Happy New Year!!!

This is to all of you!!! Isabella & Rune, Karin & Sebastien, Kevin, Brian, Joseph, Maria, The Ant, Anna & Martin, Ida & John, Brieuc, The Fashionisto, Melissa LaO, Melissa Dizon, Wax and the list goes on. I love all of you guys ;P

The 30s

There were many things that was amazing in the 30s. Somehow the current world situation is very similar. The Kreuger Crash and the Finacial Crisis, the war on booze and the war on drugs, the search for glam and the amazing clothes. Oh the clothes in the 30s were soooo cool. Even though people had no money they invented their own style... but at the same time they copied the biggest stars alive. Everyone had so little, but still more than most folks have today. Why am I writing about this... well I just saw Chicago. I have seen it before, but you must admit... it's a very well done movie...

Prada Kuala Lampur

This new Prada store in Kuala Lampur has the most amazing store front. Very grapic and stylish. Futuristic in its own way. You should see the ones in Milano... boring... exept for the one in the Galleria. That is the most beautiful one of them all.


Rugby Ralph Lauren Holiday 2008 Collection Video from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

Gansevoort South New Year's

I got invited to the Gansevoort New Year's Party... I would love to go but I'm going to be in Sweden. I would have loved to go. Maybe next year ;P

Black Block

I was looking for info on André Saraiva and his clubs and clothing line. There is only one store that sell his clothes and that's BlackBlock in Paris. This store seems very artsy and I like it. Special items from artists from all over the world. Go and check their website. It's in french by the way...

Raf by Raf Simons

These are my new Raf sneakers. You can't really see much since my camera sucks, but it gives an idea on how they look. I adore these. I got them for Christmas. I realised that I haven't shown what I got for Christmas, but here is one of the gifts.

Mid-Days-Sale in Malmö

As I said a couple of days ago, I got a lot of gift cards for Christmas. Yesterday, I went shopping. But.....but.....I was about to flip out. The sales are on and they have lowered prices a lot. Some all the way down to 70%. I got a pair of boots from Zara, sneakers from Raf and a t-shirt and three sweaters from Weekday. Weekday was the worst. I swear to the Karma Gods that I had to stand in line for 40 minutes just to pay. But it was sooooo worth it. Then me and Erik went to eat something at VESPA, I devoured a pizza in less than 5 minutes, and after that we saw "Australia". The beginning was like an A-movie with a B-script. Then it shaped up.
Look at the picture from Weekday's dressing room... it was over-filled when I entered. Looked like shit. Ohh, at 20:40 we went to the MAXI store close to our house and the weirdest thing was going on.. For the first time in my life one of these huge stores were empty. It's like if you went to a Wall-Mart and no one was there. I have never seen anything like this before.


I want to post pictures of my dad, but he doesn't want to. But here comes my mom. I love my mom for being as hilarious as she is. We always have fun together, shop, play card games and she cooks such good food. By the way, did you know that Martha Stewart's parents were from Poland?! That acctually makes sense, cause all the Polish women that I know are like Martha without even knowing it. Mom, I love and adore you, you too dad. You are the best and I will see you today!!!

New Watch

I got a watch from my dad. It's made in the USSR and apparently is a Communist watch. Funny how I'm not really (voted for the liberals in Sweden), but isn't it cool?! I adore old watches that look like this!!! Did you guys know that I have one rule about watches? I can't use a watch that goes on batteries. It has to be automatic...

Crazy Days

So these last few days has been soft until yesterday. I have been eating a lot of bad things and been drinking lots of Amaretto, beer and wine. I've watched movies, read the third book of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and enjoyed my L'uomo Vogue (need to stay in tune with my Italian).

I tried to look good but you know... Stephi gave me one of her t-shirts and dad one of his workout pants. I looked weird but man was it nice. On Stephi's t-shirt is a text that translates to "The girl of the day" and I couldn't stop laughing about it when she gave it to me. She responded "Well it's close enough Miss Paolo".

Good Morning!

And merry Christmas to all of you! We had a great night yesterday and I wasn't allowed to touch a computer (it's very hard when you have a blog). We ate ribs and some other things. Watched movies and "The New Adventures of Old Christine".

Today, me and my mom are going to the city to run some errands. And I need to work out as well, I'm loosing weight fast now. This is due to all the crap that I'm eating. Hope that all of you have had a great Christmas and that the rest of you celebrate today, I hope that you will get all that you wished for.

Mille Baci!!!

The Duchess

On Sunday we are going to go and see the Duchess. She was the British version of Marie Antoinette. Also, Lady Diana was her very descendent and their lives had many similarities.


I just bought www.paolosavi.com !!! Yeah!!!

Sjaak Hullekes S/S 09

Why has no one told me about this brand? I get an e-mail from them and now I want ALL of their clothes!!!! The Dutch know their fashion ;P

P.S. Link to their blog is on the right side of my blog.

Merry Christmas!

Here comes some pics from Saturday when we were at my sister's and my brother-in-law. He forced me to sit in his lap...LOL! So stupid and I look like a midget ;P

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Spring 09

Source: www.kanyewest.com www.burberry.com

Chanel Mobile Art

The show is over. It's now cancelled and Chanel will focus on their growth. I'm not happy about this since I love Chanel and their love for art and culture.

source: www.wwd.com

Bill Blass Couture

Bill Blass Couture is no more. The company has closed and 60 employees have lost their jobs. This economic crisis is hitting the fashion industry fast now.

Source: www.wwd.com

Giorgia - Marzo

Merry Christmas

Hey y'all!!!! We all had a blast yesterday. Ate some typical Swedish Christmas food or not. We had turkey, Polish potato salad (my mom is from Gdansk), salmon and other things as well. We started with some cold Glühwein with a slash of orange. Then we ate. After that we opened gifts and laughed like crazy. Hjalmar was Mr. Santa ;P and the doggy had a little santa dress and on it it said "Santa's little helper". I got shopping at Weekday and at Spirit. Can't wait, I need some relaxing shopping. Oh and I got "Stepford Wives" the original one. The one with Nicole Kidman is a joke.

Today's outfit

I'm on my way to celebrate my first Christmas. I'm just wearing easy comfy clothes. Very basic. Gotta go now. Mille baci a tutti ;P

Jag är påväg att fira min första jul. På mig har jag enkla mysiga kläder. Väldigt basic. Måste sticka nu. Mille baci a tutti ;P

Brandy - Warm it up


My oh my! We had a great time!!! It was a lot of fun. This party was huge and we all were laughing and having soooooo much fun. Every table was a part of a team, my team was called "Santa's little helpers" so we had to have little santa hoods! Me and Elisabeth were dancing like crazy and so did everyone else ;P

And as promised here comes some pics from 03:00 and on Elisabeth.


I'm off again to another Christmas party! Gonna be fun!! Can't wait to see everyone that's coming and my dear Ildi! We are gonna have a great laugh!!! I will post pics tomorrow! And also tomorrow will be my first day of celebrating Christmas with my sister and brother-in-law. Going to be great.

Så idag blir det en till julfest! Det kommer att bli kul!! Alltid kul att träffa vänner och min käara Ildi! Vi kommer att skratta mycket och det vet du!!! Kommer att posta bilder imorgon. Också, i morgon så kommer jag att fira min första jul med min syster och svåger. Längtar ;P

Bottega Veneta Stockholm

Coming next year BV is going to open a store in Stockholm. This is great , but they will not sell clothes as it seems for now. But still it's always something. And for the record, Copenhagen got their store a couple of years ago. But then who really cares if the folks in Cph are richer then the Swedes ;P Enjoy Stockholm...

Nästa år så kommer Stockholm att få en BV butik. Detta är jätte bra men dom kommer inte att sälja kläder. Men det kan ju ändras. Och bara så att ni vet så fick Köpenhamn sin BV butik för några år sedan. Men vem bryr sig om Köpenhamnarna är rikare än svenskarna ;P Enjoy Stockholm...


Hedi Slimane for Prada

Hedi Slimane is the photographer for Prada's spring summer 09 campaign. His signature style is very present especially with the beautiful boys.

Source: http://www.wwd.com/

Flipping out

Today has been a special day. I and one of my very best friends had a fight and usually I don't respond to name calling. But today this person had enough of me and said "you have a problem and you are a fucking shopaholic! You can't handle money!!!" I froze. I was speechless. What was I supposed to say? Cause it's true in one way. I never shop on credit, but yes I am a shopaholic. Afterwards, I was so quiet and just...empty. But, here is the thing, is it really a bad thing to be addicted to shopping? I don't think so. Anyhow, I flipped out later on and then I called my friend and said "you are right, but fuck you ;P"

Chanel Mens A/W 09

Melissa Dizon

I adore this designer. Not only does she design very nice clothes but she is thinking about the environment too. So make sure to support her and her amazing clothes and all of us by buying Eairth. Also, how good looking is this woman?!! Hot!

Urbanoutfitters Cardigan

I found this really neat grey/white cardigan from Urbanoutfitters. It retails at USD90. Cheap and nice.

Jag fann denna riktigt snygga grå/vita cardigan hos Urbanoutfitters. Den kostar USD90. Billig och snygg.


Jag vet att jag borde skriva mer på svenska...men...det är lite svårt att byta från engelska. Ska bli bättre på det, speciellt när jag upptäckt att 70% av mina läsare är från just från svealand ;P

Tom Ford S/S 09

I am speechless...I want all of these clothes. Tom Ford is the best. I love him. This reminds me of old school Italian style from the 50s and 60s. When Rome and Milano were free from waste (I'm talking about trashy people etc.) and you sat at a café at Piazza Navona and the old Swedish King would drive up to next to you in his blue Rolls Royce. Marcello Mastroianni would wear Ford's clothes if he was alive today...

Source: http://www.cafe.se/ http://www.tomford.com/

Erik & Nouran

Look at them!!!! They look amazing. This was taken at the Demo party last week.


Today I wore boots, jeans and two grandpa sweaters. One from H&M and the other from BruunsBaazar.

I dag hade jag på mig boots, jeans och två farfars tröjor. En från H&M och den andra från BruunsBaazar.

H&M Home - more more and more

Here comes more from H&M's Home collection. It's divided into 4 parts. I like it and I want to work for them ;P But no more textiles for me...

Source: http://www.designspongeonline.com/2008/12/hm-home.html

Raf Simons + Jil Sander

So now Raf is doing jeans for Jil Sander. The pieces are going to be slim and very tailored. But I feel that the fashion level here isn't as hyped as it is with ACNE+Lanvin. I like the jeans but I have issues with the extremely dark color, I would never in my life wear a jacket that's made out of jeans. I used to have a classic jeans jacket that I got in Rome at D&G, but that was then (90s) and this is now...

ACNE + Lanvin

Yes and this is the pictures from ACNE and Lanvin. It looks much better here then it did on the catwalk. The prices range from SEK3000 up to SEK5000. It was presented today at Acnes headoffice.

Source: Daniels modeblogg http://www.cafe.se/

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