Sunday video day

I seem to make no sense when I speak in the videos. We went out with the boat today and it was great! Have look at it.





Lady GaGa - Paparazzi

Thanx Jacob for showing this. Lady GaGa (Italian partents like me, or at least one of them) is now speaking Swedish in her new video ;P Tres cool! He actully screams "Fitta2 at her...which means count. Hilarious!

Paparazzi - Lady GaGa from Emilio Moreno on Vimeo.

Lacroix & Branquinho is no more

Christian Lacroix and Veronique Branquinho has filed their brands for bankrupcy. What a shame.

Source: Daniel at Café Picture:Frillr Lacroix S/S 07


Before I go, I said that I would post pictures on what happens when my wardrobe devours one of my rooms. Well here comes. All this below had to go in...

...with all of this! And this isn't even everything. Tres bad.

But this was weeks ago and I try not to let it happen

Stephi @ Prom

Swedish proms are somewhat different to the ones in the US. Everyone gathers before to show themselves off for the city and get their pictures taken for newspapers, friends and family. My little sis did something radical. She changed her hair color and got bangs. She turned out tres beautiful. Love her to death! Ok gotta work out before work now. Parliamo dopo, baci ;)

New shoes

I just ordered 2 pairs of shoes from Asos. Super cheap. Something like £77.


Yoox - Focus On

Burberry Day + New York

Mayor Bloomberg and the city of New York has declared 28th of May the official Burberry day. Tres funny. Now we just have to wait for Milano to do the same and there will be at least a month every year of official fashion days.

Caran d'Ache of Switzerland

Since I found these amazing crayon pencils from Caran d'Ache on Hypebeast I had to look them up. They have really taken the art of creating to the next level. I was truly amazed! Go and have a look...perfect for designers. They also have acessories as well. Tres nice ;P


Good morning to all of you! I was supposed to write this morning, but I have spent 3 hours with my baby sis and Ida styling her for prom night. She went completely the opposite way compared to all the others. She got a bang, made her hair darker, her makeup is very natural and the dress and shoes are super nice. Very mixed 60s with futurism. Classy I must say. I'll show later. Gotta go now. Baci.

Lanvin + CARAN d’ACHE Pencil Crayons

How cool are these pencils?! I would love to have them, not just because they are in collaboration with Lanvin, but have you seen that color palette? Tres amazing.

Source: Hypebeast

Sjaak Hullekes @ De Bijenkorf

Here comes more. I love the scarfs and especially the white jacket with black details. Tres Dandy ;P

Sjaak Hullekes

Sandra Backlund A/W 09/10 Control-C

Very futuristic and I can imagine that Lady GaGa and Victoria Beckham would wear this.

Agnes B at Rodeo


I got my tickets for Prague today! Can you believe this, I paid ca. 200 dollars for three persons including taxes and fees! Cheap!!!! So I'll be there in July. I have never been there. Can't wait to see my sister and her fiance.

Ok, now I'm going to bed. I am actually looking into going somewhere else as well in July. Two trips would be perfect. Ok buona notte a tutti e sogna di me ;P Kidding.

Tiga - Sunglasses at night

I used to force my friends to listen to this song. Tres cool ;P

CK Calvin Klein Spring 2009

Morning sunshine*

I woke up after the weirdest dream. I saw a girl with a beard that was screaming some really weird things at me. Anyhow, yesterday we (my sis and her husband) had dinner on thier terrace (probably spelled wrong) and lots of wine. I tried to force them to watch "Project Runway" but that didn't really worked out the way that I wanted to.

Something that is boggeling my mind is that I have to workout like crazy. Next week I have a shoot and 1. I'm a head smaller then the other guys and 2. they are all buff like crazy. It kindy stresses me out. But the photographer told me to calm down and get my self a six pack. I'm almost there, but I am still small. Well well, I'll just do my best and hopefully get some amazing photos and I'll show you some behind the scenes pictures. For all of you who love the boys, I will make you really happy. Ha ha ha. Ok, gotta do some situps now.

PS. It's a weird picture, but love the new bag, tres chic ;P

Kris Van Assche Sculpture & Photography Exhibition @ Hyères festival


Sjaak Hullekes @ Bijenkorf

Love the scarf. Tres cool :)These will be sold at Bijenkorf in Arnhem.


Some of these people are incredible stupid and have no clue about things. Bloggers have a little more room to make mistakes in and also write about stupid things, but when you are at a magazine, you always have to think one step a head. Some mistakes are ok, but very rarely. In this show, some are really smart but others are just lost. Why are they in this show?! Maybe to make it more interesting and fun. By the way, when will the second season of "The City" start?


Good moring ;p Sitting here and trying to decide where I'm supposed to go on my vacation. Prague is a very big possibility and Italy is really really nice too. Amsetrdam is also an option. I'm waiting for more info from certain people to make a final decision.

Otherwise, my weekend was calm and nice. I worked on Saturday and was on a very nice dinner. I have to go now. Talk later. Baci

In the elevator

This is what I have been wearing the last two days now. And as you can see one of my new bags, jeans and sunglasses. Tres blue ;P

Caroline the Movie

I'm going to the movies tonight again. Love it. Watching Caroline and I heard that it got great ratings.

Backstage - the soohting of new Dolce&Gabbana underwear packaging

This is really how much fun taking pictures in your underwear is ;S It's very cold, but mostly a lot of fun people around you. James also had some really cool pictures from Plastic in Milano (I miss Plastic) go and check them out ;P

HE Mango - Bags

I got two new bags! I know that I really didn't need them, but they are tres nice ;P

HE Mango

Balenciaga frenzy

Here are some pictures from last night. Look at the second one, this was a part of Zarah's bag collection...all of these are Balenciaga. Tres crazy!

Karma points

So today as I was relaxing the doorbell rang. I got up and when I opened the door, and my parents' neighbor stood there. She was almost crying and in complete panic. I asked her what had happen...well she opened her the door to her apartment and there was a massive flood. I didn't even think. It took me four minutes and I had called the fire department, cleared her entire hallway, sat her down to calm her down. She is very old and was scared. After 15 minutes the fire brigade and other people from the real estate company came and helped her to get the rest in order. She hugged me and said that I was a little angel. I told her that she could just calm down and take it easy and that everything would be all right.

Now I'm going to have dinner and then head back to Malmö. Also wanted to show one of my new pair of jeans from Cheap Monday. I'll show the rest later. Talk later. Baci ;P


Me and Zarah went crazy and had some...or a lot to drink yesterday. She wanted to celebrate me a little and we had champagne, drinks and wine. We had a blast and I took a picture that will bring envy to people who loves bags. I will show it later on, but not now.

Now I'm hanging with my dad and my parents' cat Tupizo :) I was trying to forze Tuppiz to be on picture with me, it was hard, but I managed. He is tres cool ;P By the way, my head is acting up like crazy...I never learn.

Róisín Murphy - The Time Is Now LifeBall 2009

P.S. Saw Roisin's photo on Elfano's blog ;P Crazy!!!

H&M Sunglasses

H&M has released a pair of glasses that are out of this world. I adore them. Very retro 80s and tres stylish. They retail at SEK79:50.

Paolo Savi @ NextModelMen

I found myself on NextModelMens blogs. Tres cool ;P Thanx guys ;)


Dolce&Gabbana Assescories S/S 09

I found these tres cool glasses, loafers (I'm a loafer nerd) and belts from D&G. I wish that I had more money right now ;P

Source: Dolce&Gabbana

Hadise - Aşkkolik

I really like Hadise, maybe a little too much pop and bad taste, but at least it's Turkish pop and I think it's tres cool ;P

Örjan Andersson

Örjan Andersson, founder of Weekday and CheapMonday, has been named the most influential person in male fashion in Sweden. Congrats! Last year number one was Acne's Jonny Johansson.

Source: Di & KingMagazine

Los Abrazos Rotos by Pedro Almodovar

There is a new movie by Almodovar. I love his work and would do anything to be in one of his movies!!! Can't wait for this to hit Sweden ;P


Topman + Anthony Price

Source: Topman

The next designer fo H&M?

Who will be the next designer for H&M? I don't know, but I think that they should go for a New York designer. Williamson was a disaster on the mens side. There are still loads of clothes in the stores that I've been to, and on the web you can still buy his items. Now they need to get a designer that understands men. Two great designers that really get the male body is Donna Karen and Michael Kors. Their clothes are widely appealing to women and men all around the globe. Another one that would be interesting is Diane von Furstenberg. She makes very nice prints and fits and is getting really hot with the it crowds thanks to "The City". But how would she respond to making mens wear? It could be very interesting. Or?

Images from GettyImagesForIMG and ASSOCIATEDPRESS

Anna Wintour @ 60 Minutes

Watch CBS Videos Online
She is smart...

Vintage Paolo

I was on Facebook, which I never am, and there are some ugly ass photos of me on the web!! But they all bring back some great memories from Italy, Turkey, Sweden and so on. Don't laugh too hard ;P

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