Raf Simons S/S 10

Source: www.men.style.com Photos: Marcio Madeira

Hermès S/S 10

Source: www.men.style.com Photos: Monice Feudi

Godmorgon ;)

I am up and have a loooooooooooooong day ahead of me. I came into the office in shorts yesterday. We are usually not allowed to use shorts as men, but no one said anything. Gotta push those limits.

Ps. I love my vintage Giorgio glasses and my handmade Eterna watch from th 50s. My dad had some serious sense of style.

Missoni + Converse

I can't f*cking believe it!!!! I WANT these!!!!! Tres Super Cool!!! They will be out in about 1 year.

Missoni Converse

Sjaak Hullekes S/S 10

One of my all time favorites...the colors and fits are tres amazing.

Kris Van Assche S/S 10

Love Kris, tres futuristic nomad...

Source: www.men.style.com Photos: Marcio Madeira

Ann Demeulemeester S/S 10

Tres special...

Source: www.men.style.com Photos: Marcio Madeira

Dior Homme S/S 10

I truly j'adore this collection.

Source: www.men.style.com Photos: Monica Feudi

Liberty Sale

I was checking Liberty's sale and I found this really nice cardigan from Nom De Guerre. It only costs about £108. Tres nice I must say...


Ida in City

I got on the train this morning and took a newspaper that was laying around there and opened a page, and there was Ida, on a full page, interviewed about being in the competition for Sweden's best hair dresser. I am super proud!!! Tres tres cool!

The weekend

I had a really great weekend. The weather was tres amazing. So hot in fact that it felt like Southern European weather. We went to Denmark with the boat. Chilled on the Danish beach and had Ben&Jerry's ice cream.

Yesterday, I for once slept until 10:30. Then I had coffee at "Royal Picnic". They have the best coffee in Malmö. Later on we went to see the new Transformers movie. It was crap. Didn't like it but the special effects were out of this world. Ok, talk later cause I have to go to work now. Mille baci.

P.S. I got some new stuff on Friday. Shopped some new sweathers from Resteröds (I will show them later) and a pair of shoes from H&M.


I have been swamped at work. So much has happened this last week and I haven't really been on top of my game. Work wise, we have had a lot going on (a storm passed by and just threw everything around, metaphorically speaking) and I know it will be even better than before.

Modelling wise, well apparently there is a big chance that I will be in a very famous Italian fashion magazine. Still there are negotiations on the subject. The worst part is that two of my five pictures have been cut from the whole thing. I believe that it had to do with the fact that I was too skinny and that I couldn't really deliver. But it all happens for a reason.

When you come to my blog, I hope that I entertain you somehow. But if you have critisim then give it to me the right way. Don't go so low that you hit dirt in the wrong way. Don't be cheap. Remember that.

I have to go now and will be gone for the weekend. Need a break and to recharge. Have the best time that you can. I really do adore everyone that comes here and reads all the stupid things I write about and show. Hopefully, I put a smile on some faces and will continue to try my best to do that.

Thousands of kisses from Paolo

P.S. I want to pay a homage to the greatest entertainer of all time. You where the only one that I saw as an idol, when I was a child. Hope that you are in a better place. Michael Jackson you will always be the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson

An Icon has passed. I hope that he is in a better place now...

More backstage from Dolce&Gabbana S/S 10

Gotta love Swide for this... It all looks fun although it's a lot of work behind the show.

Demo Magazine Nr7

Demo Magazine started off a little like everyone else. They were ordinary, but the last two or three issues have become much better. The latest issue with my favorite Carolina Gynning is amazing. So good in fact that I have stopped ordering KingMagazine and chosen them instead. Tres cool I must say...


I am sooooooooooooooooo tired today, but I am going to do something about it. After work I'm heading to the city and if I manage I will do some shopping ;P But only if i manage. There's 50% on everything...ACNE, FilippaK, NielBarett (don't know if it's one or two Rs) and the list continues. For all of you out there shopping, Sweden is among the cheapest in the world at the moment and now there's a sale as well... Come and shop with me ;P Now that would be tres cool.

Dolce&Gabbana S/S 10 Backstage

Just got this from Swide. I am somehow going to be there watching the D&G show next season. Don't ask me how, but I will. Lol.

YSL S/S 10

Source: www.men.style.com Photos: Marcio Madeira
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