Matthew Williamson + H&M

I found this really cool editorial. Polish one and for those who have read the post before the correction, this isn't the ad. But still AWESOME! This is the future! I want a robot like that ;P BTW, thanx Jay for the info ;P

Burberry Sport S/S 09

This collection is really nice. I dress like this from time to time and never heard about it before. Well, a big thanx to Daniel at .

Source and pictures:


It's on! Just wait and see. But until it's ready...I will post some stuff. I miss posting almost 24/7 everyday...SO here's some music.

Salone del Mobile 09

Coming up the 22 - 27 of April, the biggest design event in the world. Tres cool and this is why I love Milano!!! Well this isn't the only reason...but still ;P

The three friends

Today I will get three great friends from Italy as my guests for a long weekend. I am really exited! They are super sweet and sooooo much fun. Will take pictures and post them. Talk to y'all soon!

Olivier Theyskens fired from Nina Ricci

Yes he is and Anna Wintour is not happy. Now they say that he will probably start his own brand. But who knows, maybe Wintour has a different plan for him...

Source: Agnes at


These Persols are my dads. He bought them 20 years ago and wore them 3 times! So they are mine now, but only on one condition. That I will get him a pair like these with black glass. Lucky me! Anyhow, gotta get ready for a test for a underwear campaign...

H&M Dressing Room

Yesterday I felt that I would just get something really really small. I tried on a double sided t-shirt. It was nice but I have way too many t-shirts.

Then I tried this shirt and I got it.

Finally, I decided to take an outfit picture. Sweater Filippa K, pants Whyred, sneakers Raf and tank top Intimissimi.

Fashion Lollipops

I found these fashion lollipops. Something for the hyper fashionisto/fashionista. They are a part of a series by Massimo Gammacurta. Tres cool.

Coco Chanel the trailer

Remember when I talked about the movie about Coco Chanel? Well now there's a trailer. It's looks good and hopefully it will be good as well...but who knows...

Swedish preppy

Shoes, shorts, Acne picture from Daniel, sweatshirt


I had a what I like to call "small" workday. So I left work early and went to Malmö to fix some things. I ended up shopping. Yes I know, don't really need it. Took some pictures and going to post them later tonight.

Later on I went to see Watchmen. It was a very good movie, but oh so dark. It reflects very well on how we as a human race are. Go and see it, but man is it long. Almost three hours. Big ups for our Swedish born star Malin Akerman. Good job!


I have been washing clothes and other things this whole Sunday. It's no fun at all. Anyhow, I have spent this weekend recovering from being sick. Yesterday, I slept almost the entire day and then later that night I actually saw that disgusting "Melody Gran Prix" Swedish final. Such load of crap. I realized why I didn't watch it last year and all of the pre-shows. Honestly one of the worst shows on the planet. One fun thing though...the worst song won and no one expected that to happen. I couldn't stop laughing.

Now I have to continue to clean and I was trying on another of my new pairs of shorts. I love them. Usually I don't wear shorts, but these are great. Mille baci.

Soooooooooooooo funny!!! This song makes no sense at all!!!! Lol.

Saturday conversation

Me and Karin talkins and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Holla to Dubai!

H&M Shorts

So I got my shorts yesterday and they have a perfect fit. Love em and now I don't need to shop more shorts, or do I? Lol. Also got a new pair of Whyred pants in dark blue.

New Design

Caliban in Malmö Sweden has updated their website

Double sight

I have been starring into a computer for way too long. I'm acctually starting to see double now. Kinda funny. Also tres tres tired. I slept so badly last night. Spent the night on my parents' couch and even though it's super comfy and huge, it felt so uncomfortable. My sister's dog was there as well and the little doggy wanted to sleep with me or just imagine how I feel now...anyhow gotta work.

YSL A/W 09/10

Fine and Dandy

Swim shorts

Summer is going to come to Europe and North America soon. For you that live in warmer countries you're lucky. I'm trying to find some good looking swim shorts and Asos won the price. The fit and price is great. This model comes in blue and brown. Second, is the Orlebar brown Bulldog. The model is perfect, but the price...£120...not so good. Anyhow, both are available at The Asos model is called Stitch Detail and retails at £15.75.

Blue outfit

Hello hey!

I'm feeling much much better. But still I hate being sick and my nose is still acting up. I want to thank all of you who mailed me and commented on my sickness. Tres nice. I felt so unsexy. Have you ever thought about that? Having a cold or being sick makes you nasty. I didn't feeling like doing anything at all. And I mean ANYTHING. I was at home watching all kinds of crap TV in my chill out clothes and laying in my sofa. Also, the amount that I was sweating... disgusting. LOL. But yesterday I felt like...enough! So I fixed myself, I shaved, showered and made me smell good.

Also I want to thank Victoria Silvsted for keeping me company ;P Kidding, I was watching her show. She is hilarius. Then I watched "Hey Baberibas" satire that they made of her...FUNNY!

COS - Shoes S/S 09

Here are some shoes from COS for S/S 09. They retail from €69 to €99.

Nakkna for Weekday

Since H&M bought Weekday and CheapMonday, their stores can't sell other brands. But to solve this problem they are making collaborations instead. First out was Carin Wester and now the 11th of March we will see Weekdays Nakkna collab. They are very true to their graphic and minimalist style.

Source: Agnes at


Sorry guys for not writing. I have been really sick and still am. But I really want to go to work tomorrow. Don't like doing nothing. To fill up my time yesterday and this weekend I watched movies. I started with "Valkyrie" and must say that it was a good movie. I hate to admit it, but Tom Cruise did a good job. This was difficult for me to say due to certain things. I also watched Guy Ritchies "RocknRolla" and I liked it. Typical style of movie for him and also...I saw something that made me think. People have been on him for not liking gay people. But are we really sure that that might not have been pure bullshit? Cause one of the main carachters comes out as gay and also the dialog around that particular issue is exactly how most straight guys react when things like this comes out. Great job Mr. Ritchie with the movie. The final film was "Bedtimestories". Fun for kids, but as always Adam Sandler has done a money movie that is crap. A time filler if you will.

I also want to dedicate this post to someone that has been an inspiration to me for a very long time. As a kid I got my first Wallpaper magazine at the age of 15. I was so taken by it I there and then decided to become a designer. The founder of the magazine was Tyler Brüle. This person has a mind that is unlike any other. He, according to me, reintroduced, old school luxury, subtle class and awareness to the world. Wallpaper was a ground breaking magazine. After a couple of years it got sold to TimeWarner and eventually Mr Brüle left. He went on to do TV, marketing and finally Tyler created a new magazine. Monocle was first published in march 2007 and has come out on a regular basis. It is on it's third volume and issue 21. I can sense that Monocle is the evolution of Wallpaper. A perfect example is the merchandising aspect. With Wallpaper he really tried and almost succeded, but with Monocle he has managed to create a full line of bags, a perfume and scented candle, note books and attire together with brands such as Commes Des Garcons, Valextra and Porter. Also there is now a Monocle Store in London. Keep up the amazing job Tyler Brüle. Go to for more information.


So I was having this discussion. The discussion started with "Paolo, don't you miss your fan-ta-bu-les" life?" My answer was "You bet your ass I do". But, and a very BIG but, I love my life as it is right now. Isn't it funny how we, people, are never satisfied with our lives? We always want more and more and more. And even when we try to make ourselves belive that we are happy with our life, we are lying thru our teeth. Like crazy.

Even though my job is super calm, I try hard to do other things as well. This blog, my dear loving blog, takes up a lot of time. I try to travel and hangout with my friends. My party days are on what I like to call "at a freeze" at the moment. I prefer to just chill out with a good glas of wine and talk. It might be age that is hitting me. Or I'm just...just...not feeling it.

My little sister is one of the most honest people and she told this the other day "I would go crazy if I had your job!!! I need action, ALWAYS PAOLO!!!!!" That was the second thing that triggered this whole life thing. There are many things that I still want to do. I want to travel more, see more of Asia, learn French, meet and interview Karl Lagerfeld, Kanye West, Anna Wintour, Tyler Brüle and the list goes on...I also would like to learn how to speak German perfectly and finally design and create a hotel. Oh how cool would it be to get cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsey...he would tell me to, that's right, fuck off.

Ok enough of this no sense thinking. Have to lie down, I am sick. Have gotten a cold. Might be all of the aircondition in Dubai or the freaking cold weather in Scania. Sleep thight y'all...

The Adress Dubai

We spent our last night at The Adress Dubai. It's one of the absolute most stylish hotels in the Emirates. Not tacky at all and has a very calming effect. The views from Neos are AMAZING since the only thing higher than this tower in Downtown is the Burj Dubai. I look like a complete retard in the photo but at least I had great company and the drink was tres good. Chin chin y'all ;P


Robyn & Royksopp - The Girls and The Robot

Robyn and Röyksopp = perfect combo!!!

Dubai - JBR Walk Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina and JBR Walk was my favorite area in Dubai. We all started of with breakfast at Le pain Qotidien and then with some shopping and finally before leaving we spread off to my favourite Dubai store, Boutique1. The people there are super nice, the interiors are amazing and I want to live in that store. They have a second one in the Emirates Boulevard. We had some freshly squeezed juice in their café befor heading home. The funniest thing was that the walk had outdoor aircondition!!! Crazy. And the view out towards the Palm was unreal.

The Atlantis at the Palm Jumeirah

Dubai - Mall of the Emirates

Second day we headed out to the Mall of the Emirates. It had a better vibe than The Dubai Mall, also all the stores were open. Karin shopped until she dropped, I got that bag and Erik got nothing. As we did every day, we got snacks from Cinnabun. I love that place. It actually made me forget about KrispyCreams and DunkinDonuts. We don't have that in Sweden...and I bet you that we never will. A pitty...Lol. The weirdest thing in this mall was the ski dome... this 400m long monster in the middle of the desert.

We passed the HUGE Burj Dubai every day. I love it.

H&M Summer Shorts

H&M has these really great shorts for summer. I missed out on buying them last year, but I got all of these 4 colors today. Finally...

Available at H&M around the globe and at H&M online shop (source & pictures )
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