Adrian Lux - Can't Sleep

This video is special and it takes a very special turn at the end. The song itself is tres nice.


Prague was tres amazing. We saw a lot and just ate a lot. Every day my sister Isa took us all to hidden cafés and restaurants. Some more popular than others, but they all had a great feel to them.

My favorite one was "Cukr Kava Limonada" on Mala Strana, Lazenska 7. Small but nice music, good food and (I'm not sure that I'm spelling this right) Besinka drinks. The interior was traditional mixed with some simple wooden furniture. I really like the celing with the painted decorations. The food is tres cheap here and the people tres nice.

Three other places we went to on a regular basis was "Café Café" on Rytirska 10, "Bar & Books" on Tynska 19 (they had killer drinks...a new favourite is Cucumber Martini), "Bakeshop" on Kozí 1 in the Jewish neighbourhood and Starbuck's on the old town square. Prague has some tres nice places to go to, but you have to look for them really carefully. I believed that Prague was a typical place for students to go to just because of the fact that everything is cheap. This is not true at all.

We saw the major tourist attractions such as "The Charles Bridge", "Old Town Square", "The Prague Castle", "The National Museum" and "The Kampa Museum of Modern Art". "The Kampa" isn't really a major attraction but it's a must. Right now they had a "Cobra" exhibition, but my favorite was "Kupka" His paintings are really deep and as I believe they tend to attract people who like architecturee and graphic design. The museum itself also tries to make the city a part of their exhibitions, so on the riverside and around it, you can spot huge pieces of art. When you are in Prague, walk thru the major city areas. The Jewish area have amazing Jugend buildings, the old town with it's small streets and new town with their European art deco is something that all should see.

When it came to shopping they have a lot of it, but it didn't really interest me as much as I thought it would. A lot of the major fashion houses can be found around "Parisika". There you also have one huge main street with Zara, Mango and H&M and a new shopping center with something like 200 shops. I got some things for less than €100, they had major sales at the moment.

But I must say that the best part of it all was all of my sisters (Helena, Isabella and Stephanie), Erik and Rune. Guys, without you this trip would never had been as nice as it was. When I got back to Sweden I couldn't move for four days just because of the fact that almost every night we played tennis on "Nintendo Wii". Oh and one thing that I recommend every one to do is a boat trip on the river. Not one of those tourist ones, but the one were you tramp around yourself. We couldn't stop laughing.

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