Nicholas K - Jackets

Honestly I'm not sure that all of these are jackets, but I do know that they are hot. Brands like this make me want to go to the States...oh yeah that's right I'm going! Hahahhaha. Anyhow, is the model one of the designers or owners of the brand? Cause I saw him on the last episode of "The City" and it said something about NicholasK.

Source: NicholasK

Armani Hotel @ Dubai

I am a fan of Dubai. Many might say it's plastic, crazy and over the top...but I say it's crazy and fun. Only thing missing is a cultural injection and that a majority of all construction has to be completed. One thing that made shockwaves around the world at it's opening was the Burj Khalifa with it's massive 828 meters.

On tuesday a second major opening happened and that was the first Armani Hotel. It's very suttle and very Armani in it's style. Dark and with a distinct 30s Shanghai style with a great feel for details. There were some rumers that signor Armani himself was affraid that the initial designs were already outdated, but I can't agree. There are some of his furniture that are horrible and that goes for other brands aswell, but the design of the hotel is very well thought thru and cohesent. There are 160 rooms, a spa, 8 resturants and 3 stores. Well done Armani.

Source: Zimbio Armani

Monocle @ HongKong

The Monocle shop in HongKong is up and running since 15th of April. Lucky you. I'm hoping for a Monocle store in Copenhagen, now that would be great. Mr Tyler BrĂ¼le, please open one in Copenhagen. Oh and get the latest issue, they have the most amazing espandrillos in raindeer or calfleather, but I couldn't find them in their webshop.

Source: Monocle
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