A salute from HongKong

Love this...Mel posts this not on our other blog...love it!

IKEA Stockholm

I don't know, but it seems like the IKEA Stockholm collection is only available in Sweden. Better materials and many times better style. Now with the financial collaps, cheap is the way to go. I have some things from the collection and I love them. Have look ;P


Bespoken at Harrods

This shirt is great. The black inside of the neck is great and the fit seems amazing. Available at Harrods for £149. Here is the description of the brand from Harrod's website:

"Launching exclusively to Harrods, Bespoken is a new menswear brand that remains faithful to the tailoring traditions of sourcing from British textile mills and using classic English tailoring features. Founded by 3 brothers, Bespoken honours tailoring customs whilst incorporating contemporary detail and a modern fit"

Prada going sexy

The womans S/S 09 collection is very sexy. The fabrics and colors feel very natural, wich can be a direct link to the environmental movement. The colors go hand in hand with BottegaVeneta's collection, and this is a good thing. Easy to combinate clothes from the two brands. What I like about Prada is that they represent the sexy and intelligent individual.

And yes, this is the first time I write about womens fashion ;P

Benjamin Bixby by Andre 3000

This is much better than most celebs will ever do when it comes to fashion. Andre 3000 has made something with class and a feeling of the early 30s to it. I love it! It will only be available at Harrod's and Barneys.

Salvatore Ferragamo Ads F/W 09

Is it just me or does this look wrong? This made me laugh like crazy... cause as you all know, no man would ever look like this in tights ;P How stupid were the ad people when they were using photoshop? They turned the ballet dancer's penis into a ball of some sort. Do as Tom ford, just leave it be and let the public see it. Half the world has one and almost every one has seen at least one in their life.


Fall Fave's

Armani Hotel

Soon the Armani hotel will open in Milano. Mr. Armani is one of the few designers that have managed to create a full concept. And his hotels that he does together with Emaar are set to start operating when the Burj Dubai opens.

But I have a feeling that the Milano hotel on Via Manzoni is gonna be perfect considering that Mr. Armani have a shopping center with a club, café and two restaurants there already. Imagine then a hotel on top and Mr. Armani passing by from time to time, cause he lives on the side street next to it. I usually don't like what he does, but...this could be really great.


These are my magazines for the month. Always, since I was 12, I've bought Wallpaper*. This month with 3 guest editors: Zaha Hadid, Rei Kawakubo and Louise Bourgeois.

Secondly Man, this mag has a full coverage of the best shows and this month they go behind the scenes of the biggest fashion houses.

King Magazine comes in third with a special on Daniel Craig.

Finally, Plaza with a major trend guide on fashion and interior. On the cover Bar Refaeli. And on page 218 great editorial.

Good mornin*

I just woke up and I have to get to the gym, also I'm thinking of running off to Helsingborg. Hang with my sis and just chill. I haven't really done much this week, I never really do anything except for going to the office and meeting up with some folks and go back home. Kinda makes me think... imagine doing this for the rest of your life? I would eventually loose it. I have a friend in Dubai that got almost all she ever wanted and wished for. Yesterday, she calls me and says "I can't sleep at night, what's wrong with me?". So I asked her what she normally thinks about before she goes to bed and she responds "if my clothes are folded right and blah blah blah". After ten minutes she confesses and tells me that what should she dream about now? What goals should she have? This is what goes on in her mind. Every night. This is similar to what goes on in everyone's heads. The main question must be "What is next?"

It all comes down to what drives you have as an individual. Enough about that. I'm gonna eat something and get my ass to gym, cause I have to look perfect for my shoot next week. Maybe I also need a tiny tan...how vain is this gonna make me?

Slooooooow day...

Today has been a very slow day... especially for my dear blog. Saturdays and Sundays are usually calm, but today was extremely calm...

I finish in 50 min. and am gonna go to the cinemas, and I do hope that the movie is gonna be cool. Cause last week I was very disappointed. Ben Stiller has lost it. I couldn't laugh... well maybe once or twice. He used to be better and having Tom Cruise in your flick...that is death. Jesus Christ!

And today I hear that Will Smith is going to be in a prequel to "I am Legend"... what is going to be called? "I am"...give it a rest already.

Anyways... what is going on otherwise? Well nothing much, next week I'm gonna post some of my designs that I have done and that I have to do this weekend. I was supposed to go to Stockholm to visit Mikas...but I'm not going. So people...enjoy the weekend and don't party toooo hard!

And Mel...enjoy HongKong Baby!

A house in Singapore

Mr. Anton or Alphabetical has a very white house in the state of Singapore. A lot of Muji and Ikea, mixed in a very good way. This house gives me a sense of tranquillity and give calm to the person who lives there. Great home Ant.

Tonights movie - Hellboy 2

I hope that this is better than Tropic Thunder...That movie was a load of crap. Such bullshit and with Tom Cruise... how I dislike that man...


My friend Johanna has opened a webshop with awesome vintage shoes called GardeRobe. Check it out! So far only for girls...


Keep or loose?

I got this cardigan today.. it's cool and I do like it, but I still don't know if I should keep it. Should I? Oh and I look like shit, so don't look at me... just the cardigan...


So next week Wednesday I'm on for my third modeling job. Funny how it doesn't matter that I'm short. The jobs roll in. I'm gonna continue and see how far that I can go with this. Oh and the brand itself is very Italian. Sleek and very sophisticated, almost a secret to many.

This job is gonna be fun since I know the girl and the photographer that are in charge of the whole thing. The man who represents the brand in Sweden has a very famous daughter. We all know her over here... Carolina Gynning. Funny as hell and looks very hot. We have the same accent but she is more out there. Tres cool.

Check out her blog at : http://blogg.stureplan.se/gynning

Oh and the pics, I'll post them as soon as I get them. Just because I'm ego ;) LOL.

Nom de Guerre S/S 09

The S/S collection for NdeG is really nice. Very architectural with strong graphic proportions. The cuts and fabrics makes the collection come to life. The only thing I don't like is most of the models. Way too young. They look like children at war.

A house in San Fransisco

I really like it when my readers sends me pictures of themselves and their homes. Mattia in SF has a great home and I got permission to post it. More homes like this is needed in the States. Very stylish. Look at all the design classics. This is fresh and his personal style shines thru. A home says everything about a person.

Apples or Oranges?

I had the funniest discussion with a friend of mine in Berlin. We started to talk about Tila Tequila and how many people like her are out there...how many of the population likes both apples or oranges?

I started to laugh like crazy, but honestly don't we all like both a little? According to some there is no such thing as being someone who likes both apples and oranges. But I say as Tila (she is really tacky by the way)... if you like people then you like people. That is it. Sometime you lean towards apples more than oranges, but that is fine. I think that liking both kinda scares people... a lot. Because you don't know where you have them. They can flick both ways and one day they are eating apples and the next...

Girls are usually more open about this and guys tend not to want to talk about it. I believe that's because girls are stronger in their sexuality than men are.

But do you know what I say about this...who the hell cares. A versatile way of eating is always healhty...it's recommended by doctors all over the world ;P

P.S. Just be careful.

Samantha Pleet S/S 09

I found this on the Fashionisto's site...and it is what is called... a wonder. And The Fashionisto is great...and he better know it ;P

Source: www.thefashionisto.com

It's ok for Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty has been bought up. The new owner is Marcus Söderlind and he made the purchase thru his family owned real estate company. Now they are going to be able to continue to expand their empire...but more importantly...continue to live as a fashion institution.

source: www.di.se

Gilded Age S/S 09

I have started to find brands that are manly. Somehow, I'm totally turned off by über fashion that have tendencies of being feminine. It is out to look like a gender bender androgyne boy. Someone that is doing this very well is Gilded Age and their designer Stefan Miljanic. The men look like men. The 30s are still very present and I see that their references go back to a kind of New Yorker classic... It's almost as if Mr. Lacoste was born and raised in the NYC area. Love it, I just need it to come to Europe now.

http://www.gildedage.net/ source: http://www.men.style.com/ pictures: Marcio Madeira

J.Lindeberg is here

The new J.L store opened last week in Sthlm. It's style is very old school and reminds me of an old New York store from the early 20s or 30s. It's way better than the two other stores that they had. Waaaaaaaaaaaay better...don't you think?

Talking to Mel!

I was supposed to post some things, but me and Mel ended up talking on Skype for over 4 hours!!!! And funny as it is...I got to know her thru my blog and her cousin! Mel I love you!!! You are amazing!!!

And this is what I look like drinking wine and talking on Skype... By the way... my glass is from Ittala ;P

Retro Olympus

Finally a camera that doesn't look like it was designed by an engineer. They usually have bad taste. Anyhow... new fresh and retro is the way to go and the way every fashionista should do it ;P


I came home last night and was all fired up to start designing. But since I haven't really done anything lately, I ran into problems immediately (can't spell and you all know it by now). I was blank. No ideas at all. So I started to read and go thru all my magazines and books...but nothing triggered me. So there I was feeling like a complete dumb ass, drowning in magazines and books.

I usually have tons of ideas, but this time I have to get my ass ready for a very important thing. But when I get told what to do...I go blank. For some reason I get stressed and can't function, but this only happens when I have to design something. Others have this problem with everything. I remember in Milano, when I was able to just do anything and was good at doing what I and my friends were doing. I could sit up for two days straight, pimping wine and cigarettes, eating Parma ham and candy like crazy. Then without sleeping for two days and on the third day do a presentation. Those were the days. Maybe I'm just getting older...not really... or I'm just a sorry little designer, who is on a down low. Hahahaha.

But today here at work, I got my grove back (lame I know, very 70s). I managed to plan and design what I needed to do. Thank the karma Gods that the American economy is in the shitters, people aren't calling in as much as they normally would. Funny. It gave me time to acctually do something that I felt was fun! No freakin' clients for the last hour, but very nice designs. I have three things that I have to post tonight, so I'll talk to y'all later!

PS. Last night I just emptied one bottle of champagne just to get me started, but...I fell asleep ;P So much for being productive...hahahah.

Emporio Armani + Samsung

I have to be honest. This new cell from Armani and Samsung is such bullshit. This is a cell that sucks money out of people who don't know better. This is how they think "Oh my God, I need to be cool and fashionable, so I'm getting me a cell that has Emporio Armani written all over it! I'm gonna be so cool!". News flash looser! This is one of the worst phones that I have ever seen, right up there with Nokia's Versace, Dior and Motorola's D&G phone. What a load of crap.

Source: http://www.cafe.se/

Malmö all week

I am lucky enough to be placed in the Malmö office for the entire week. I am sleeping until 07:30 and trust me that is great. I feel rested and great and happy. I sound like a total dumb ass ;P This week is going to be very hard on me, since I have been requested to send almost my complete portfolio to a certain someone somewhere in the world. This caught me completely off guard, but I know that I will manage.

It's just that I haven't been designing much for the last two years. Still, I have to recharge and restart my competence, when it comes to interior design. But I am genuinly happy. This is great.

And I have to get my ass to Stockholm as well, since Mikas (Sweden's largest modeling agency) would like to meet me. But traveling in Sweden is so expensive. Trains especially. How is this possible? The state wants us to be more environmentally friendly, but then they have to make us want to use trains instead of flying. Flying costs less compared to going by train, so I'm thinking that I might be wrecking nature this weekend. It's very sad, but money does play a big role. I'm gonna be there for the day and am not willing to pay over €100!

Gotta continue working now. Talk to y'all soon ;P

Comfy Afternoon...

At my parents house and my fantastic dad has made me a Latté that I'm about to drink. My mom and I are gonna relax and just talk...I have dressed accordingly, I'm not gonna use my favorite work again. But damn I feel...y'all knows it...comfy ;P

This weeks Elevator Pics....

I only made two of them..and I'm just taking it easy with styling myself up. More comfy...that's the feeling that I'm gonna go for ;P Oh and that ice cream is deadly...I want it all the freaking time! Why the hell did they have to open outside my house?!

Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight

Some old-school feelin* to the sunday ;P

For Mattia

Sunday is here and we had a great great dinner last night. I was the cook and tried to make something advanced, but I ended up making something super simple and super Italian. First up was a advocado/lime/garlic cream, then pasta with cherry tomatoes prepared in garlic/chili/olive-oil and finally lemon/nougat chocolates from the amazing Danish firm Summerbird.

The guests were John and Ida (my dear friend and hairstylist) and Nouran (all are my dear friends). Erik was here as well of course. It was a great time. We just talked about everything and nothing drinking wine, spumante and champagne. John is a writer and told me how to reach out to my readers better. He said "somehow people connect better with you if you make them a secondary reader and not third part reader". So true, also how funny is it with bloggers that try to repeat the way that they have written before? This is just beacuse we all wish to be as successful as we have maybe been before. But how wrong is that?!

Anyhow, now I'm sitting here in my undies and am reading some mails. This one goes out to Mattia in SF. I promised to show you around my unfinished apartment. Hope that it's ok for your taste. And also, some pics of my own ass being stupid as usual...just bear with me guys... I am like this ;P

PS. Yes that's a fat TV in my house. I can't find one that suits my taste...

One more Time ;P

I got a new modeling job. In week 40 I will work for www.caliban.se and it's gonna be great. The Swedish store in Malmö (it's an Italian brand from Brescia) is making their own catalogue and website, to suit the Scando clients better. I got asked and I said yes. Feels very cool! I'll get back with photos when they are done.

View from a mail: Stylist MATIAS ERRÁZURIZ

Here comes the interview from one of the best stylists out there. He works with Vogue and Harper's. Hope you guys like it ;P

Which is the best magazine:VOGUE
Who is your favorite model that you have worked with?: DARIA WERBOWY
Who is your favorite designer?:KARL LAGERFELD AND ESTEBAN CORTAZAR
What candy do you like?: SUGUS OF ARGENTINIAN CANDY
What perfume do you wear?: TOUCH BURBERRY
What country is the most stylish in the world?: ARGENTINA
Which City is your favorite city?: PARIS
Best book that you have read?: THE ALEPH OF JORGE LUIS BORGES
Favorite movie?: THE OTHERS
Who is the most beautiful person in the world?: JULIETTE BINOCHE

Finally, if you could only bring 3 people with you to a dinner, who would you want to come? And what would you eat?: CARLA BRUNI, MARIA CALLAS AND INGRID BERGMAN AND PASTA FOR ALL OF US...

Tropic Thunder

I'm gonna see this movie tonight...I just wish that Ben Stiller makes a new Zoolander movie, and that it becomes great!

Busy Busy

I'm at one of our client's office in Malmö and it's great. Really nice people and they have hired me for a month. So not so much blogging when I'm here. I'm gonna post the interview today...I can't believe that I managed to pull it of! It's a strange one too, my questions are very unconventional and had nothing (almost nothing) to do with styling. But I was thinking when I made the questions...should I be as boring as everyone else? Or just plain stupid?

Prada Prada Prada

I love Prada, but honestly...what were they thinking when they made Prada D'Infusion for Men?! It smells like toilet water! The first Prada scent for Men was truly amazing and so is Prada D'Infusion for Women. Prada is so innovative normally, but this time...it just went wrong.

Kleerup feat Marit Bergman - 3am

Yoox Summer Sale

Björn Borg White

This jacket comes straight from their showroom. And it's fucking amazing. I don't know how Erik pulls this shit of, but he does. The Carin Wester office sends him look-books with personal notes, Acne sends magazines and christmas cards...tres cool ;P

He is sending this jacket back cause it's too big for him, but I hope that he gets a smaller size.

Stakko Bo feat Titiyo - We Vie

The view from a mail

I got a super promise to get an interview with a major stylist form Argentina. I'm talking Vogue and Harper's. How about that?! ;P

Christian Falk - Calling you

I used to listen to this song all the time a couple of years ago. I miss the days when Mr Falk made some great music.

More from Västrasandgatan

This is a funny thing. I found this remake that Malin and Ida did for a magazine. Love it! And photo by Carl Magnus. He took my pics too;P

Studio Västrasandgatan

Yesterday, I was on a new shoot. My favorite Ida (my stylist) is making her new website. It will be up in a few weeks. The shoot is the base for a small movie that is going to be very old-school in the way that it is made. Let's hope that it will be amazing. She and her partner Malin are the best (according to me) and I know that it will be great.

ACNE Re-opening

Acne has re-opened their flagship on Norrmalmstorg in Sthlm. Bigger, better and more ACNE. What else is there to say? Great style and very Acne.

Source: www.cafe.se www.acnejeans.se

Carthusia Uomo

I made the decision to stay in Sweden. I was so tired and needed just to do nothing but then I ended up in Copenhagen, again for the day. I do love that city and as my sister Helena said yesterday "This city is a heaven for shoppaholics". Very true.

So we went the whole day; I left the house at 10:01 sharp and came home at 21:00. Hahaha. Can you freaking belive that?! Dressed all in black and a grey scarf and with my friend and sister as company. We had a blast and we began with discussing what I'm supposed to do with myself, since I'm a bit confused at the moment when it comes to what I really want to do with myself. Mostly when it comes to my job, that is.

Everyone in Copenhagen is always so nice. Smiling and just very chill. The people in the stores always give good styling tips and they (almost all of them) look very good. I saw something really funny in the Storm store. This store has Pierre Hardy, Dior, Chloe, Raf Simmons etc. They had something that blew my mind. The wool cardigan that I wanted from Ralph Lauren was there. I have never seen RL in their store but that cardigan was there. It was unfortunately in size L.

Then we had lunch, well hot sandwiches and juice at Joe's Juice Bar. One of the guys went around the bar to take my order and the funniest part was that he didn't know how to use the cashier-or the credit card machine. So hilarious, but he managed with a huge smile.

The only thing that I shopped was a perfume (real perfume) for men. It is amazing...it has an effect that is incredible. Everyone who smelled me with it just said..."oh my God". It comes from Carthusia from Capri. All handmade in my dear country Italy. I was stunned by it. Apparently, it has "a blend of wild raspberry, rosewood and kelp". I love when something is unusual and so amazing as this perfume is. I got it at the Hope store.

The night ended with wine and champagne at Fiat on Kongens Nytorv. It was perfect.

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