Brushing Teeth

I was wondering how ugly we all are when we brush our teeth. So yesterday I decided to take pictures when I was brushing mine. Honestly... I thought that it was going to be worse than this. What do you look like when you brush your teeth? I swear... I look like death in the mornings, so that's why I took it before going to bed. LoL

Tomorrow's Outfit

This is what I' gonna wear at Stephanie's party and this is my new jacket from H&M. Gotta sponsor the Swedish economy... yeah right!

In tha elevator

It has been a long time since I posted an elevator picture... here comes one ;P


Sitting here just waiting to leave the office. I have 1,5 h left and it's sooooo boring. I wanted to post something, but I can't post any pics right now cause there's something wrong with the computer. Anyhow.

So tomorrow I have to get up early to go to Helsingborg. Buy some alcohol for my sister's party. Then help with the set up and just get ready. Our entire family and her friends are coming, so we are expecting ca. 50 guests if I'm not wrong. That's one hell of a 18th birthday.

I'm gonna be dressed in all black. Everything from top to toe. I'm gonna post a picture later. Gonna look great and with the new hair do I feel hot. I'm really honest now and narcisistic. Lol. But I know that my sister will look super amazing cause they are soooo beautiful. Gotta get back to work now ;P

Erotic Lounge


I am super speeded today and that's a good thing. I just hope that this day will go fast. Erik is throwing a gathering at the house with some friends and I do believe that it's going to be great. It's like a wine night ;P

And in my mind, I'm thinking about what to get for my family for Christmas. I have noooo idea what to get. Any ideas? What are you getting for your friends and family? And what are you doing tonight?

Krukmakargatan 24 - Our Legacy

Finally they are getting their own store. But for us who doesn't live in Sthlm can still get their clothes at Tres Bien Shop in Malmö or Storm in Copenhagen. Also available at selected stores around the globe... or at least I think soo ;P

COS S/S 09

I love COS. And for next summer they are keeping their Scando style the way they have since the beginning. I love the colors. The pants in particular.


New Jersey Blog

Maria, my work buddie and friend, is very funny. She is the ultimate rocker girl and laughs aaaalll the time. She did a post on me that was very nice and I must say posted a very ugly picture...LOL.


I'm sitting here at work and I don't know why but I have this immense need to smoke. I don't care what people say about smoking, sometimes it's good. Once in a while. I have to say, work is as usual, boring. So nothing new there. But I feel very happy and it might have to do with the fact that I did some shopping yesterday. Hahaha. I promised myself not to shop, but I got one of those jackets from H&M. I'm gonna be AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL black for Saturday's party. Slim fit and black. Black deep v-neck t-shirt, black thight pants, black shoes and the black jacket. So what are all of you up to today?

Bottega Veneta - Quilted bag

How nice is this bag?! I would die if I got it... but I can't afford it. Way too expensive. Black in calf leather, must be extremely soft. Anyone that feel that they want to give a Christmas gift? Kidding...

Party Party

This month is the party month. Today, I have cocktails with Ida (we are going to talk about a shoot and just hang-out). Tomorrow, Erik is throwing a wine party at our house. Saturday, my beautiful baby sis is having her 18 birthday bash, next week another party, the 12th Christmas party for the company, the 13th Anna is having a Christmas party, the 19th party in Malmö for a company and then Christmas Eve with the family, the 25th second Christmas party and finally New Years the 31st. How am I going to cope???!!!! Just hope that I don't turn into Patsy...

Prada by LG

The new website is out. So hot and now I want that PHONE!!!!!!!

Matthew Williamson + H&M

Matthew Williamson is next to design for H&M. The collection will be out next spring. I wonder if there will be anything for men. Anyhow... lets just wait and see.



I found this really cool hoodie from GrnAppleTree. It is great! I WANT IT!! Wonder if they ship to Sweden...This company is based in LA and I must say that LA is becoming more European in their style. That's me...

Look what Ida did

I got my hair cut!!!! Finally! Gotta get ready for work now. I'll write later ;P God, early morning and big nose!!!!

Carolina Gynning

You gotta love this woman. Look how hot she is and as my friend Anna says "I like sue me"

Pic from her blog:

Gucci A/W 2003 - Tom Ford's last show

So why don't I write in Swedish?

Soo someone asked me why I write in English and not Swedish? Well yes I'm born in Sweden, but I started my blog in Milano when I lived there. I wrote some posts, nothing much. Then when I restarted it I just continued in English.

But should I change? Should I write in Swedish? Let me know what you think...

Dinner photos from Manila

By Melissa La'O

Boutique1 Dubai

I just "tripped" over this amazing store concept. When I saw the homepage I felt that this is what the cool Dubai is and should be about. Sophisticated and extremely stylish. The concept was created by Lena and Ziad Matta with a team of buyers, salesmen, style advisors and service personnel. This must be close to perfection cause when I looked at this I felt "wow".

It's almost like a Corso Como 10 in Dubai, but with that special Dubai glare. Now they also have interior... I would love to work in an environment like this. They even have their own magazine!!

The Matta couple have three stores. One in the Emirate Towers Boulevard, The Outlet at the Outlet-mall and the new one at The Walk in Dubai Marina. If you live in Dubai or are just there for holidays, then go there. Just for the experience...must be amazing...
P.S. Visit their website at for further information on what brands they hold

Adani & Wolf - Daylight

Some morning music to set the mood...


I saw this movie tonight and was amazed by it's beauty. The very context and the way it was filmed was incredible. It's captivating and every scene is like a piece of art. You must see it...

After breakfast and a call

After talking to my dear Mel, I had some breakfast and now I really have to head to the gym. I'm feeling great and the sun is shining. It must be at least below zero today. This is what a real winter is supposed to look like. Not like a raining depressing-wanting-to-kill-yourself winter. Snow is good cause it lightens up everything.

Anyhow, look at my very

Baby Cord Lamp

My big Cord Lamp from Design House Sthlm gave birth to a smaller Cord Lamp...funny ha?!

Thinking about how to cut my hair

Snowy Morning

Yes, I woke up to a white Malmö!!!! So nice. Look at this picture...I hope that Christmas is going to look like this.

Kent - Ingenting

I'm reposting this song... it's called Nothing for those who don't speak Swedish...

CheapMonday S/S 09

Go to CheapMonday's site and check out their catalouge for S/S 2009. I like this jacket!!! And best of all is that they are cheap ;P


I'm sitting here hoping that something fun will happen. Right now it's Friday and not much to do at the office. The only fun thing is that it's snowing and that I'm gonna have a relaxing night today. So who is gonna party tonight?


It is actually snowing today in Malmö. Fucking CRAZY!!!

Fine & Dandy

Look what popped up in my mailbox. Matt from Fine & Dandy showed me his online shop and blog and I think it's really cool. Old school items that come at a very good price. I personally love the handkerchiefs, odds & ends and the wallets. Gotta buy me something ;P

Best dressed in Sweden - According to me

One of my absolute best friends and roomie, Erik, is according to me best dressed man in Sweden bar none. His closet consists of Velour, Filippa K, Acne, COS, Julian Red, Patrik Erwell, Marc Jacobs, Refined by BobbiBurns and the list goes on. He mixes it like none other and he manages to turn a lot of heads. I'm going to submit him to Café's competition next year and hopefully he will start to write for my blog once again. This pic of him is from yesterday...A M A Z I N G.


Got up and the sun was shining! Finally! Anyhow, I got up and did the usual. Read some blogs and comments. Took a pic of myself to show what I'm wearing today. All comes from the H&M group. Jeans CheapMonday and the rest H&M. I am soooooooooo glad that I'm gonna cut my hair next week.

No American Apparel

I got an answer from Lisa at American Apparel, and this is what she had to say about the Malmö store...

Marc Jacobs convicted of bribes

Yes, Mr. Jacobs has been convicted for bribing James Jackson, a bureaucrat, with gifts and money, just to make sure that his brand was the only brand that would show on The 25th Street Armory. Now Marc Jacobs must pay a fine of 1 million Dollars.

How stupid can one be. These kind of things always come out. Maybe this is why he won't have his annual Christmas party? Someone should look it up.

American Apparel?

When will American Apparel in Malmö open???? I need to shop there and on their site it just says "opening soon". They have some great stuff and will be a great addition to all of the stores that we have now. Does anyone have a date?

H&M Jackets for New Years

For New Years I usually just put on a jacket that looks great, match it with some nice pants and shoes. A t-shirt or shirt is what I usually use under the jacket. These 3 jackets from H&M are great choices for this New Years. They retail from (left to right) SEK998, SEK598 and SEK598. They seem to have great fits. The velvet one with some tight black pants, deep v-neck in grey and lacquered loafers...H O T.

God morgon!

So I'm up reading some blogs and responding to some comments. It's dark outside and I'm hungry. I was thinking about what to get for my family for Christmas, but everyone is like..."we don't know what we would like". Well, except for my baby sis Stephi. She want's a red hoodie from Ralph Lauren or is it Rugby...

I told my mom we should go shopping during the super sales after New Years. IT GETS CRAZY!!! And this year just because of the finacial crisis I do believe that they are going to lower the prices more than last year. The thing with the Swedes is that they manage to break shopping records every year and this year we are expected to do it again.

I'm going to get cleaned up, get dressed and eat something. I know it's going to be a long day today. So what are all of you up to today?

Some Winter Stylin*

Just being stupid trying some clothes on from my wardrobe. A selection from H&M, J.Lindeberg, CheapMonday, Tiger and Wonhoundred. Supe dupa ego ;P

Missoni Home

I got my bathroom some Missoni towels, great quality and really give some color to my otherwise very white and black style. I got a whole set for my sister and her husband and they loved it.

Hitting the Gym

I'm going to the gym now...don't want to look like this again!!! This pic is from Salone del mobile 2 years ago.

Another Hot Mama

This is another mom and coworker that has a blog, I have mentioned her before. I was watching Desperate Housewifes and why the hell does Eva Longoria look like shit?! You don't loose your style just because you get kids. Alexandra looks great and she has two. Moms like these needs an extra star for being great moms that still takes care of themselves!!!


Yes, now they have mens available at Garde-Robe. Check it out y'all! One word: vintage.

Slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow day

Is it me or is this day fucking slow?! Work is utterly boring and it's cold and rainy. What to do??? I got to be here until 19:00!!!

Anna from Bon Vintage

This is my very hot friend Anna. She is a mom (crazy!) and proves that anyone can have great style even though you're a mother! You can find the time for yourself!!!

(link to her blog is on the right side of my blog)

No more Wintour

It is rumored that Anna Wintour is leaving Vogue after her contract runs out. She is great and I wish her the best.

I can't find my wallet

I think that I've lost my wallet. It sucks. I don't care about my card but the wallet was from Gucci. I hope that I will find it, when I get home tonight.

All Saints - War of nerves

This is my all time favorite song. Amazing...

Outfit of the week is a great Swedish site for style. It focuses on men of course. This week's outfit is truly hot. I love everything about it. Almost like a stylish but ruff man from an old money family... long explanation. All the clothes are from Aristolasia, Belstaff, Guidi, Hope, John-Smedley & Paul-Smith.

Morning morning

I slept like a baby aaaaaalllll night. Felt great. I have been having some really weird dreams but I like that, they are like puzzles. Last night in my dream I was in Poland, old money just came out of nowhere from the water and I couldn't understand why. Crazy too much was happening. Anyhow, my morning started with breakfast and the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Soo goooood! I tend to watch stupid things just to let my brain relax. So what are all of you up to today?

Have a great day y'all!

Outfit of the day

I love these clothes. T-shirt from COS that I've used like two times and a pair of black Tiger pants. My hair is awful, I know, and I look "stiff" LOL!!!!

Private - We Got Some Breaking Up To Do

H&M S/S 2009

Found this on Daniel's blog. I love H&M! For next year they are among the most fashionable brands. Love it!!! Very simple and clean. Minimalistic Scando style. But I would never wear pink...
Source: Photos&styling by: Peter Gehrke & Mattias Karlsson

Sunday sunday

I have had a great day. Started out with the gym and then on to a great breakfast with friends. After that some cleaning and later I went out to grab a Latté. I did the same thing yesterday at Sorl at Davidshall. Great little café. Today, I went to Espresso House in the West Harbour.
Now, my night will continue with some dinner and a movie. I'm gonna watch Norbit. Bad movie, but funny as hell. Have the best evening ya'll!!!

PS. Here are some pics of my beautiful Malmö.

New Shit

My new table...
...with the new lamp...
...and drawer from Kartell...
...finally, the pillows by Arne Jacobsen.
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