The Balcony

Now, the decision on what my balcony is going to look like is taken. I'm gonna buy four Hee-lounge chairs, an orange carpet from IKEA, a couple of pots, a table from Habitat, a ladder for plants from DesignHouseStockholm and three Plopp-stools from Hay as well. Gonna look fly!

I hearth the Asian style ;P

I saw this post on Chuvaness' blog and I adore the Asians ;P The style of the most fashionable ones is very avantgarde. I remember when my friends and I were strolling around Milano and I swear to the karma Gods that many of them looked like cut-outs of magazines. And the ones that inspired me the most looked like these guys from this editorial. Classy!


Sitting here and must say that I'm way too tired for my own good. I always, ALWAYS, go to bed around midnight and then get up at six. It's not human....

Yesterday, I believed that it was Wednesday and that today was Thursday! I have no clue what's going on with my life anymore. It almost feels like this new movie "Wanted". This normal guy goes to his very normal boring job every day. The same shit goes down and it's just plain boring, but then one day something happens and BOOM, his life turns upside-down and he feels much better. My life isn't super boring, it's just my job. I had to go back to my old job because I left my other job. That was cool but imagine sitting in an office, across the devil's mother. The biggest biatch in history. Now I do almost nothing at work, I talk to people...and spend too much time on other blogs, reading and checking out designer stuff.

There are other parts of my life that are just perfect. My family is the best and my closest friends in Sweden are cool. But I need a job that just makes me never wanna go home. My friend Andrea Dal Ben is working with interiors, Melissa LaO' is a super creative person that does al kinds of amazing things and the list goes on.

I have my blog, but I haven't let anyone put their ads on it...don't know if I want least for now. I do love my blog and have realised that it has become a huge part of my life. I should become more personal and write about me and others more. And sex, or? Cause I've understood something that is common sense, sex sells. But it's not in my nature to write about sex, having it is something different. I have tons of stories about me and about my friends. Well, I think it's enough for now, cause I have to get ready for work. Until later ya'll...
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