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The age of marketing

After the finacial crisis I have noticed something really interesting. In order to ensure that one stands out in a crowd, we are desperately trying very hard to be seen. If you aren't seen then you don't exist or as we are currently seeing...the ones that everyone had their eyes on are slowly disappearing in front of all of us.

So we all want to be special. We try hard to have a particular style, to be good at everything that we do and to be environmentally friendly. The city that defines this is Dubai. This city has built everything that is the biggest, most amazing and tallest in the world and then came the crisis and BOOOOOOM, thousands of projects are now offically on hold. But I must say that I didn't really notice their problems when I was visiting. Like a person, Dubai always puts on a smile and tries to hide and fix the problems. It will take time, but a nice outfit and a big smile can make anyone belive that you are on top of your game.

When it comes to bloggers, we strive very hard to be special. Some manage very well and get a constant flow of readers, others...well they have very jumpy flows. A favorite of mine is "The Fashionisto" and from what I can tell he has a constant growth, which is due to constant coverage of strictly male fashion. Almost like the Wikipedia of Male fashion. Then you have the big boys like "Hypebeast" "Selectism" "KanyeWest" "PerezHilton" and let's not forget about the Swedish girls. These women pull in a staggering number of over 2 million visitors weekly, and they are only 4 women that manage that. The most famous one is "Blondinbella". She is extremely clever and market herself like really well. She gets invited to countless debate shows, 'Dancing with the Stars' and she has been in tons of magazines and newspapers. The same goes for Kanye West. It almost feels like he markets himself thru music to do other creative projects. His blog is very big and he now also designs sneakers for Louis Vuitton.

This is what companies that are on the break of bankruptcy should do. They should reinvent themselves, do something out of the ordinary and market thru blogs and the mouth to mouth method. The same goes for industrial regions and countries around the globe. For instance, SAS, Scandinavian Airlines Systems, are amongst one of the companies that need to refresh themselves. I like them a lot, but everyone that works there feel sooooo old. However, they are marketing themselves more than before and hopefully they will be able to make it. Honestly, nothing against older people but...when I'm on an airplane I want it to be like it's on Emirates Airlines. Young fresh people that take care of me and when it comes to times like have to do whatever it takes to survive. Be creative ;P
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