Toni Braxton

I have always loved Toni. Her music is extremely sensual and gives a certain comfort. She has a new song out and it's called "Melt". She deserves more credit than she gets... with a voice and a body like that, it's a shame she isn't more famous than she is...


Calvin Klein 2009

Made by Steven Meisel...tres hot...

Trends Colors Men A/W 09/10

In the mist of all the black and the grey, there are some accent colors that spice up the darkness for next fall. Pink was most present, but any strong color will do.

Photos from Marcio Maderia

Maison Martin Margiela A/W 09/10

Photos: Marcio Maderia. Source:

Trends A/W 09/10 milano

There were at least one shiny piece of clothing in every collection. Some looked better than others. Prada made the best v-neck sweaters that had a shiny feel to them. Dell Aqua's jacket is a little too much. Or?

Photos: Marcio Maderia. Source:

Wood Wood A/W 09/10

Photos from

Spring outfit

Here's a good outfit for spring. All the clothes are from H&M, shoes from Asos and bag Dior. The combo is very light, and the touch of grey I felt was good to balance out the pastel colors.

Tiger of Sweden A/W 09/10

Photos from

Whyred A/W 09/10

Photos from

Cheap Monday A/W 09/10

Photos from

In tha elevata

Today...jeans HelmutLang, belt Gucci, sweater BruunsBazaar, shoes Raf, t-shirt CheapMonday and jacket Use.

Hope A/W 09/10

Photos from

Sebastic Loafer

This is my new substitute for my Helmut Lang loafers. I have looked like crazy for something to replace them and I have a winner now. Sleek and very classy.

Unconditional at ASOS

Now we can shop Unconditional at and prices range from £64 to around £150.

Scott Shuman Stlm Fashion Week

Look who is on the other side of the camera for once.

Erase and Rewind

I'm heading to bed now. Sooo freaking tired you have no clue. The train home was late due to a fire that was too close to the tracks, so they had to redirect the trains. Then we couldn't enter Lund due to problems with technology, so they had to pull the train backwards and then re-enter Lund to continue to Malmö. Then this really weird dude was super happy that I was going on the same bus as him that he sat next to me and started to sing, while he was looking at me. He had some kind of mental ilness... and that's true. He usually stands in GA-Square in the summers singing and dancing like crazy...and that makes him happy. It makes no sense but this day was loooong, that I wish I could "Erase and rewind" it. I also found out some really stupid shit that someone did out of love for me, and now I feel embaressed to the point that I can't go to certain places. I know that I shouldn't care...but trust would if the same happened to you.

Happy Birthday MyManyBags & Kevin!

Have a great one for your blogs first birthday;P Kisses from Paolo

J.Lindeberg A/W 09/10

Photos: Mathias Nordgren. Source:

ACNE A/W 09/10

Source and photo: Agnes B

Victor & Rolf A/W 09/10

Photo: Courtesy of Viktor & Rolf Source:

Family elevator pictures

Me today

Me and my cousin Martin

My sister Helena and my brother-in-law Hjalmar


I was really tired today. I had to get up at 05:00 just to be in time for work. The day itself was calm and tomorrow I was supposed to go to Sthlm to see the Hope show, but since the company that I work for is restructuring I have to be's equal for everyone but I don't mind at all. We all need to help out. That is also why I couldn't go to the Sjaak and Sebastic shows today in Amsterdam. But there is always a next time.
This is how I looked in the moring. I was so out of it, but tried to look as good as I could. Lol. To lift myself a little after work, I went to Espresso House before getting on the train home to get some coffee. Look at my nose when I was is big. Lol...
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