now he has a better phone than me. My God.

Anyhow, I found this ugly pic of me from the day after the shoot. My hair is so flat that I look like a wet dog, and boy am I ugly.

Role Bloggers

This morning was heavy. I had some real issues getting up and out of bed. Nevertheless, today my brain was working on speed, which is not a normal thing for me. At least not that early. My blog has grown a lot lately and I want to post something all the time. Cause quite frankly, I want us guys or men to show more, when it comes to blogs because, as it is now, all the girls get the attention. In Sweden the biggest bloggers are Blondinbella, Sofie Farhman, Kenza and Annie Bing. These four girls/women have almost a million readers weekly, the guys on the other hand have...like none. Are we boring? What are we doing wrong? What should we be doing?

The same goes for role models. I'm talking models models. The it girl of the moment is Agyness and Marc Jacob is now making his male models look like her. Why would you do that? That's not healthy at all. Guys are just as fragile as girls and will follow, and this size zero thing will hit harder than anyone expects. Just look at Orlando Bloom or Colin Farrell. Not good. Plus, when it comes to style, well there aren't that many to follow. Who is the perfect role model and blogger? I don't know. I wish I knew. That is why I'm trying to find all kind of male bloggers for all of us to see and enjoy.

Are we doing something wrong and what is the reason we don't get as much attention as the women? Someone please tell me..


My spy from Praha or Prague told me about this cool brand called Trovata. I really don't know where they hail from, but I like their stuff. The spy also tells me that they are affordable and of good quality. The item that I really would like is their cardigan from the fall/winter collection. Oh and if you ever meet the spy make sure that you ask her "You know where building is?" her answer will be "I know building. I show you".


Vichy Homme

Vichy has come out with a new mens series. The design is very masculine with black and red as main colours. Erik won some products from the line and doesn't remember why, so funny! I'm gonna try them out. See if they're any good.


Office Outfit

So this was me today in my elevator at 08:00. So freaking tired. I was wearing Marc Jacobs, COS, ACNE, BrunsBazaar, H&M and CheapMonday. It should be illegal to wake up before eight!!! Jesus! Well well, what can we do?? Nothing!

Shoes spring/summer 2009

There are three types of shoes that I liked for 2009. The brown boots from Gucci, black sneakers from Prada and Burberry's brown sneaker/laced shoe.

http://www.prada.com/ http://www.gucci.com/ http://www.burberry.com/ http://www.men.style.com/

Bottega Veneta spring/summer 2009

I love BV! The only thing is that the brand is way too expensive for its own good!!! Or for my own good... Anyways, the collection for next year s/s is so cool. The detailing is very BV, recognizable - specific to the brand. The style is very accessible and clean. Still sexy and sleek.

Lacoste version 2

I posted something about how Lacoste sees us playing tennis in the future... Well now there's a video as well. So cool!


I'm on my way to the cinema with Erik to see Zohan. I need a good laugh. The movie has amazing potential to be really bad, but I couldn't care less. Bad humor is sometimes good for you.

Super Mario

Do you guys remember Nintendo 8bit Mario? I still have it. It's the best game of all time and extremely stylish. Now http://www.whatisblik.com/ has made these kind of wall accessories inspired and taken from Nintendo. I would love some of them. They would go perfect with my B-Boy posters....


Ida Carstens

My very good friend and hairstylist chose me to be her main male model for her book and opening of her new and very cool studio. The studio is a part of Carl Magnus's photo studio and the settings are very 30s mixed with a modern romantic style. Ida is amazing and her hubby John is so cool. Love them both.

Feng shui bracelet

My dear friend Melissa LaO is wearing these amazing hand-carved bracelets from Tibet. Especially made by monks, they bring light and energy. This one is called the dragon eye and Mel is gonna bring me one, when she comes to Europe. Now that's a great gift, cause then you know for sure that your friend likes you and wishes you the best.

The Shoot

So everything went great. We started around 14:00 and finished at 22:00. The pics turned out great, much better than I expected and being almost naked in front of a camera...well it's not bad at all because you just switch off everything. This is the only pic that I managed to snap with my crappy cell phone. All the pics will be posted this coming week.

Mini Mini

Ok so here is a pic of me next to a friend, and this is what I'm gonna take one of my pics in...small...very small. Ha ha ha. I'm doing this to get over my fear of standing almost naked before the crew today.

Prepping myself

I'm getting ready for my photo shoot today... Jesus it has been such a long time since I was on shoot. The outfits and styling is gonna be great. One outfit is gonna be a pair of super mini undies...Beckham watch out! Ha ha ha. It's gonna be FUN!!!!

ACNE goes Chanel

The new instore collection (think that's right) is very Coco. This is what Chanel for men should look like. I want the cardigans. It could be great just with a pair of simple jeans and a white tee.

H&M Menstrend version 2

So I found a date for the relase. This September the collection is gonna be out. Malmö, Göteborg and Stockholm is secure for the collection. I just love these new clothes. Take a look at these three new items that I found.

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