In the elevator

So it's been some time since I've posted an elevator picture. This is me coming directly from work. I am trying to have my hair more back again. Then later on Ida passed by and had some champagne and talked. She just came down from Stockholm, I should go soon again I hope, straigh to my house. I cooked and yes I know my shit when it comes to cooking. Hahahahha. Have the best night boys and girls. We are going to watch a movie now. Baci ;)

Ps. I've had alot of champagne this last week. My dear sister and brother-in-law came by and we had a blast from Saturday to Sunday, they shopped and we had drinks then we went to Doc Italiano and on Thursday Rainer and Thomas passed by with a bottle as well., love it :)

Burberry London S/S 2010

Source: The lovely MyManyBags

Wish List - D&G Weekendbag

Let's see how many of my wishes I will manage to get for Christmas ;) I saw this on Wy-Wardrobe and it's hot. Not too expensive at €300.

Qasimi S/S 2010

QASIMI a film by Mariano Vivanco. from Qasimi Fashion on Vimeo.

Butch S/S 2010


YokiOno 20% Jeans

PaoloSavi and YokiOno

Good morning* I have to tell you all something. I am getting involved with the store YokiOno. Now you know but I am not changing the blog in anyway and will continue as I have before. I will post some more pictures from when we buy clothes for the store and maybe more news. I am super psyched about this. Ok gotta go now, I have a test shoot today and I also have to work. Talk later, baci.

P.S. I have a thing for Jennifer Lopez ;P

Cardigan - Company Of We

This cardigan from CompanyOfWe is on my wish list for Santa. I have a feeling that I am getting it.


Morning Coffee

This is what I want every morning...a big latte. It looks like I'm selling this brand, well I'm not ;)

Christmas Wish List

Ok so I am sitting here thinking. What do all of you out there want from Santa this Christmas? Please send some of your wishes to me and I will post the best and funniest wishes. It can be anything. I will post my list later on. So send it to


This word LAGOM, is a very Swedish word. It means "just enough and nothing more", but honestly there is no real translation. This Swedish brand is a brand that is connected to one of the rappers of "Snook". Great taste, classic elegant and sometimes a hint of street.

Source: FashionWeek by Berns Lagom

Volta Footwear

My friend Jan told me about Volta shoes. I saw them on him and really liked them. They are an Italian shoe brand with high quality. This is what they say on their site:

“Instant classic” means, to be accepted by consumers as a satisfying new proposal for their daily habits and needs. When everything has been done and said already, we still see room for innovation. Our passion helps us, to work hard and try to achieve the missions. Any Volta product will have the same goal: to be “born a classic” and “part of future".

And they're cheap too...


Odeur S/S 10

I love this brand. Click on the image save it to see more (you have to enlarge to see).

H&M - White Shirt

The personal shopper at Café showed an amazing shirt from H&M. This is great, not for everyone but it can be tres hot.

New New New

I am up and rested after a strange weekend. I took the damn flue-shot and after that I got some crazy symptoms. Fever from time to time, my left arm was hurting like crazy, a cold and headaches. But now I am perfect again. I got one photo shoot and meeting tomorrow and a test shoot on Thursday. Then on Thursday night, R & T are coming over with champagne and we are gonna have the J.Choo night. Fun! Talk later.
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