Triple outfits

One was taken before I cut my hair. Going to finish watching "Extreme Male Beauty" and then head to bed. Notte ;)

Davidoff - HotWater

In the competition of tres hot commercials...thanx Jacob for showing it.

Ida and the weekend

Ida, my favourite Ida, came on Saturday and we went shopping (I didn't) had wine, coffee at "La stella del nord" and then champagne and food at our house. We had such a great time it's crazy. Eriks sister Anna tagged along with her new haircut (she looked great). I love Malmö when it's like this and I still have champagne. I am going to get me a glas right now...;P

YSL Parisienne - Kate Moss


Here's a selection of my photos. More are coming soon. One is somewhat...well you'll see ;P

Yokiono A/W News

Here it is...and yes that's me all over their website. Love the clothes and all the guys there...go shop ;P



Today was as usual a long day. There is a huge possibility that I will stay in Sweden for another three years. That is a long time. A tres long time. I actually didn't know how to react, but sometimes things have to be like that. Anyhow...I am heading to bed and I have to apologize for being sooooooo unstructured with the blog. I will get back to my plan that I had ;) Love you guys and talk tomorrow y'all.

Double elevator outfit

This one is for Rainer...I managed in 10 minutes ;P

D&G A/W 09/10 Campaign

In the elevator

After work I met up with Erik and Stephi. We went to one of our new favourite café "La stella del Nord". It's super close to home, meaning Enrica and her brother Alessandro made it like an authentic Italian café. I love them and the place. I will take some pictures and show. Anyhow, my outfit for the day was beige and green...

COS - Barcelona

COS is coming to Spain now...I hate that we don't have it in Sweden yet. H&M should do something about that...



I don't understand the hype around this movie. It looks cool, but I am not really understanding the deal with it. But who might be tres amazing...

ASOS - clothes

I just ordered these three items, the jacket is for the gala next week in Stockholm...can't wait. I just hope that it will arrive before I leave :S


Concept/Yokiono Shoot

We had a blast but I am tired. All the clothes were great and I must say I feel like I need to buy some thing from them. Gotta go to bed now. Nity nite ;)


New haircut

It is almost like my last haircut, but I love it. I had a blast last night at the party. Will post some pics later on. Gotta go to the photo shoot now. Baci

This morning

We had a really nice moring just talking and relaxing. My baby sis slept over and we had breakfast on the balcony and a tiny smoke. I know smoking is bad for me. Any now we are getting ready to go the Helsingborg and I am getting my hair cut. Stephi or La Piccola Savi, helped me style myself and it turned out tres nice. Very Coco back in Biarritz on the beach. Also tomorrow I will be on shoot for Yokiono /Concept. Love it. And I want to give my big cousin Robert a happy birthday and we will party later on tonight. State bene e ci sentiamo. Bacio

H&M - Winterscarf

I got one in black and one in blue. They will come next week. Cheap too...SEK149...

Nikolai d'Ètoiles - A/W 09/10

This collection is one the best and most elegant for A/W 09/10. I adore it and will most probably go for this style for winter and fall. The worst thing with Nikolai d'Ètoiles is really expensive...

Nikolaj d'Ètoiles

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