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The Power of Media

There was a time that when a person ruled the TV-waves, he or she ruled the world. But now that power has been balanced out. That one thing that has balanced out this power is what we all call the Internet.

I came to think about it when I saw “Videocrazy”. First of all, I must say that I felt very embarrassed, Embarrassed by the fact that that documentary is true. Still I must say that I know, as many of us do, that there are many things that are amazing in Italy. The culture, the food, the people and the fashion. But where there is beauty there is almost always also an equal balance of ugliness. These people that rule the media are very particular people. But there is one thing that they will never get…and yes that is the Internet.

A perfect example of this is all of the blogs and bloggers. If you shut down a blog, you can always start another one just as fast. If you feel miss portrayed then start a blog to justify yourself. Do what you feel is right. This is both great and bad at the same time, but this is the beauty of freedom of speech.

One industry that has taken this their hearts is in fact the fashion world. They are on Twitter, Facebook and they are bombarding the best bloggers and websites with backstage-photos, invites and other information to make sure that it spreads out as fast as possible to as many as possible. Dolce&Gabbana are the ones that are the pioneers with fashion on the Internet. Swide is their very own online magazine and bloggers get invited to sit most of the times front row. Others are now following. I promise that very soon every single magazine and fashionhouse will have their own in-house blogger and twitter-rati.
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