Today I woke up and made coffee and just took it easy. I mean I need to take it easy. This weekend has been really soft and great.

Then I hit the city and went to Weekday, Norrgavel, Åhlens, H&M and the HansaCityMall. There was some ok stuff but nothing in particular that I felt that I just needed to buy. So after that we decided to go to the new ModernMuseumOfArt in Malmö. It was great, small but great. Since it's new they need to grow and probably will. The had an amazing exibition with LucTuymans. He works amazingly with shadows and greys.


This what the header looked like before photoshop...Lol. Oh and let me tell you guys something...I was falling like this for around 4 hours, so my body is hurting like hell today. But it was worth it.


I met up with my friend and photographer Carl Magnus. We took some sick pictures and I must say it's a miracle that I didn't break anything. You all will see when the pictures are done. It was for both of us. These pictures are for the blog and for his portfolio. I want to change the header to something really cool. My body is hurting a little, but I will survive...I'm a major drama queen sometimes. Hahahahha. What are your plans for tonight? Sofie asked if we wanted to go out, but are staying in and just having dinner and some wine.

Mikmak & things

We got new candles for the house from Mikmak. Love them and especially the small bags that comes with. I also got a cardigan and a sweater from H&M. I have a thing for blue at the moment. Don't know why...

D&G - Backstage A/W 2010

Americana Manhasset

Amazingly beautiful...

Louise - Let's go round again

I used to listen to this song like 10 years ago. So late 90s. I know it's a little bad taste but I love it. Hahahhaha.


I saw the article on Swide about the boyfriend-pant. I got to thinking and just would a boyfriend-pant look on a man? Well here's how I look in it. Is it ok or just bad? Btw...ignore the hair.


This is the result of my bedroom since it's remade again. I love it but I need a bigger bed.

ASOS - Tailoring

Is it me or has ASOS done a much better job with their Tailoring collection? I was in Stockholm and I must say that the same goes for H&M's trend collection. I got 2 really nice sweaters for almost nothing oh, and a pair a really hot pants from Zara (not hotpants...that would be freaky). It feels almost like the fashion emporios of the world are giving the common man higher fashion for a lower price. I'm super happy that good taste will spread faster, or at least let me believe it...

Hay House

One of my favorite interior brands Hay, have an amazing space on Østergade 61 on the secondfloor. It's much easier to find for many of their new customers since it's situated on AmagerSquare in company with IllumBolighus, RoyalCopenhagen and GeorgeJensen. I and one of my sisters have gotten many items from them and I suggest that others do the same. Their design is very fresh and a lot of fun. It is very interesting how a company that was launched in 2003 has gained such impressive coverage in the media and has grown as much as Hay has. Next up for me is to get the Cano for the workroom.

COS S/S 2010 Lookbook


Gucci Sneakers

These Gucci hightops with clip details are actually kind of cool. This may be the first time since Tom Ford that I liked something from Gucci. Frida is a good designer but I believe that it has taken some time for her to hit home with some really good design. Maybe she has been restricted by the owners to go too crazy with the designs. Who knows.


H&M - Blues

Out with Stephi

As I told you before there is a chance that my female clone and sister Stephanie is going to start writing on the blog from a female perspective. We had a talk about it today, when we walked Shiva our friends dog. I was just happy that the sun was out and now lets just hope that the snow just goes away too.

We Could Be Heroes - L'Officiel Hommes

Photos by: Milan Vukmirovic Source: Homotography

ASOS - News

Soo many new things for almost nothing...


So I haven't posted anything at all lately. There has been sooooo much going on and I have hardly had anytime for myself at all. I have felt really tired and ugly and after my photo shoot, all air just left me. I had no energy left. But slowly I'm coming back and after many meetings and long work days I feel that I need to be stylish and a little creative.

This horrible weather just makes me want to hide and lay in bed all the time. But we can't cause we have to work and be social. But that is kind of hard when there's 30 cms of snow and it -5 degrees celcius. I mean the only clothes that one can wear is thick sweaters, all the time, ugly jackets, Bally curlings and you need to wear something on your head too. So the hair always looks crazy and man I am white too. Way too color at all. On many of my pictures I saw that I honestly was grey!!! Hilarious.

Today I was supposed to have a meeting but it got cancelled, so I am actually super stylish. I feel very elegant I must say. Simple, clean cuts and I feel hot. But the clothes don't really go with the weather. I passed by my parents' house before work and am having coffee and relaxing. Tomorrow I have the day off. I love it. My bed is going to be my best friend and so will the computer. I will change the header and get restarted with the blog. And as Lady GaGa says...I love all my little monsters...but I must say you are all stylish monsters...hahahha. Ok gotta go now, thousands of kisses.

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