The Hair

I am honest to the karma God really happy about my hair. It feels like it just fixes itself ;P Thanx Ida!!!


I went to Caliban in Malmö. And the very pretty Malin has re-done the window at the store. If you look closely to the left end you can see me!! Ego as I am, I got really exited. But it took me a while before I saw it. I believe that there's a little blond boy that lives inside me ;P

Zgander Christmas List

A piece of my Christmas List

Bally Curling

These shoes are the warmest shoes in the world (or at least I like to think so). They are only sold in Sweden cause the are considered ugly in other parts of the world. Handmade in raw rubber, suede and an inside of fur, they keep warm even when it's super cold. They retail at SEK2995 and you can get them at . I have them and love them ;P


My sister Helena got Kleerup's CD, and it was great, I liked all of the songs, very much electro pop meets the Sthlm sound. The most famous songs are the collabs that he made with Robyn, Marit Bergman, Titiyo and Lykke Li. Buy it!!!

Piece of Ice

Good morning to y'all! I have had a great weekend. My sister's party was great and yesterday was a very comfy day ;P The party was more like a family gathering with ca. 50 people and we had a great time. The food was amazing and the cakes even better. I helped my brother-in-law with the chicken. I love how stylish my cousins and family are. Me and Hjalmar went to the city scanning the shops for a RalphLauren sweater, but we never found one. So instead we went to Zgander and Hjamlmar bought a suit from J.Lindeberg, a shirt from Caliban and he got a tie as a gift. I didn't buy anything. Then we had lunch at this place in the city. This was all before the party.

Today, when I left the house, I almost missed the bus. But with a small stroke of luck it stopped and I got on. Then when I sat down I realized that something was dripping down on me and it was really cold on the bus. It was water. So when I got up my ass was wet. The entire seat was drenched in water!!! My ass was soo cold and I still went to work. I was just afraid to get sick, but my biggest fear was what if it was pee? It wasn't thank God. But can you imagine what was going thru my mind? And not only that... with a temperature of minus 3 degrees celsius, I was afraid that my tiny butt was going to freeze into a piece of ice...
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