Tons of snow & sour throat

When I woke up this morning my throat was acting up. I hate it, cause I have a very fragile throat. But I try to take care of it and I've spent the morning just drinking tea, taking meds and relaxing. I was supposed to model today but...nothing. The weather is awful...more snow. I'm not talking like a centimeter, no no, more like 10-15 centimeters. I want the sun and some warmth now. Thank MTV for "The City"...I was watching it all morning. Lol, I adore Olivia Palermo's style.

Mom, auntie Wanda and sister Stephi

My mom and aunt spent the weekend in Malmö. It was nice. My mom actually hadn't been to my apartment since last summer. I see my parents all the time, so that's not the issue. Anyhow, we had dinner (I cooked as usual), wine (organic Sinfandel I think from California) and played cards. We always play cards...I'm a bad ass when it comes to cards. I wanted them to stay one more day...

Madonna for Dolce&Gabbana - Backstage 2

Source: MadonnaFashionVictims Dolce&Gabbana

Hot items

I found two hot items so far for spring. One is a jacket from Rugby and costs around 168 dollars. I love and adore the preppy/dandy look and will continue with that for next year.

Also a cardigan from NikolajD'Etoiles that is truly amazing. You can find it at Nelly for SEK1599.

Mauro Grifoni S/S 2010 Campaign

This is according to me one of the best Italian brands today. Most Italian brands are at a standstill. I had this discussion with Claudio Monti. The problem in Milano is that they don't seem to go for the younger talents. This is crucial for many brands. I believe that a balance between heritage and young fresh is very important, and somehow this is how I see MauroGrifoni. I might be wrong, but the cuts, materials and colors are more Scando than Italian from time to time. Have a look at their new campaign.

Being tired

I can't wait until the weekend is here. I need to just rest and do nothing. I have been at it for almost 3 weeks now without a break. How crazy is that?! So this is my plan for this weekend. Sleep, workout, clean and finish all the designs for the bags, wallets and belts.

I have to tell you about today. Today I met one of my readers and I must say I hope that all of you are like the one that I met. He was cool, much more stylish then me (I looked like major crap today) and super nice. We met for coffee and talked for two hours about everything. I will even hook him up with Ida for a haircut the next time he's in Sweden. Ida is expensive but soo worth it.

Now I will eat something then shower and finally hit my bed. Oh, and look at all the snow that we have in Sweden now. Trust me in the southern parts this is crazy cause we never have snow here. Worst thing is that I don't have the energy to look good when the weather is shitty. Can't wait until spring comes. Then I will restart with the "Elevator pics".

Good night and bisou ;)

How Bruce Weber wants us to read books - VMan

Source: Homotography


My friend Sofie has started a blog. This hot Indonesian girl is a multi-doer as most bloggers out there. We have modelled together as well. She is hilarious. The thing is that she writes in Swedish, but you can always just look at her hot pictures ;) Her motto is OrDieTrying

Anna from Bonvintage, Erik & Ida

I forgot to tell you about the night that Ida cut our hair. Anna came to hang out. We had wine, then drinks at Dahlbergs and then we all slept at Ida's place. The morning after we all had breakfast in the harbour in Helsingborg. I adore all of them, they are such amazing nice people with great style. Love it ;)

Jackson Five - Can You Feel ItTry our new player

One of the best videos and songs of all time...

Tom Ford Editorial

Source: Homotography

Today's outfit

I love these arm muffs or whatever you call them. They are not mine, but I'm going to steal them :) Erik got them at "Loft" in Paris.


So I have some pictures now. We went to see the Capsule and Rendez-Vouz shows. It's was fun. We had a look at everything, but somehow it felt like at Capsule like I was entering TresBienShop. Anyhow three persons caught my attention. Sjaak, Sebaastian and Philip from "Unconditional". Sjaak and Seb was as I hoped, very nice, charming and fun. The clothes are amazing. Philip was great. Very nice and I was trying on a lot of their clothes. You guys would love them.

Everything that I saw was nice. FrostBirgens had their great cardigans, LocalFirms glasses were great, the Wonhundred knits and shoes loved them, Soullands jackets and shoes really nice and etc.

ACNE Furniture

These were presented during ParisFashionWeek. I love them. The colors and shapes are some kind of mix between 30s art decor that Zaha Hadid distorted. They are probably tres expensive.

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