Today's outfit

Today I had my new HE Mango Cardigan on. I got it in Prague for almost nothing.

Miu Miu Campaign A/W 09

No more celebs in the Miu Miu campaigns...I really hope that they stick to "normal" models.

KanyeWest MiuMiu

The September Issue - Trailer

Anna Wintour is very hardworking and one of those who knows what is good and what is bad. There are very few people out there like her. Tres chic trailer I must say...

In tha Elevator

I got a new scarf from my sister Isa. It's handmade from Damaskus in Syria. Oh, I do have loads of things to show you guys. Longsleeved t-shirt from Day, sneakers Tretorn and jeans CheapMonday.

Alice in Wonderland

Mr. Tim Burton is a genius. His movies always capture the soul of a movie that makes us grownups feel like kids again. Their beauty is somewhat unparalleled to other movies that want to obtain the same status and feel. Next year in March, as most people know, Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" will premier with Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway amongst others. I can't wait for this.

Lavin Campaign A/W 09

This campaign gives me a feeling of Truman Capote's Black&White Ball Party at the Plaza in 1966. This one is photographed by Andreas Larsson and is tres nice.

New try

So I changed it again, I'm glad that I didn't pay someone to have my htmls that I wanted, cause the shit didn't work. Now I changed it again thanx to the fact that, I presume, a Philipino reader (you guys tend to call me Pao) told me that they liked my old style better. I will get on it today and get everything ready.


This relaunch is tres bad. I had major problems with the design that I wanted to do. I had to improvise and just use one from blogger. I'm not super happy but I'll try to work it out.

Going to bed now, thousands of kisses.

Fall Inspiration - Brown

Picture: MenStyle by Marcio Maderia, glasses, shoes & bag from Asos , jacket from HE Mango, sweater & chinos from H&M

Dobrý den

We go out every night to walk my sister's dog. Mr. Fish is his name. I adore Prague.

The keys

I got the freaking keys back. I managed to lock them inside, but thank the karma God for the housekeeper she got them out! I am going to buy her some beautiful flowers. Now we, all of my sisters and me and my best friend, are going out and heading for Starbucks. Loves it. Kisses to you all.


Hey everyone. I was supposed to re-launch the blog last week, but I haven't been able to do so. First, I was In Ahus for a week and right now I am sitting in the city center of Prague. I love it, tres nice I must say and people are tres friendly.

When I get back I promise that I'll start writing again. I really miss it much, but I must say that my vacation has been great so far. Well, except for when I accidentally locked the keys in the apartment that I was supposed to sleep in. I have to fix that today.

Miss all of you and talk soon. If you are in Prague then go to Cafe Cafe on the other side of the Replay store. Very nice.

Moon - trailer

Post 1400

Gentlemen and ladies, next week I hope to re-launch ... Until then there will not be as many post as there has been. After the re-launch there will probably be twice as many post weekly and the design will also be different. Until then...millions of kisses and I will post some small things.

New contributors

I have almost f-ed up the re-launch next week. I misunderstood something that one was saying and then when I try to tell the next person, they flipped. After countless messages and phone calls, I suddenly realized that I was the major idiot and had to fix it all. I hope that I fixed it...and worst of all there is now a chance that will continue as a strictly male blog... Is that a bad thing?

The weekend

I have had the best weekend. Except when I had to work. But two parties and warm weather made it for me. Also great people I must say. I got a pair of Jim Rickey sneakers. I don't know if I should keep them. You can see them on one of the pictures from the Concept store pictures. I also have some pictures form the Studiovästrasandgatan party. I will track down pictures from the second party, which was a summer/birthday party for my cousin Kristoffer.

And this is Concept/Yokiono...

Vmanmodelsearch + SHOWstudio

Vmanmodelsearch is now, today, the 6th available live. Click on the link to see the two finalists fight to become the winner. I love this.

Showstudio + Vmanmodelsearch

Mens Shoes S/S 10

Very earthy colors for spring/summer 2010.

Source: MenStyle Photos: Don Ashby, Simone Manzo / Gorunway, Monica Feudi / Gorunway

Yoox Sale


H&M Trends A/W 09/10


Since all my sisters (one lives there already) and Erik are going to Prague in two weeks or three, have to look that up, I would like to ask you my readers if you have any suggestions to what we can do? Nice restaurants, museums and so on.

Picture source: Concierge

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon Collection

Ralph Lauren

Way too warm...

It is crazy hot outside. I try to dress accordingly but it is still way too warm.

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