WHYRED by Jonas Nobel

This limited collection by Nobel for Whyred is really funny. I like it and is available online at Whyred. 20 mirrors, 20 umbrellas and 300 scarves are for sale. Tres chic.

Chanel Fiole - Concept Car Design

This is a concept car designed by Jinyoung Jo for Chanel. This is the ultimate car for a fashionista, even though I prefer Maserati or Fiat 500 ;P

TresBienShop - Free Shipping

Gutten morgen ;)

I am sooooo tired. Had the strangest dreams and I'm really hungry. Need to eat. The sun is shining but as most of us, I have to work today, and it's really warm outside...talk later y'all ;P

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 09 by Steven Klein

I want to pay tribute to D&G. This campain for s/s 09 by Steven Klein made me think of the sleek and amazing films by Fellini. Amo Dolce & Gabbana, siete meravigliosi!


I need a laugh and I want to see a bad movie! "The House Bunny" is on my list and has hit dvd in Sweden now. Love Anna Faris ;P

P.S. Sometimes everybody needs to allow themselves to have bad taste ;P

Today's outfit

Walking to my parents house. Got my new COS bag ;P

PaoloSavi @ Swide

I found myself on Swide magazine! Tres super cool!


Refined by Bobbie Burns 09

Refined by Bobbie Burns

I had a reader that asked me where you could buy Refined by Bobbie and Urbana sell them even for countries outside Sweden. Check it out!

Pour Autumn 09 by Robert Berggren

As almost every collection for this fall Pour is going dark, simple and sleek. It's all very wearable.



I LOOOOOOVE Antwerpen! The people was so extremely nice to me and I got photographed by the Fashion School. Tres cool! That city had toooo much fashion going on for its size. Dries van Noten's store was really old school and the Yamamoto store was extremely big. You can find just about anything there. I only shopped some things for my bathroom. The MoMu or Fashion Museum was nice but small. I took some pictures there, I don't really know if I could. We had dinner at Reflectoir, this restaurant, well you have to just go there. Tres chic and you get a lot for your money. I ordered Green Pepper Chicken...here's the thing, I got half a chicken! Miss Sheniqs...they knows us ;P One of the men there looked like old school Aiden from Sex and the City. Funny!


The first two days I spent wandering around Brussels and eating at some very nice restaurants. I also vent to the farmer's market close to Avenue Louise and the Generali Tower. The park there was really green and the food...tres nice. My style was simple and comfortable. Nothing really special. A lot of COS, Whyred, H&M and Filippa K.

The Grande Place was nice but there were too many tourists. St. Catherine was much better and had some really good stores and cafés. Oh, and if you go try to find the Stijl (or at least I think that's the name) store, they had Raf, Kris Van Aschen and many more. I got a COS bag ;P

Wella Trend Vision Award

My favorite Ida is one of 5 finalists in the Wella Trend Vision Award!!!!! I really hope that she wins...I know that she will ;P I'm so happy that she is the one that cuts my hair!!!!



Concept in Helsingborg has reopened their webshop under a new name, Yokiono. Really nice and simple with loads of Scando brands. Visit them! One of my sisters ADORE their shop...


Rouge Tomate

My second day in Brussels, I and my friends went to the "Rouge Tomat" on Avenue Louise. It had very plesant interior and I liked that all (or almost) employees had red clothes on. The food was amazing and my wine was a perfect match. Try it... P.S. You can also find the resturant in New York.



I'm am BACK! tonight I will post some pictures and some nice posts will come on during the day! I have missed the blog! Mille baci!!!!


Hi guys!! I'm having agreat time here in Belgium. I'm staying in Vaterloo and have been to Brussels now twice. I've seen a lot of nice things and got a new bag from COS. We have been to some tres nice restaurants and seen some great places. I love it!!! And best of all the Belgians are so nice people.

Tomorrow, Antwerpen and their Fahion Museum. Sooooo now I really have to go to bed. I had an Italian tartar that was sooooo nice. Ok...night night and thousands of kisses.

PS. I'm going to try and find Sjaaks and Sebastics' clothes in Antwerpen tomorrow ;)

Moroso Salone Del Mobile 2009

ACNE Sport Jacket

So this new jacket has a very nice emerald color. I hate the combo with those worker pants on the picture, but I like the jacket.


Interni - Salone del Mobile Milano Map

Interni probably has the best map for the Fouri Salone every single year. Now it's online as well, so the visitors can plan their Salone trip from start to end. Tres good ;P

Vintero - Zona Tortona 2009


I slept at my sister's house yesterday, helped her out with some things. Then after dinner I made a dark chocolate mousse. I must say that it was really good. Anyhow, I'm leaving for Brussels tomorrow and I haven't packed. The trip is going to be over a 7 day period, so I really need to pack some stuff.

Gotta get myself organized and fix the rest in my house, so when I come back it's clean and in order. I hate coming home to a messy house. Well I'm going to drink my coffee and then head off to work. Ciao e ci sentiamo dopo!

PS. I'll get you started with some Miguel Migs...

Today's elevator picture

Simple, tone in tone.

New shelf

There is a new shelf from Swedese in the house. And yes I still have a FAT TV!!! LOL. But I'm not in a hurry, gotta find that one that looks perfect with the rest of the interior.

Röyksopp Feat. Karin Dreijer - This Must Be It

My Italian friends

Circa two weeks ago I had three of my old roommates from Milano visiting me. We had a blast. Love them and hope to see them very soon. Baci a voi tutti ;P

Yesterday's outfit

I think that this outfit was tres nice. Warm but still very spring. I had way too much fun with the camera ;P

On the way home

Yesterday on my way home, I met my friend Zarah on the train. Funny as hell and we laughed like crazy.

Gant - Collection

Erik got this sweater from the new Gant Collection. I LOVE IT!!! And I think that I also want it...the 30s feeling is really nice.


Concept + Papi

I didn't know about this. One of the best stores in the Scania Region Concept in Helsingborg have a Club together with Papi. Sound really nice. I'm gonna go next time in May.

Good mornin*

Hey ya'll. I'm up early, went to work 15 min earlier than usual. The sun is shining and man I feel great! I have two fun projects coming up, the blog is still under redevelopment and by this Monday I have one more thing that needs to get ready!!! So much fun. So what are you guys up to today? Ciao ;P


F*ck me H*rd, shit I'm BORED!!!! Wanna go home, someone entertain me somehow!!! LOL!!

Video - Y-3 Spring 2009 Campaign

Source: TheFashionisto

Beckhams at the Sforzesco?

David and Victoria Beckham wanted to buy the Castello Sforzesco in the center of my dear Milano. They said that they acctually would let the museum remain there but insert a recidence for them. But now the Milanese politicians said no. Can you imagine living there? I would love it, tres big ;p

Source: E24

APC Weekend Bags

I saw these really nice weekend bags from APC at TresBienShop. The APC shop is now up and running there. They retail at SEK1595 and SEK2695.

Matthew Williamson + H&M Online now

Matthew Williamson + H&M is now available online. But only for girls...

Yves Saint Laurent + Puma

YSL and Puma have made a collaboration. Daniel at Café showed them today. I'm not to sure about what I think about them. But they would go nice with light blue jeans.

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