On the set of Gossip Girl

I usually never write anything about celebs, but today I will cause this show is a tribute to bloggers ;P Peoples magazine showed some pics from the set of the new season. I Love that show and many people are addicted to the show...even people that thought that I was a bitch just by admitting to loving the show. Anyways, it looks good on the show, the clothes I mean and the people as well. The guys in the show have the best style ;P and you all know that I'm right!

http://www.people.com/ http://www.cwtv.com/shows/gossip-girl

In the Closet


Nicholas K

I was on the Fashionisto's blog and I saw this post on Nicholas K. The brand is new to me and very much my style. I wish that someone in Copenhagen or Malmö would take it in, so I can start buying things from them. The colors are earthy and the style calm and comfy, close to the BV's style. Have a look.

http://www.nicholask.com/ http://www.thefashionisto.com/


I am a total Archi-dork...I love and worship architecture. Örestad in Copenhagen is a huge area that is being built and is an enormous mix of high quality style. Jean Nouvel and Libeskind are some of the many architects that are creating this new city.

Two buildings have caught my attention, when I've passed by there (on my way to Cph-city for some shopping). One is a senior-high school and the other a residential building called the mountain. I wish that my school would have looked like that, maybe then I would have liked being there...

Eairth at Theodor's

I wish that I was there with my Philippino friends! Mel designed the Melissa Dizon's new store and it's so cool. Love it! The photos are from Chuvaness' blog! God! You guys, I will see all of you when I get over to Manila this fall!


The photographer sent me some more pics today, and they are super ego. Ha ha ha ;P I'm gonna post them anyway...

www.idacarstens.se www.callemange.se

American Apparel

American Apparel is coming to Malmö!!!! How great is that?! Storgatan 20 is the adress. I'm telling you that the best shopping is around Copenhagen/Malmö area...I'm really happy now.


Copenhagen Fashion Week 2008

I wanna go, but I'm not invited at all to CPH fashion week. Gonna talk to a friend that models for the Danes. What do I have to do to get invited?

More ASOS ;P

How cool is this bag?! I would really like this one, but it's too expensive at the moment...my sister's wedding broke my wallet! So simple and sleek. Veramente bello...o cosa ne pensi?

The 40s Style

I'm really starting to have a thing for ASOS. Maybe a bit sick, but they make some great clothes. I was checking out their site (there's nothing to do at work) and found three pair of pants that are very 40s style. They each retail at £28. I'm just glad that the Pound is much cheaper than before. I'm gonna see if I'll be buying them now or later. If there's someone from ASOS reading this...you guys are awesome! Now I'm sounding too much like an LA boy;P


P.S. I'm a size 28 or 29 ;P

Matias Errazuriz

I made a new friend in Argentina. Really wanna go!!!! His name is Matias Errazuriz. A fashion producer that works for many magazines. Have a look at his site. Bouna sera tutti;P

ASOS blog

Did ya'll know that ASOS had a blog called "ASOStoday"? I found it by misstake. Take a look;P

Gaga? Lady GaGa

On request by Stephanie Savi...the coolest girl in history ;P My baby sis.


I've bought a lot of underwear on this site. Check it out at www.hisbasicwear.com, the only bad thing is that they only deliver within Europe.

ASOS Shopping

I shopped at ASOS just now. Got two pair of glasses, one of them is a tribute to Kanye West, and I got a bag as well (Joseph at 00o00.blogspot.com has it). I paid £16, I think! Supa dupa cheap!

Vintage Wool Shawl Cardigan from Ralph Lauren

I got a mail from RL and I want this cardigan!!!! This is on my wish list!!! I'm gonna do a wish list...It's made of merino wool. LOVE IT!

The Wedding Diaries - Afterparty

The Wedding Diaries - The Ceremony

I swear to the karma God's when I say...every single person started to cry when my sister arrived at the ceremony...but how hot are they?! It was major...

The Wedding Diaries - preparing

Saturday was so stressful, not because I was stressed, but because everyone was stressing me. Anyhow, have a look and enjoy;P

I kissed a Girl...

I know how bad this is, but we need more shit like this ;P Loving it...

New Pants

These pair of pants I got in Skövde, a city that apparently no one needs. So very boring, but the funny part was that they had some shops. The pants were on sale and I got a 70% discount. Now that's a bargain. I wanna shop some more...


El Orfanato

I went and saw "El Orfanato". Guillermo del Toro has made many cool films, such as "Pan's Labyrinth" and "The Others". Just go and see it, creepy and very psychological. I just wish that Italians could make movies like the Spaniards. So well made.

ASOS going crazy with 75% discount

Leti Table Lamp

New hot lamp from Danese designed by Matteo Ragni. I found it at http://www.royalshopping.com/ and it costs DKK1790. Will be really cool in my apartment. It comes in two sizes, 23cm and 31cm. Danese makes some cool things and always have.

Vote for me!


I'm Back!!!

Hi ya'll! I'm back after a massive wedding! A major Hollywood production in the middle of Sweden. I'm so tired you have no idea....I had to put up a tent, help with the decorations (my brother-in-law's sister was in charge of that), make sure that the cow-shit was gone from the fields...yes I was there in my D&G espandrillos cleaning cow-shit. That was a sight for sore eyes, and I was half naked ;P

Anyhow, the party continued for three days and my sister was the most beautiful bride in history. I was so stressed that people called me...the general...cause I was ordering everyone around. But when I saw my sister, I turned into a major bitch...I cried like a baby. I'll be back with some awesome pics. Talk to ya'll soon.


The Wedding Diaries - Day two

So I found a computer, so guys here's and update...I was in the car with my brother-in-law and the rest of the family in the other car. The trip itself took like three hours. But it felt like it took one hour cause I talk way too much for my own good ;P

Anyhow, it's super beautiful here. If I'm not wrong it's a four hundred year old manor, when we arrived we helped out with the party tent. And I'm not talking about a small thing, it can hold like a hundred and fifty people. Then we had dinner on the porch...so nice.

Today, we all woke up early, me, Stephanie, dad and Anna started to decorate the tent. We are gonna make it perfect. But holy crap, there's a huge amount of flies and bees out here and you must watch out. I was about to fall down two meters because of a fucking bee! We are just gonna chill now, cause it's 30 degrees outside...too hot to work.

Mille baci tutti ;P
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