Gutten morgen ;P

So I had to head to the office quite early today. I spent yesterday packing and coordinating what to bring with me. Here's the thing, thanks to super coordination of what I am going to bring to Dubai my bag was half full! But I'm going to look tres tres cool. Super pleased with my clothes. Soooooo I'm leaving later on and am so happy that I'm going.

Also some news... Gareth Pugh is according to Grazia, taking over Dior Hommes after Kris Van Assche. This was apparently just because Delphine Arnault sat at his debut show and now he is entering the LVHM empire.


New designs, ASOS and Tres Bien Shop

Asos and TresBienShop have updated their websites. Asos has the same base as before but somehow much easier to navigate. TresBienShop still has some work to do. But at least it looks good ;P

The YSL Auction

Dubbed the auction of the century, 7 artists sold for new records. The YSL collection was the highest selling auction in history with sales reaching a staggering 206 million euros. A piece from Henri Matisse was sold for 32 million euros and brought out a sea of applauds. China wanted back a couple of statues and sculptures that were stolen during Opium wars, but Pierre Bergé said that he would only return them if China would leave Tibet alone and accept the human rights and make them a part of the Republic of China.

Mango for men - Red Loafers

I have a thing for loafers and these in red are AMAZING. Available at Mango stores. What the price is, I have no clue.


I usually never plan my trips and what I'm supposed to do when I get there. My friends are giving tips on what bars to go to and where to chill out. One place that I really need to see is the Neos at The Adress. It's on 63:d floor and is very stylish. Apparently not tacky at all. Then we will be hitting this bar at the Jumeriah Beach Hotel that one of my readers recommended and if I'm not wrong you can also smoke shisha there. One of my favourite places to smoke shisha in Dubai was in the old part of Bur Dubai by the creek. I saw many locals there. The third place that has an amazing atmosphere is The Royal Mirage and their Shisha Courtyard.

Other places that you will be seeing me at is The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Grosvenor House and the BuddhaBar, The Lime Tree Cafe at Jumeriah Beach, The Mall of the Emirates, Wild Wadi, the beach and many other places...

Also Kingmagazine had a great Dubai special and there it says that PuroBeach is opening up next to the Ritz at Dubai Marina. I hope that it's open when I get there.

No more Number (N)ine

NumberNine is no more after next fall. The A/W collection for 09/10 was the last one.


Getting ready

I'm leaving on Wednesday and I'm going from work directly to Cph, so I will have no time for packing. Today before leaving for work, I started to take out clothes and pack. I always make outfits for every day so I will not overpack and also so that I only take 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. Since Dubai has a daily temperature of 25-29 degrees celsius, I am only bringing a little. Or at least to my standards. Can't wait to go. Gotta leave for work now.

Clean clean clean

So I have been at it today. The cleaning thing that is. New art is up in the bedroom from Enzo Mari...I know I know...all the art is from Mr. Mari. Not true, next to the easy chair is some art from EBoy and a poster from Wallpaper. I know that the quality sucks but I will fix my camera. Soon. By the way, what do you think about if I painted the wall behind the bed black?

More music

I'm cleaning...need music...

Some Sunday music


Rizzo are re-opening their store in Malmö! Great for us who live there. I already got my Rizzo Clubcard and right now I'm just waiting for the store to open...

Michael Kors A/W 09/10

This collection had all the trends from Milano, Mr. Kors did a great job and I must say that his style is more Milanese this year than New York.

Source: Photos: Marcio Madeira

Kanye West f. Santogold & Lykke Li - Gifted

In the elevator

The snow is still coming down. I'm tired after a looooong day at work. Since it's snowing and very very cold I have tons of clothes on today. The cardigan is one of my favorites. It's handmade by and old woman in Zakopane in Poland way back in the 80s. My dad never wore it, so he gave it to me. Well well, I'm going to watch the last episode of "The City" and take it easy tonight. Have a pleasant eveing y'all.

H&M Commercials

H&M makes amongst the best commercials in the world. I have always loved them.

Giorgio Brato - Bag

This bag from Giorgio Brato is the hottest bag I have seen... right now at least. It retails at €250. It's available at TheCorner. I want it...

H&M - Bed


The Corner (powered by ) has a huge range of really nice clothes. I found this Assche t-shirt and right now I'm thinking. How much do I really need it? I don't need anything, but I do like it. Super simple but still... hot.

ASOS - bags & belts

GQ and actor Hugh Dancy

One of my favourite blogs show this amazing editorial. This is how I see Italy. But unfortunately it's not really like this. But still, great pictures and styling.

Roger Vivier going Pipi

Bruni Frisoini has made a very particular shoe for Roger Vivier. My dad keep on telling me stories of the extremely expensive shoes from Mr. Vivier that he made for the royals last century and it seems that that fashion is coming back. With a little bird. They cost SEK370000 and someone will probably buy them... or what do you think?

Helmut Lang A/W 09/10

Source: Photos: Courtesy of Helmut Lang


I just got up and put on a pot of coffee. Then I looked out and shit... it is still snowing. It has been for the last couple of days and it seems like it's going to continue for some time. I hate this, and you can't really look good when it's -8 degrees celcius. My outfit from yesterday isn't really special at all and as you can see, I'm wearing my Ballys. Now it feels like I have to pull out my HUGE jacket from Peak and smack on the fur on the hood as well. Does anyone know where the sun has gone? I thought that global warming made everything warmer, but as it seems, it's supa dupa cold in northern Europe.

P.S. Here is a stupid video that I found from October. Lol.


Zgander 70% Sale

BruunsBazaar - Details S/S 09

These 3 great items from BZR for S/S 09. The boots in leather in light grey with the really slim sole are tres cool. The shorts are back from last year and I am hoping H&M will make them again, otherwise hit BZR.

My House

These are some of the things that have been bought for the house. Almost all of the screen prints are from Enzo Mari, Grass from Normann Copenhagen and Tivoli Audio Model one. Someone has great taste and it isn't me! Great job Erik!

Marc Jacobs A/W 09/10

Source: Photos: Marcio Madeira

Trovata A/W 09/10

One of the best collections for A/W 09/10. I love it.

Source: Photos: Marcio Madeira

Mina x 3

I'm going to bed soon. Super tired and just want to sleep some. I have been taking it easy today and work was easy. Got home ate some and just went straight to the TV. Now I'm going to listen to some music and old-school Mina is on my list. God I miss Italy!!!!

Bags A/W 09/10

The bags for A/W 09/10 are big and simple. Leather is the way to go.

Source: Photos: Don Ashby & Matteo Volta

Michael Bastian A/W 09/10

He has better shoes in the show this season, thank the Karma God for that...

Source: Photos: Marcio Madeira

Lady GaGa - Love Game

I'm sickly obsessed with all kind of electro-pop music!
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