Blogging Colleague

I found out thru one of my dear colleagues, Tina, that her best friend, and my other colleague, Alexandra is a super blogger. Great and fun! It's in Swedish though, but just look at the pics ;P


One of my favorite shops in Helsingborg has opened a web shop and a new website. Check it out! The people that have the store, Daniel and Jesper, are super cool and their employee Magnus has a great attitude. Tres chic for a very petit ville ;P

Zara F/W 2009

I like it! Great style, knits and accessories, wearable and probably very cheap. Thanx Zara ;P

source: The amazing

Crash and Burn

This is for all my friends that have crashed and burned ;) I saw Gossip Girl last night and I heard this was a long time ago that I've heard it.


I'm dying at the moment...I want to tell but I CAN'T!!!! I don't know but there might be a chance that I'm the first blogger to inspire a mens line for a designer. I am their new muse. And I'm not talking about just a bag ;P but a lot more. Jesus, a source told me "Paolo I saw your pics from your blog at the office"...LOVE IT!!!

Ford, Tom Ford

I love James Bond and Tom ford. And I have a thing for sunglasses. This is making no sense at all, but is it just me or are these glasses hot?! Daniel Craig must look like a million euros running around and kicking ass in Quantum of Solace...thank Tom for making Bond fashionable again.



I got three of these scarfs in cashmere in brown, blue and one in brown/gold, gonna give the last one to my baby sis. I didn't do much shopping at all inside Alanya or Antalya...this was it.
And when I got home I got a Prada bag. Love it ;P

A tribute to the girls of the Sultan

All the women that was on the trip with me were amazing in every way. They called me the Sultan cause they were my harem ;P Love all of you!

Oh and my hair do, made specially for the jeep safari...we don't look so fresh here cause we got got picked up at 10:00 and continued until 17:00. The trip was muddy, warm and sweaty.

Oh, we tried to be stylish at all time, but we had soo much fun that after 5 minutes that became the last thing on our minds...


I was afraid of going to a Hamam. The first reason was to be "hamamed" by a fat and ugly Turkish man and secondly to do it alone...but I wasn't alone (I went with six women from work) and the Turkish man wasn't fat at all.

My body felt amazing afterwards. The peeling is always ruff, but I like it ruff ;P One thing that I wonder is how they manage to make the foam so massive and it's very different...softer and heavier at the same time. You all must try it once. At least...

More more and more Chanel

Chanel is blogging. Yes it's true and it is a good thing. More and more companies are blogging to give their clients more direct info...and to make it all a little more fun. Now us bloggers have more to compete with...or not...

Hadise & Tarkan

We listened basically only to Turkish music all week. Mainly Tarkan but also Hadise. It might be tacky but I love it ;P



Guess who's back?! Me!!! I have had the best time ever. Just came home and I'm just gonna chill. I must say...Turkey was much better than expected.

Mille Baci ;P

I hate packing

I going tomorrow morning and this is me packing at 22:30. Jesus...the mess that I have to fix...LOL...

Almost all Danish Designers

This is from Saturday and I am wearing almost only Danish desigers. Pants from Mads Norgaard, grandpa-sweater Birger et Mikkelsen and cap from D&G. The Danes know their shit.

Turkey Turkey

Tomorrow I'm going to Turkey. I have never been there and have never thought about going there. So in one week I'm gonna hit Alanya, Side and Kemer. Great hotels and a lot of testing of hotels and spas and the list goes on. I'm travelling with 5 other women, so I'm the only boy... yes I see myself as a boy. LOL. I'm 25 and look like 18 ;P I just hope that the weather is perfect cause I need a break from the rain...

Dries for G-Star

Dries van Noten is going to design a line for G-Star called Correct Line. The line is going to be more luxurious and stylish. Keep your eyes open for it. Both for women and men.

Fashion back in the days

Lily Cole showing her goods

In the October number for Playboy France, Miss Lily Cole is showing it all. Very classy I must say... but then we are talking about France. The French are almost always tres chic ;P


The Hutha

Look at this hightop. The colors are very hot for next S/S. I like the feeling of it and the suede. Whyred makes a lot of cool stuff.


Some elevator pics from October

A new start

I read in a magazine that bloggers are only interesting when they write about themselves and their private life. The fashion part should just come along with the package. Like with Carrie in Sex and The City. People all over the world, men and women, followed her and her friends thru every single part of their lives. We remember particular parts when Carrie and Big broke up time after time, when Samantha got cancer, Miranda fell for Steve, even though she never wanted to and when Charlotte didn't want to admit that Harry was the perfect man. The rest just came along with the story like beautiful pictures. Almost like when someone tells you a story of a trip and they show you pictures of the trip. They give you a feeling.

Today, I realized that that is what is important to all of us. Bloggers should pay more attention to what goes on around them and not to what is the next it bag or who makes the freshest sneakers. Cause if you are a complete dumb ass then the Prada that you wear will look like something from the 99 cents store. Just be real and do your own thing.

As a friend of mine always says "Just tell it like it is..."

Tired, hungry and dirty

I'm very tired, I need to take a shower and I'm hungry. HAHAHAHAH. And this is what I look like when I'm all three things. My mood is ok. Just mellow. And why am I on my floor? Well at least that's clean....;P

Hope Jacket

This jacket from Hope for next spring is so far the hottest jacket that will be on the market. I think I need it.

Filippa K hits California

Even though there's major problems in the American economy, Swedish brands are still going strong on the American market. Filippa K is still opening their two stores and starting with their San Fransisco store. This is great both for the Swedes and the Californians, since we can export more and they can get a hold of entire collections from the Swedish designer ;P

source: pic:

Karma by Wanda Sykes

What do you do when you screw up?

I belive that I screwed up major a couple of weeks ago. Today, more shit hit my fan because of that. And worst of all I couldn't remember what I had done. Still I can't honestly remember if I had made a mistake. It seems like a lot of things are going to hell now-a-days, don't know why, but suddenly karma isn't really fair. It's almost like it never ends. Yes, I feel sorry for me and this is the first time that I have admitted something like this. Usually I think "there is a reason for everything" and "there is a solution to every problem". But today... fuck those two sentences. I am pissed. I try so hard to do a good job... well almost, I do what I need to do. And yes, maybe karma is punishing me for that. Maybe I should change my religious views. Go back to being a Catholic since I did have my conformation in the Vatican... You can always confess your sins and wrong doings and God will forgive you...sounds good doesn't it?

I need to get in control and maybe just say that I did wrong even though I can't remember it. Is that right or wrong?

My mom told me the other week "it's almost amazing how good you are when you don't care. Imagine how it would be if you really did care". Maybe I should just listen to my mom...

Blog Awards 2008 Sweden

Now, we in Sweden even have the blogawards. Funny as hell! But I love it!!!! I haven't been nominated, cause I'm so smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall. Maybe next year!

Prada 2

Prada has decided to evolve their old phone into a new improved one. I hope that the camera will be better and that it will be easy to use the new keyboard. Otherwise, I like it... I have that cell, and it would just be an improvement... Maybe, they should pimp it up more or?

A Collection of Style

This sums up my style pretty much...this is the style of the Designbox ;P


Blogging takes a lot of time. I love my blog very much. But something happened a couple of months ago and it made me realize that I had to slow down. Nothing really serious, but my friends were getting involved in a mess that wasn't really that good. Then I started to feel like everything was like a competition. Blogging is supposed to be fun and creative, not about how many readers you have or are gonna get. So I stopped. Took a break. I'm not the only one that have or is taking a break from the blog world. Sweden's most powerful blogger with 400000 readers, Blondinbella, is temporarily out of business. She is focusing on her life. We need that, we all need to slow down and take everything that is around us and enjoy life. But it feels like I'm back, feels good. Now I'm gonna try and win Sweden's best dressed man 2009 ;P Kidding...


I went to Daniel's blog at and he has snapped some pics from Hope's collection S/S 09. The bag and the color of it is the shit. The same goes for the boots and also the jacket. Great colors. We all need some uplifting from this financial down low....

No Energy

So the last week I've had no energy to do anything. No blogging, no training and the list goes on. I have been genuinely tired. I have made some small changes to the blog but that's it. I promise that I will soon start again. I will blog and I will get my energy back. But sometimes, shit happens and it can take time to fix it.

So talk to y'all soon. Mille baci guys!!!


I'm gonna be out all day shooting, so today this could be my only post. Getting ready at the moment, cause I'm being picked up in one hour. I'm tired, but rested.

I just hope that I can pull this shit off ;P Talk to y'all later! ;P
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