Cph Elevator Pic

I got home and had an ice cream before entering the house. Across the street from my house they have a Gelateria with handmade eco-friendly icecream. I had Lemon and Forest-Berries.

Copenhagen Shopping Guide

My trip over to Cph starts with a Latté as usual but something different happened. While the train had passed the bridge and entered the tunnel of the Öresund-connection, it had reached high-speed. Suddenly out of nowhere, the breaks were on and the train stopped really fast. Then the lights went out and it started to smell burnt. I was just happy that nothing serious happened (or so I thought) and that I was still holding my Latté.

After thirty minutes they got the lights back and the train started again. My first thoughts under twenty meters of water was, thank God I am wearing boots so I can kick in a window if I have too. People were fairly calm and tried to make the best of it.

Anyhow, I finally got to Cph city center with the Metro (the best designed in the world). I start with Kongens Nytorv and take a left turn onto Stroget. I always make a turn on the first street to the right, here on each corner you will find LV, BottegaVeneta, Hermes and Mulberry. Then I continue up the street to Apair, who have some great shoes. Further down the street on the right side is the old and very fancy Victors and if you continue down the street you'll find FilippaK. The store holds the entire collections from F-K. Even further down that street, all the way until it finishes, you will find MarcByMarcJacobs. I sometimes go in, but for me Hope on the otherside of the street is much cooler. The interior goes hand in hand with the clothes.

After Hope I always go to what I call the Swedish-corner. Here are three of the biggest Swedish-brands. Starting with J.Lindeberg, then TigerOfSweden and finally on the other side of the corner ACNE. When I'm done here I go to Storm. The store holds DiorHomme, RAF Simmons and the list goes on. Then I cross the street an head for Kronprinsensgade. On this street you will find BruunsBazaar and FlyingA. If you go back and make a right turn you'll find the new Whyred store. The interiors are very dark and luxurius. Next to Whyred is my favourite Danish design brand HAY. Also on this street Hardwear (MarcJacobs, RedDot, DanielleAlessandrini, SNS etc), BadeAnstalten (Wonundred, D&G, Hope etc), Urbanoutfitters and the shopping temple Illum. I always go thru Illum and check the mens floor with KarlLagerfelt, PaulSmith, Burberry, RalphLauren, Sand, FilippaK, ACNE, BZR, TigerJeans, BirgerEtMikkelsen, HugoBoss amongst others.

When you leave Illum you have to go out on AmagerTorv and here you'll find MadsNörgaard, H&M and IlumBolighus. IllumBolighus is a design temple that holds all the biggest brands in interior design. Go thru the entire building and take your time. I love it here. Then when I'm finished there I go back on Stroget and head for COS. I always buy something here. On the other side of COS is Gucci, Chanel and BirgerChristensen. BC mens store have Prada, Lanvin, Dolce&Gabbana, Tod's, Belstaff, Victor&Rolf and Martin Margiela. Then I hit the other super shopping temple MagasinDuNord with Paul&Joe, ThomasBurberry (there are many more, it covers and entire quarter) and before I go down and into the Metro (this mall have its own entrance to the Metro) I always get a chocolate brioche and two chocolate scones. Then I head home.

PS. Look at the map, the blue line is my shoppingroute. Pink-dot is the start and finish. Hope that y'all liked it! Oh and I have named all the pics on the Slide, so you know what you are looking at.

Copenhagen or Malmö?

Woke up and the sun was and is still shining...so I felt that I had to do something but can't decide. Erik calls me and says "Go to Copenhagen cause it's Sunday-everything is open". Great I think...so I start getting ready and then my mom calls. We talk and she tells me to call my baby sis. My baby sis went to my baby cousin's eighteenth birthday (I didn't want to go) yesterday. Stephi is a girl that loves to have fun as much as possible. She holds a beauty beyond comparison, so when she goes wild, dance and have fun, some of our cousins have a tendency of not liking it. They start putting her down and ridiculing her. I flipped and told her to tell them to fuck off or just be a little evil, but she just brushed it off and told them to stay away.

We have a lot of temper and can stay calm thru a lot of shit, but when we hit the shit...then no fun around us anymore. But she was cool and I want to let her know that no one should ever tell her what to do. Stephi you are the most amazing girl in the world and you know it.

PS. The same goes for my two other sisters Helena and Isabella. Amo voi tutti, siete le mie principesse ;P

Oh, and while writing this I decided to go to Cph, se y'all soon. Not gonna shop...

Jamiroquai - Runaway

JayK is so fun! He almost always makes great upbeat funky beats. I have almost all of his records an I put them on when I need an uplift.

The Elevator - Gym

I spoke of the gym the other day and here's a pic of how I usually look on my way to the gym. Old nasty used clothes... Oh so comfortable. I love it ;P

Yesterday's elevator

The temperatures in Sweden are jumping from ten to twenty and I don't know what to wear cause of that. Today it's warm and like twenty-five degrees and Friday it was soooo cold, so I dressed to cover up. My mom got me this huge scarf and I really like it. H&M people for €10...cheap cheap.

Early morning

Good morning to ya'll! Sitting at my office and am about to throw up. Why? It's too early for me and I've only slept for like five hours. I wish that I could sleep an extra hour, but I have to help out one of the biggest publishers in Sweden with something. Let's just say this, when you write something in a magazine make sure that what you write is truly correct. Read it one extra time if you have to. Ha ha ha. It's almost funny when I think about it.

Someone in a food magazine has written one of the recipes a little wrong, so instead of indicating a little bit of a particular spice to be used, the person must have hit a number by mistake.. And the apple pie you so longed for whilst baking... can suddenly make you sick. Just a tiny bit. So now, the media is having the time of their life with this issue. Not a big deal but still.

My day is going to consist of talking a lot...and hopefully HAVING SOME FUN TONIGHT! Well, just a movie, wining and maybe dining ;P


I am by myself tonight, so I went down to this new sushi place in my area called Sushido. It was ok, fast sushi. At least I'm full and it didn't really cost anything.

In the Elevator

Going to the Gym

I spend three to four times a week at the gym. Sometimes, I'm there for forty-five minutes but I can also reach a freaking two hours. That's when I loose my mind and track of time. The funny thing about the gym is the people who go there.

So ok, the gym is close to my area, which is a newly built city area near the sea. When you walk around you can see who live there. Anyhow, these people tend to go to two different gyms, mine being one of them. These people are mostly middle class or business folks. Some are so dull that if they start laughing they'll self explode. The business people try to be cool. They look at all the younger people and try to be just as "cool", but the younger people only care about looking good. So the outcome is that they don't really care about the older ones, then the B-folks push themselves to the verge of crazy...

The young crowds are mostly super-fit and extremely focused. They follow their scheme like there is some kind of treasure or prize that they can win. But all of the younger ones also tend to stare at each other to see how fit the other is becoming. It's like a competition.

Then you have the super muscle guys. They scream like pigs every fucking time they lift any kind of weights and that's annoying. One time, one of these muscle-pack took of his tiny t-shirt and posed in front of everyone to get attention. Everyone started laughing at him. I mean, how fucking stupid can you be? Who the fuck cares?! I don't. Another funny thing about these huge guys is that...when you enter the locker room to change to your workout clothes, you see them. All of them, if you know what I mean. I made one little mistake one time. Imagine a man almost 1,90 m tall, packed with muscles beyond sense and when this dude is changing to take a shower...out pops his dick that is the size of a midgets thumb. I couldn't help but start laughing. I thought that he was going to kill me. That must have been a side affect of steroids cause that couldn't have been something he was born with.

PS. I haven't seen him there since...;P

Oh, but I love working out and I enjoy looking at people to see how they act. Some are super calm while others are way too tense. I say, take it easy and workout in ugly clothes...I do.


I found this on youtube.com, take a look...tres amazing...

Coco avant Coco

Audrey Tatou is going to become the amazing icon Coco Chanel. The woman that was seen as a rebel and dysfunctional at times. Always in love and as it seemed never loved back. She was the woman, who used pants when everyone was using skirts. She took her lovers' shirts, when the rest were using tailored women's' clothes. She was the inventor of the little black dress and N*5. I have to see that movie, one cause French movies are almost always amazingly done, two Tatou is a great actress and finally Kaiser Karl is in charge of the clothes. It's going to be a great movie...I hope.



So today one of my friends asks me..."Paolo what happened to you? Where is your style? Are you ok?"...and I realised that I had lost some of my style. It could have something to do with the fact that my job doesn't require any kind of style. Almost all of the people there have normal taste. Here's a view from what I looked like today...and maybe it's a little too common.


Take a good look at these pics...I was kinda stunned.

A selection from Cph fashionweek S/S09

Winter boots

BZR, the brother brand of BruunsBazaar has a pair of amazing boots. So here goes. What should I get...a pair of knee high black leather boots or a pair of army inspired suede boots from BZR?


I found this Swedish bag-company online today. They are called Sandqvist and make bags for men. You can find info at http://www.sandqvist.net/ and here's a pre-view of what I liked.

Wonhundred S/S 09

I love this brand and am really happy about their flagship opening. Check-out their collection for S/S 09.

"Green light" John Legend ft André 3000

New Colette

Colette has reopened in Paris with some small shop-in-shops. So I have to go soon. I hate that Erik is gonna go tomorrow. That man flies over Europe all the time ;P So I'm gonna force him to pass by. For you guys who wonder where Colette is you can find it at 213 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.

photos: http://www.cafe.se/ http://www.colette.fr

Mini computer

All bloggers should have a mini laptop. One of those that we can bring with us whenever we feel the need to blog. This is going to be my next buy or as soon as I can ;P One is called MSI Wind and holds 80gb and then there's one from ACER and one from ASUS. They all retail for around 3000-5000Skr.

Tom Ford A/W 08

Children of the 80s & 90s

I was on the train reading a magazine. One report caught my eyes. It said that the generations of the eighties and nineties are the most egocentric of all generations. We, who are born in what used to be the richest parts of the earth, have become used to doing as they please. How come? Well, we can all thank our parents and the media.

When we grew up, we were told to make our own choices. It all came down to what schools we liked, what clothes to wear and the list goes on. If we didn't like something that was around us, then almost all of the times, we could have it removed.

The outcome of this, according to the magazine, status hungry little devils. But I don't know if I agree with that opinion.

I see the children of the eighties and nineties as individuals, who want more from life and who want to follow their dreams. Sure, we want to have great designer clothes, fun careers and amazing friends, but we are also driven unlike any other generation (well maybe not) to become what we want to. We can see beauty in both cheap and expensive items. We do not really need a big flashy house or a car for that matter. I believe that we value our happiness and friends more, and what happens around us. A perfect example of this is our love and concern for the environment.

The future of the world lies in our hands and finally we are understanding this. When the generations of the forties and fifthies enter the world of pension, we have to take over.

I believe that we are going to do a great job. Or? I mean who can make the world a more individual eco-friendly place? And who other can live a fast life travelling in stylish transportations wearing Acne jeans, Zara t-shirt, Whyred jacket, our parents' old sunglasses and a vintage Hermes bag. That is right...you

The return of an Icon

The style and suave of the best actor of all time is making an enormous return. His signature black Persol sunglasses and his tailor made suits are perfect. His hair style was neat and tidy, but at times ruff. After working closely with Federico Fellini, he was propelled to iconic stardom. His acting style was very strong, understanding and very Italian. I wonder how he would look if we dressed him in a Tom Ford light grey suit and black lacquered flat laced Boss shoes...oh and Persol glasses.

Never forget Marcello Mastroianni, the greatest actor of all time.

New from Hope


Hi everybody. It has been a while due to certain circumstances but I'm back now. I hope that all of you are feeling great and just wait until tonight, I have something great to post ;P


ASOS aaaassssoooosss

Now we can all get a SEK100 discount on shopping at ASOS!



The amazing toys of Lego are turning thirty. This toy has been a part of my life forever. I always wanted to go to the first Legoland in Billund as a child, but that never happened. I was the the only child in Southern Sweden (even one of my sisters has been there) that never went. Lego, like H&M and IKEA, has shaped the minds of almost every Scando person the last fifty years and hopefully they will continue to do that in the future as well... ;P

Picture from LEGO and http://www.wallpaper.com/ http://www.lego.com/


So I can't be super personal on my blog cause my laptop is at home... Well, all I want to say is, THANK YOU Hewlett Packard for making shitty computers! The backlight just stopped working...

I never knew how addicted I actually was to my blog!!!! Hahaha! Well, well I now have to do all the blogging from work or my parents' house. Soo, anyhow, I'm dealing with a problem. A problem with choosing what I'm supposed to do with my life. I'm talking about my possible career.

What is the right thing to do? There are people who leave faster than anyone can say "Chunky Monkey" to get a dream career. Others just stay where they are and accept the situation. It can be very dangerous to do that. Your mind starts to fall apart and before you know it, you're stuck at your local grocery store... That's what has happened to a few of my junior high school mates, which I think is bad!

Right now, I'm focusing on getting my laptop fixed. I need to blog more ;P


I went to Urbana.se and found some pics from Cph Vision. There are some great items that will probably be in the store very soon. I would like the bag...

I believe that some of the shoes are from Gram...tres cool.

Putty coloured v-neck by Pringle

How hot is this sweater?! I love it, but I also have thing for knitted sweaters...and cardigans ;P This kabel knitted v-neck is the perfect color and form. Goes perfect with a pair of baggy Cheapmonday-jeans or a pair of black slim fit from ACNE, or Tiger for that matter. I can't buy since I have a shopping embargo on me...but please, someone needs to get it ;P

Mirindiba House by Achitect Marcio Kogan

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