Men's A/W 2010

Good morning*

I am happy and tired...but who cares right. Yesterday I packed and I have a strong feeling that I've packed way too much...don't pack and drink wine...bad combo. Was trying to put up all the new photos that we took last week, but the files were huge. So I will try to solve it when I come back. When I'm in Milano I will also try my best to might only be text and no pictures...

Well then I am off...see ya soon. Baci

Red Collar Project

When I was in Stockholm for the SwedishHairAwards I went to PUB to check out a brand called "RedCollarPRoject". I love the photos and said "this is someone who knows what they are doing and the model is great". Well it turns out I know the photographer. LOL, it's the little brother of one of my dearest friend's Martina. His names is MikaelDahl. Tres amazing. Go have a look.

Pipilotti Rist @ Louisiana

Between 7. January - 25. April 2010 Pipilotti Rist is going to show at Louisiana in Denmark. The artist has put together the video installation "Homo Sapiens Sapiens". I adore the colors of the installations that Rist does. A must go see next year.

R.O.O.M - No more

Unfortunately R.O.O.M has filed for bankruptcy. They will now have major sales (50%) starting today at their Oslo and Stockholm stores. Lucky for the ones there...

Jalou by Dolce&Gabbana

Directed by Cyril Guyot Source: Dolce&Gabbana JamesStories

Beyonce - Diva

MyWardrobe - Halloween 30% Sale

YSL - Sneaker & Bag

I love Stefano Pilati, I mean who doesn't. His Cruise collection is soooo nice. The layer on layer effect that he does looks great. But I found these two things that I adore. The sneakers are tres simple in white and very PaoloSavi and the bag...well even here simplicity and humor is a perfect combo. Or is it really humorous?

Good morning*

I stayed at my parents' house cause I worked until late. My sister came home late...a bit drunk and thought that I was mom??!!! I turned around and said "what the hell?! It's me!" Then she took a picture this morning...not nice. Lol.

Salvador Dalí + Francesco Vezzoli

Between 19. September 2009 - 17 January 2010 at the Modern Museum in Stockholm about Dalí incorporated with a new artist. The new artist is the Italian Francesco Vezzoli. Vezzoli has a strong love for celebrities and apparently has no problem admitting it. In one interview with Swedish DN, he says that he was almost obsessed with famous people and what the celebrity culture actually say about today's society. Dalí himself had always had the intentions of becoming famous and did everything to follow this path. So all the lucky people living in Stockholm go and see this exhibition. Let's hope that it comes to Malmö's Modern Museum next year.

P.S. This video "Greed" made by Vezzoli is one of the best ones that I've seen in a long time. I laughed hard. Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams does a tres amazing job.

Source: ModernaMuseet

Nite night!

I am tres tired. So we are leaving for Milano on friday, so much more fun. Feels like a longer vacation. I haven't done anything, I have to wash some clothes, fix some of my shoes and just pack. But work is taking a lot of time, and even the blog is a bit difficult to manage. But as you all know, that I will never not at least post something once a day...I will even try when I am gone for a week.

Oh man I am seeing double now. Lol. Anyhow I have made a new Christmas list and my mom wrote down two things for me...a new mini computer and a real camera. She thinks that I need to take better pictures for the blog. Love her. Ok, so I'm off now. Love ya all and talk tomorrow. Notte e baci.

StudioMonti - Milano

StudioMonti in Milano is one of those architectural super studios. With a client list that consists of Rolex, Cornelani, Ford, Giorgio Armani and many more, they can define themselves as a powerhouse. But one thing that caught my eye is their own studio. Dark, elegant and with a clear link between classic Italian design and technology. Their groom room is out of this world. Have a look...

Source: StudioMonti

D&G - Sneakers & Bag

I really like the sneakers and the leather bag on the right. D&G and Giorgio Armani are two Milano brands that always do their own thing. D&G is very Southern American Cowboy for next year when most brands are doing the simple 80s futuristic style.

Balmain Campaign 2010

Cheap Monday - Clairvoyant

CheapMonday have realesed an eyewear collection called Clairvoyant. It's cheap of course but really stylish. I adore the 60s feel to many of their glasses and the ones on the picture are my favourite. Don't know if they are only available in Sweden.

CheapMonday Clairvoyant

Good night and good luck

I am seriously tired...have been looking at Taru's blog. I adore her. There is no better blog. Stylish and just tres amazing...anyhow, I was going thru my clothes. I have so much, somethings I have only used once before. Today I got one more grandpa sweater, and I have around 20 of them already, but who cares right?! I am off to bed. I have a long week at work and then one week off in freedom. Sleep well and millioni baci.

Sunday Brunch

I was at a dinner last night and had a lot to drink. It's not normal for me to drink whiskey and cognac, but the host and hostess offered and I couldn't say no. Down it went and before falling asleep my head was all over the place.

Now I and 5 other close friends are heading out for Sunday brunch. This is very common in Malmö. I love brunch, I remember one of my brunches in Dubai in March...I ate until I was about to explode. Not planning to do that today, but since it's an American brunch there is still the possibility that I will over-eat. Hahaha.

Next week around this time I will be in Milano. You guys have no idea how much I love that city. One week is way too little, but I will take that for now...

P.S. What are you doing today? Let me know...any drama? Hahahha.

On my way home

I walked home from the gym (spent two hours there) just to have a look at all the newly finished buildings. The strangest one is the car park that is covered in plates that are rusted. At night it has this Bladerunner feel to it with all the lights that shimmer inside. All of the buildings here exept for maybe three are no more than eigth years old...

In my elevator

This is from yesterday...I have had three hard days at work. Looooooooooooooong days. So I look like shiz, lol. Going to the gym now. Have the best days boys and girls. Kisses...

Hay - Loop & Cano

So for the house there are some things still missing and we want it perfect. I adore Hay and already have four of their Hee Lounge Chairs. Now one of the rooms are in need of a shelf system and Cano is our first choice. Simple and in metal and goes with the rest of the white. It would look amazing.

Secondly, I have tons of bags and belts hanging on a clothing stand that is tres ugly. I want something in black and Loop is the contender for that. It's tall and vill be visible unlike the other that just disappears under all of my things...

TaruTuomi Blog

This blog is one of the most beautiful blogs that I have ever seen...go have a look ;)


The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Collin Farrell, Jude Law and it will be amazing...

Thurday Night Music

New pictures - 2 samples

This is 2 samples from the shoot...they're not fixed yet.

Commes des Garcon @ JUS

WonHundred - Kollektions- & Lagersalg

O-14 Dubai

This building called O-14 by RUR Architecture is one of the few buildings in the Emirates that have high design quality. I see some details that I feel have similarities to Oscar Niemeyer and his concrete buildings. It stands out in a sea of massive buildings in what used to be desert, like a white organic organism.

This is going to be a must the next time we go to Dubai and visit my best friend Karin.
Photos: ImreSolt

H&M - StyleGuide KNITS

Boun giorno*

I stayed at my parents' house. I love being here, just talking and laughing with them. This will be a problem for me if I move abroad again in the future cause I do need them close to me. When I lived outside Sweden for a couple of years they would call me up to 5 times a week. My dad is at this moment making me a cafe latte with a third of espresso...figure that out :)

Anyhow, when I come to Milano I am going to force my sister, La piccola Savi, to do some cultural things. One is to go to the Triennale and see Martin Campers "100 chairs in 100 days" and I just want to stroll around the Golden Triangle. This time around I am going to let others decide on what we all are going to do.

Let's talk soon, I have to eat some breakfast...bacio...
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