Missoni Pillow

I was so freaking tired today. I managed to fall asleep on the train and when it arrived to Malmö I was three minutes away from going back to Helsingborg. I woke up and ran off the train. I was laughing so hard when I realized that I almost was on my way back...

Anyhow, when I got home, totally out of it, I saw that there was a Missoni Pillow in the new chair! I was thrilled. And after dinner and hanging out with my sister I wanted to record the inside of my wardrobe, but then my sister Stephi started to flipp and just have a look at the video...it's tres stupid and more fun if you understand Swedish as well...



TheSpiceTree in Malmö is my favorite spice shop ever. I found it one day on Baltazar"gatan" or street in English and I buy my basil- and truffle olive oil, and other kinds of snacks there. I adore it...I cook a lot and this is heaven for me. Anyone who lives in the area of Öresund, go shop ;P

Rick Owens @ JUS


Sandqvist + Herr Judit

Super store Judit have made a bag together. I like it and the bag is simple and has that Sandqvist simplicity to it. It retails for SEK1095 at Snadqvist and at Herr Judit.

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