H&M - Headoffice

The powerhouse that is H&M is located in the heart of Stockholm. The block is newly renovated and re-designed with H&M stores and the only Home Store in the world. It is designed by Reflex Arkitekter.

New Years

It's New Years tomorrow. What are you going to do? What are you going to wear? I have no idea what I'm wearing but I know what I'm going to do. My closest ones, dinner, champagne and games. I can hardly believe that the first decade of this century has already passed and a lot has happened. Here is an idea for what to wear. Purple is a royal color and can look good with jeans, boots or in a classy way as shown below.

Source: H&M Asos

Big Brown Bag

I saw this bag at ModeKungen and died. I want this bag. It's only SEK699 or around €70.


Hope that this one is better ;)

Source: Moviezine

Getting ready

My hair doesn't magically happen. I have a mini flatiron to make it more straight and then I spray it. Every single morning. Spray is my best friend...Lol. I do this after I have washed myself and my face. After the hair is done I fix my brows (they are huge) and then rest of my face...like most people. Or?


Here are some of the gifts that I got for Christmas, 2 pairs of Dior underwear, Nikolai D'Etoiles cardigan, Dr Denim jeans, some sweater from a store in Malmö. I'm waiting for two cardigans from CompanyOfWe. Oh I got shoes too.

Here are the CompanyOfWe cardigans.

Givenchy S/S 2010 Campaign

By: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Source: Homotography

YokiOno - SuperSale


Jacob recommended this site and I fell in love. This editorial made me think of New Years! Elegant and hot.

Source: Fashion156

Monocle - Shopping

I wanted to post this before Christmas, but I didn't manage to. Anyhow. I found some really great things on Monocle. I think that I am going to get some of these things. They range from £25 to £170 for the BillAmberg bag. Have a look...


Here comes a sneak-peak from today. It's my sister to the left.


I am totally tired. I had a shoot this morning for FrankDandy and then off to work for a metting that lasted about 4 hours. Then continue to work until 19:15. Then I have to get back to Malmö. My head is spinning like crazy. But tonight I will try to just let go of everything and go to sleep. Sunday I went shopping with my mom and little sister. We had a blast and I will show a picture of me packed with shopping bags while I'm eating something. It's only ugly pictures. Gotta go now, talk later boys and girls.

@ The ConferenceRoom

We where trying to figure out how to record a conference tomorrow. And miss Ildi liked my harem pants. Lol


Sneakers of S/S 2010

Many are asking which are the it sneakers of S/S 2010. For me Lanvin is very 2009. The same goes for Pierre Hardy. My choices at the moment are Louboutin's studded sneakers and Dior Homme. And Taru, yes they are hot...I have changed my mind in the last days.

Lanvin Campaign S/S 2010

The photographer couple Inez van Lamsweerde och Vinoodh Matadin have been in charge of this. I am getting a mix of art and "Avatar" here.

Source: The Fashionspot Daniel at Café

Madamoiselle Agnes + Anna

This woman, who is doing this documentary, is tres tres cool. This documentary "Habilles" with Madamoiselle Agnes seems to be extremely interesting and I want to see all of it. I want to give huge credit to Anna Wintour who supports the young designers, she also mentions that Carla sozzani does so in Italian Vogue.


Source: CocoPerez

The movies

We went to see "Avatar" and it was much better than I thought. I have baked for Christmas today as well. Anyhow, I need to go to bed now. It's still snowing like crazy and I'm tired. Kisses and nighty night.

Capsule Paris 2010

I and Jan are going to the Capsule show in Paris in January. It's going to be great!! ALso trying to get a meeting with Sjaak Hullekes and Seb Kramer too. Paris here we come :) Yokiono is going to become great!

Louis Vuitton Glasses S/S 2010

LouisVuitton have let André Saraiva take som pictures with his friends. I like the black ones.

Source: Daniel at Café

Hope Pre-Spring

Crazy day

Today was crazy. I spent the night at my sister and brother-in-law's house. This morning at 05:00 I was supposed to head out to the airport. At 03:40 my phone rings and my dear friend Ildi is on the otherside with news. The news..."Paolo our flight is cancelled". I freaked but couldn't really do anything cause outside was 15 cm of snow and it was -10 degrees celcius. Sweden was at a standstill for hours. Me, Ildi and my dear boss all felt a little irritated, but we couldnt really do anything about it. But we made the most of it and took care of all the research needed for the client. We did a great job I must say.

Anyhow Christmas is coming up and after a meeting with Jan (we are going to Paris 23-24 of January) I walked home to my sister and tried to film the snow and took a picture of Helsingborg's Christmas tree. Amazing! And with all the snow even better. Going to hit the bed soon...love ya all ;) Sleep tight.

I want it all - The Video

My plane is cancelled

There is soo much snow that it seems like Sweden is at a complete standstill. I can't miss my meeting in Stockholm...F*CK!

OpeningCeremony - Tokyo

Opening Ceremony Tokyo will be an 8-level conceptual department store located in Tokyo’s Shibuya distric and is the first venture for them outside the US. The store have a clear style of American history in a very fun way. Almost like a Fashion Disneyland for the people.


Nom de Guerre - Lookbook

It's snowing and tomorrow it will hit below 10 degrees celcius in Scania. I'm going to Stockholm for a business meeting and it will probably be even colder there...I would need these clothes from Nom de Guerre


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