Fantastic Mr. Fox

I adore Wes Andersson. My all time favourite movie is "The Royal Tenenbaums" with it's corky yet clever setup. The style always have a strong connection to the 70s and 80s, and how the US would or should have looked like if the super commercial 90s and 00s would have set the standard.

"The Fantastic Mr.Fox" was beautiful and showed that sticking togheter no matter what is the way to do it. All I can say is...go see it or buy it.

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Trailer from Cutting Edge Commercial on Vimeo.

Clemente Talarico - Swimmers

Today after a looooooooong but effectful day at work I was suprised to see when I got home that I had gotten a package. When I opened it it was the cobolt swimmers from Clemente Talarico. They have a perfect fit, soo much better then my Bucklers. Love love love them. Thanks guys ;)

Ps. My body is not ready for beach 2010 yet...I've dropped 6 kg once again.

Robyn - Don't Tell Me What To Do

The best song this year so far.

Video post

I was walking to my parents as you will hear me say, but somehow the camera stopped working. I was supposed to finish with "Shopping issue...I have decided to save all of my money until I travel again this fall. One big shopping blow out" how does that sound? In my mind, tres good.


In the Elevator

This was the day before I left for Brussels. Simple and clean...I found my leather jacket.

H&M + WeCouldGrowUpTogether

I was looking at this and thought "where have I seen this person before?"...well it's our fellow blogger at WeCouldGrowUpTogether! Funny! Loves it!

Source: H&M

16th Collection - News Shoes

Belgium V.2

The rest of my days in Belgium was just relax days. We went to Antwerpen and saw the Black Masters at the MoMu. It was AMAZING. I have some pictures that I will post tonight. Then alot of eating and drinking...hahahahha. Well I did have vacation.

Also I had to climb up to the upper window of the townhouse, we got locked out of the house. I did use a latter as help, but still, it was a little scary. The roof on the first floor have tons of skylights so we had to manuver the latter to fit and to reach the roof. Then I had an extra meter to get to the window without touching the rooftiles. However I actually did it very fast. Ha ha ha. Oh and we barbequed and this beacsue it was so warm felt like summer. Finally...

Belgium - Day 1&2

I had a great time in Belgium. It is really late and seriously don't have the energy to qrite anything...but I will post some super ego pictures. I ate alot in Brussels. Amazing resturants that have Michelin stars, cake and macarons. Going to bed love love ;)

Btw, that's not my ass on one of the pictures. Lol.

Industrie Magazine - Anna Wintour Cover

Anna Wintour is on the cover of the new magazine Industrie. Love it :)


We made it! I have had the most amazing and fun day today that I have to tell you all about. I have done things that I never thought that I would. Anyhow...going to bed now and tomorrow I am going to Antwerpen. Yay! I did some shopping today at COS, got the nicest sweather. Kisses and good night ;)

Work and "L&I"

I haven't had anytime for my blog the last two days. That is such a bad thing, but I took some time now before hitting the bed. Work is crazy...I have soooo much to do, but as always I will manage. The only down side to all of this is that I have lost weight yet again. Hate when that happens. This weekend i am hoping that I will be able to go to Bruxelles and Antwerpen. But with this freaking ashcloud who knows?!

After work my friend Enrica(she's one of the sibblings that owns "La Stella del Nord") called me saying that she and Nerma were going to the one year celebration of the store "L&I". So we went and guess who was there?!! More of my friends. I met up with the crazy Christian, Alex and others. Alex had some killer sneakers from FilippaK that I now want! Lol. Gotta go now. Sleep thight boys and girls.

Ralph Lauren

Heeey ya'll!!! :)
I was supposed to blogg about this last week haha, but better now than never, right? Well anyways, I LOVE RALPH LAUREN, haha I really do. As you can see in this pic all of my clothes and even my shoes are from Ralph Lauren. I tell you guys, if I could I would wear everything from Ralph every single day and also I would live in the store haha and I'm not kidding.I love how they're working with so much colour and with the big emblems, big horses and everything, I absolutley love it. Every person I know associates me with Ralph Lauren, kind of funny. Well Ralph really knows how to make it work, so thanx! Kisses and hugs// Piccola Savi

In the Elevator

I am dead...super tired. Got home and am watching "Swedish Hollywoodwifes" and eating Ben&Jerry's icecream.

Issue April/May Wonderland Magazine

Source: Homotography Wonderland Photos:Xevi Muntané

Porta Volta Fondazione Feltrinelli

Herzog & de Meuron has designed the new headquarters for Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinellis. They have gone for transparecy and took insperation from the Milano Duomo. Some more highend architecture for Milano.

Ciaaaao tutti!!

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing just fine. Sorry about my blogging haha I haven't gotten around to it. But anyways I was at this party yesterday, it was my friends 18th birthday. We had a lot of fun, eating good food, drinkin' a little bit, chit chatting, laughing, dancing and just having a great time! This is what I was wearing, a little jacket from H&M,top from Rules by Mary, pants from Gina Tricot, belt from Gucci and boots from Scorett. Love black it's a classic choice. Well I have to work tomorrow so I wish you all a great night, hope you all had a nice day! Kisses / Piccola Savi

In the Elevator

Just got back from the cinema and I must say I LOVE "Kick Ass"!!!. We got some really nice smoothies from RedFella or whatever they are called.

Anyhow, back home and gonna make me some sandwiches and just relax...I tend to relax alot. Hahahha. you can se on the elevator picture, someone didn't wanted to be on the

New hair

You can't see much, but Ida made my natural curls come back, yes I am curly ;)Back to natural.

At the Movies

I saw "Clash of the Titans" and I will only say sucks. Major B-movie with massive budget. Don't see it, it's a waste of time and I will never get that time back.

But I'm hoping for the next movie that I'm going to see today. Great reviews and it looks good too. "Kick Ass"...everyone says that it's an amazing flick, well we will have to wait and see.

COS A/W 2010

I must say that I love COS and I do think that everyone knows it. The fall collection stays true to their core style, wich is the typical elegant scando look. A distinct 40s feel, with a hint of futurism and with a darker colour scheme makes this whole collection look a little more sleek. Can't wait for it.

Source: Selectism COS

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair - Summer Capsule 2010 Collection

12 Hours

12 hours that's all that I have to say. Long day yesterday, but I loved it. I came home to my parents house and just tried to take it easy. I did, I took it so easy that I passed out after eating a bean salad. Lol. Today I Ida will cut my hair. It is way to long now. I feel weird in it. But anyhow, now I have to get ready to head yo work. Bisou everyone.

Nicholas K A/W 2010

I love Nicholas K, and especially the next collection. This is what they have to say about it,

"For her Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection, designer Nicholas Kunz created a look that appears effortlessly thrown together yet sophisticated, with a nomadic, tribal feeling. The brand’s trademark aesthetic, slightly disheveled yet sexy, is perfect for travel and translates easily from day to night.
Oversized silhouettes are prevalent, with gauzy shirts and textured fabrics such as crinkled or bubbled cottons. The collection has an organic feeling and as always, functionality and comfort are key elements. Highlights include vegetable-dyed leathers, long flowing dresses and detachable faux fur around the collars and hoods for added warmth."

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