Do I look 16?

I have stopped smoking. Great. But sometimes I need something to keep my urge down. That something is usually an energy drink. Two days ago I shaved of my beard and I look tres young, but I flipped today when I was asked to show my ID to buy an energy drink. The age limit to do that is 16 in Sweden. Do I look like I'm 16?! The woman behind me started laughing like crazy...saying "Are you blind woman? He is clearly over 16. YOU MUST BE CARZY". So I am never shaving again. She didn't belive me when I said that I was 26...

Sonia Rykiel + H&M

For Winter 2009 and Spring 2010 Sonia Rykiel will do two collections for giant H&M. Known for her very colorful knits this will be a great direction for both the fahion houses. I can hardly wait for Jimmy Choo and then Sonia heaven for all of us...

Source: H&M Picture: StarMedia

Last November

My beautiful friend Tina tagged me on this picture on Facebook. I was stunned to see that I have completely let myself go nowadays. I look good except for the hair maybe. I need to hit the gym more often and start with my proteins again.

New Hope pants

I always forget to post when I have shopped something new. I can't remember if I wrote something about my new Hopepants. I love them...

YokiOno Shoot

YokiOno asked me and Florina from ScoopModels Copenhagen to do a shoot for them. It was fun and it went really fast. I only have one of the test pictures and I like it. It's a mix of Gant and Our Legacy.

The weekend

Boun giorno! I have had a great weekend. Saturday I acctually did 6 gerilla catwalkshows for YokiOno: I felt so short next to the real models. But we had fun.

I am going to post all the pictures and videos later on. I have way too much to post and I have been all gone all weekend. It turned out be a "SATC" weekend...I might tell you why...

Melody Gardot - Baby I'm a fool

I have had a very nice day. I worked for an hour...went out to buy things for my home at Ikea. Then I had lunch with my sister and my dad. Then down to Malmö to meet up with Erik for coffee at "La Stella del Nord". Then off to "Living like Leon to get a new Easy Chair for the livingroom. It is so nice. I will show it when it comes home on Sunday.

After a cigarette with Enrica, we decided to see "Coco avant Chanel" and I feel in love with Ms. Chanel's style in her early days. Now I am at home reading and relaxing and listening to Melody Gardot...bouna notte a tutti a millioni baci.

2 questions and some answers

Here are some of the answers and questions that I've selected... Have fun reading them...I couldn't really show most of them due to the fact that most questions were way too personal ;P

1.Can you tell us about ur love story, about the one u love?
1) I have a love and that person does everything for me.

1.If you were a woman who would you be?
1. I would be Marie Antoinette.

4.How do you like sex? (smooth or gentle, quick or dirt, fast or furious, day or night, up or down, sweet or sour, lol)
4. When it comes to sex...well that is a question that I can't aswer. Lol. People that have had sex with me knows what I like.

2. How much was the most expensive piece of clothing you purchased, and what was it?
2) My most expensive item was 2 pairs of handmade HelmutLang loafers that I got in New York many years ago. I paid $450 a pair when a dollar was worth 11 Swedish Crowns. That makes the shoes worth at the time SEK4950, but today they would have cost SEK3150 due to the currency.

1. If you could live in one of the fashion capitals (Paris, Milan, New York...) which one would you choose?
1) I love all 3 cities and have already lived in Milan for 3 years. I would say New York cause I felt at home there.

2. If you had unlimited funds, but had to dress exclusively in one designer/label, which one would it be?
2) Then I would choose Tom Ford

2)What do you actually do in your daytime job?
2) I work with customer relations as a ProjectLeader/Manager

HOPE - Coats


Ottavia at ShirtsMyWay showed me their website and I tried it and got lost for an hour or two. You can make your own shirts in every way, single way possible. I had tres fun doing it. Have a felt like a online fashion-game...

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

I went to the FifthAvenueShoeRepair store in Stockholm and it was really nice. Nice people and lovely clothes. I adore the center pieces that are reoccurring in all their shops and shop-in-shops.

BruunsBazaar OnlineShop

Finally online! Danish brand BruunsBazaar. Tres nice ;)

BruunsBazaar Shop

Burfitt @ Jus


Gram Shoes - YokiOno

Saturday I am getting these shoes at YokiOno. They are tres light and I had them on during the photoshoot yesterday and feel in love ;P

H&M - Styleguide


I am back!!! Well almost. Thanx guys for all the nice comments and toughts. I haven't had any energy to post. I will post things this coming weekend. Also I need to workout!!!

D&G Diaries

Dolce&Gabbana and Swide are collaborating on a set of videos or diaries if you will. I love the feel of the video. More designers should do this...

Two brands

Guten morgen! Well I am still home cause my voice is lost but I am feeling better. I have two things to show today. One is a shirt company were one can design their own style of shirt and the other is to top it of with some details that will be available for the PaoloSavi readers with a 25% discount. Tres nice...I will try to get it out on the blog around 11:00 Central European time. Talk later ;P

A single man - by Tom Ford

My Polish spy told me about this trailer. Usually I tend to make sure that I know about Mr. Ford's projects, but somehow this one managed to slip between my fingers. Just by looking at the colors, way of filming and the facial expressions of this trailer...makes me want to see it now. Tom Ford is a person that sees the whole in everything that he does. I would love to just follow him for a day to understand and observe him.


I think that I have found a jacket...thanx both to TheFashionisto and Joseph at 00o00 Blog. It is BEAUTIFUL, the best thing is that it retails for USD325, which is SEK2275, and that is what a jacket from Acne or FilippaK would cost. Should I get it or should I continue my search?

Michael Kors S/S 2010

Source: Photos: Marcio Madeira

I want this

I am sitting here knowing that I don't really need anything at all exept for a new winter jacket. But I don't seem to find anything. In my search of a new jacket I stimble upon som really nice things. First on my list are a pair of KrisVanAssche sneakers that I will have a look at in Milano (If I don't order them @ LuisaViaRoma). Secondly are a bunch of things at Asos. My Wardrobe is bursting and it took me half a day trying to orginaze it all. I sound like a freaking Hollywood wife...Lol. Wow my life is so difficult...hahahaah. Kidding ;P Anyhow, I will decide next week what I am buying.

LuisaViaRoma ASOS

The Art of Collaboration - Bottega Veneta

Buy it first - LuisaViaRoma



Guys I am sick. Nothing bad just a cold but it was way to difficult to work today and yesterday I felt like I was trapped in a fog. Anyhow I haven't had the energy to write...I've been in sleeping all day. I left work at 12:30. Gotta go now and sleep some more. Love ya guys! Talk later. Baci

Yesterday's outfit

I was given a pair of Carin Wester corduroy pants. I looked at them and thought "NEVER", but I almost always have to try on any type of item of clothes. I did and I have to admit...I LOVE THEM! Lol. I matched them with a pair of Converse, a Ralph Lauren hoddie and my new RayBans from the eighties.

Zara Harem pants

These haven't arrived yet, or at least in Sweden! Please Zara I want a pair!!!!


Marc Jacobs S/S 2010

Source: Photos: Marcio Madeira

PaoloSavi @ NextModelMen

I found myself as a on NextModelMen! Thanx guys ;P

Guten morgen!

Well hello to you all ;) I am felling a bit sick and everyone says "What if you got the flue?!" I don't have the flue I have a freaking cold...a small one. Anyhow, I am free tomorrow and am spending the day with my sister and Erik. Gonna be great. Need to hit the gym. I miss it. Next week I have a photo shoot and maybe another one this weekend. I have this tres awesome idea for a shoot that I am going to run by Ida and Carl Magnus. Can't wait cause it has never been done.

I have a shopping stop at the moment, but look at these sneakers from RAF that I found on Yoox. Yum...


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