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I got these as a gift for Erik. He loved them! I had no idea that they are handmade. Super nice. Also, gotta say that JUS in Stockholm is a super store, thanx for sending them as fast as you (Ulrika) did.


Here is what I and La Piccola Savi was wearing today...slowly I'm pulling her into the blog.

Mr. Loke

This morning I went out with my sister's dog Loke. I love him!! I even filmed it. I had to cause he is so goddamn cute :)


COS - Midseason Sale


H&M Home - Summer 2010


The McQueen Moments

After having looked at tons of McQueen shows I came to realize that he was very dark and creative. A genius. Somehow he seemed haunted by something, but he must have embraced it and worked with it and not against it. His shows was...just that, shows. It was an experience. I hope that his successor manages to continue the legacy that is and was Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen tribute from j t on Vimeo.

Alexander McQueen: Iconic Moments from Jean Hürxkens on Vimeo.

Landis Smithers

This director & photographer is one of those who seems to like to push the boundaries. Some are simple and clean, others tend to get very sexy. But it never tends to be too sexy or pornographic. Terry Richardson is one of those who is just one millimeter from that...but we still love him. Have a look at Landis pictures.



I have made a list of things that I want to buy. Absolutely not things that I need, but that I want. This is only to control the shopping craze that I have. I am after one pair of sneakers...just one more pair this year, or at least I would like to think so. These are the ones on my mind at the moment.

Discipline is not a dirty word - Ron Dorff

This should make all of us workout.

PUB from Raphaël Aupy on Vimeo.


After the B-day dinner we never went out. Stayed at home and just relaxed. We had a fantastic 3 course dinner. This morning I just took some clothes on and went down to Royal Pic Nic to get me some coffee. Now I have to make some dinner.


I got my shampoo and conditioner from AmericanCrew and my Wallpaper. Wallpaper is the only magazine that I get every month. Others depend on how I feel. Then I got some movies that will fill time when I feel like doing nothing.

Also new shoes, the new cardigan and glasses. I feel very 30s in those glasses or as Rainer said "How very Madonna circa 91".

Copenhagen v.2

Ok here are the only 2 photos that was taken yesterday. I love Copenhagen!!! Love love love! We went to Hay House got some nice pillows for the Hee Lounge chairs, then to Illum Bolighus, Magasin, Pede&Stoffer (what I'm trying to say is that we went to tons of stores). At H&M trend I got two tanktops and one sweater that I will show in the post after this one (yes shopped again but not that much) Oh and I got this HUGE bonbon from Summerbird that was out of this world. Stuffed with nuts and 4 different types of chocolate...mmmmm the best I ever had.

Karl Lagerfeld Lookbook

Everyone's favorite male supermodel (or one of them) Jon Kortajarena is featured in Karl Lagerfeld Fall/Winter 2010-2011 lookbook. I adore his facial expressions. Not many models are as good as he is.

Source: Homotography Photos: Xiang Sun

Bally News

Direct from Twitter - "Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz will jointly take on the Creative Direction of Bally"


We went to Copenhagen yesterday. Did some shopping. I'll post it all later on. Also big congrats to Lady GaGa and Beyonce..."Telephone" has been viewed over a billion times online. How f-ing crazy is that???!!! I remember when PerezHilton first talked about her...he has a magical touch, I swear that he could make anyone famous if he wanted to.

Can one shop too much?

When do you know that you have shopped too much? And honestly what is too much? It is very different depending on who you talk to. I started to think of this when I was cleaning out my wardrobe last weekend. I found things in there that I hadn’t seen for a very long time. I even had to give away a bunch of clothes cause my wardrobe as my best friend Karin said “sent you a complaint already due to being overfull”.

Funny as it seems in Sweden during the financial-crisis I have noticed that many are still shopping as before or even more. Some people sell their clothes and accessories on EBay or online to be able to shop more. When I’m writing this I can’t stop thinking about Sophie Kinsella’s books “Confessions of a shopaholic”. She made it very comical but at the same time she addressed the shopping issues Rebecca Bloomwood had as a problem, however a problem that one can control but never get rid of. But who would ever want to stop shopping?

I will be the first to admit that this will never happen. A break from shopping is a must at the moment, but I will never stop. Shopping is a culture that was born during the Florentine renaissance due to the love of beautiful objects and has continued for over 600 years. I am right there with the De Medici family, but you have to think about what your funds are. Never ever take loans to be able to shop. Karl Lagerfeld said “You shouldn’t buy a fur as an investment. You should only buy it if you can afford it and use it like you would as you had on a normal scarf or a pair of jeans”. I agree, why be afraid to ruin something you bought? You should use your things with joy and with care. So yes and no...or with my reasoning, one can never shop too much ;)

Picture: PerfectTravel

Yoox - News

Asos - Tailoring

I love this kind of style. The simplicity of wearing a nice T-shirt to a well tailored jacket, some laced shoes and an old vintage watch. That is very Paolo.

Source: Asos

Acne - Antwerpen

The Belgium fashion capital is getting their own Acne store. Run togheter with "Louis" it will be located on Lombardenvest 42. The Swedes are invading...Filippa K already has two stores there, COS and H&M is already everywhere. What's next? Tiger of Sweden or Whyred?

Bruuns Bazaar S/S 10 Campaign

Source: TheFashionisto BruunsBazaar Pictures: Henrik Bulow

Summer Style Paparazzi - GQ Japan

If I was ever to be stalked by the paparazzi, this is how I would want it to look like :)

Yas - Abu Dhabi

Designed by Asymptote Architecture this newly opened hotel in the YasMarina Abu Dhabi is becoming a design destination. Abu Dhabi is slowly taking over as a center of high end architectural destination in the Middle East.

This magnificent hotel has 500 rooms and is situated on the F1-course (the cars run thru the hotel) and the interior is sleek and very elegant. The hotel structure is nothing out of the ordinary, but the shell that embraces the buildings is something special. The gigantic led lights changes color and has given the Abu Dhabi skyline a very beautiful new look

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