On my way home I met my friend and fellow blogger Sofie from OrDieTrying(she is also a model at Swedenmodels) and we haven't seen eachother for a very long time. We talked like crazy and she will also be in NYC when I'm there in September. On the train we started to talk about Nathalie Schuterman's daughter Chloé that is a mini fashionista at the age of 11(Anna Wintour would love her) and that we are getting old. But who cares and our new moto is "No brain, No pain".

Then I went grocery shopping and took a picture to show what my bags contained. This is what I eat, well amongst sother things. Oh and my bluesweather is new...H&M...I know, but I couldn't help it. It was on sale for 15 € :)

Saturday Outfit

I totally went sailor on Saturday ;) I had on deckshoes and a t-shirt from FilippaK with a huge anchor.

Narciso Rodriguez for Lindex

Swedish fashion giant(yes there are many more giants other then H&M in Sweden) Lindex has managed to get Narciso Rodriguez to design a collection for them. It's called "Pink Collection with Narciso Rodriguez" and 10% of the price goes to breastcancer research.

Project: Victoria Castle

Utopia Arkitekter decided to do a little project for the Crown Princess of Sweden. They thought that it would be suitable for our future queen.

The castle would be situated between the Old Town Island and Skeppsholmen Island. The castle it self would not have a backside, it would be open on all sides. The architects felt that this would help Victoria to promote the future Sweden to its fullest. I like the shape of the building, but not to keen on the colour. But it would be kind of amazing to see a new castle in Stockholm. By the way...I'm a total Monarchist.

Source: Utopia

Szymon Zürn - Spring/Summer Video

This new designer is (if I'm not wrong) a Polish/Swedish designer. His clothes almost lean between a classic elegant feel togheter with avantgarde. Erik bought the "Hard Knock" jacket from him and some other things aswell, and they are really well done.

Szymon Zürn, Self-Made Man, Spring- & Summer 2010 from Szymon Zürn on Vimeo.


In the Elevator

MarcJacobs - Bang

Mr MarcJacobs is using himself for this campaign. I would have done the same if it was my company! Hahahahah and with that body of his...well done Marc. I hope that Bang is as good as the package. The bottle is a futuristic style that no one has done, yet, and I bet that many will follow. I see some strong architecural tendencies especially from giants such as Daniel Libeskind and Zaha Hadid.

WINQ - Underwear feature

WINQ Homotography

FilippaK + Fotografiska

FilippaK are now doing a collaboration with Fotografiska in Stockholm. If you didn't know Fotografiska is a new museum completely dedicated to photographic art. Sound fantastic. The products that FilippaK will be designing are things such as bags and other accessories and these will be sold exclusively at the museum.

Also join the competion with your own photos...the most 15 amazing and stylish ones will win the products the FilippaK have done for Fotografiska. Go here and post your photos!

Acne - London

Acne is opening up in London. It will be located on 13 Dover Street, Mayfair in a 5 story building. Great for London :)


I found this really amazing phone by a Danish company called Lumigon. It's supposedly very fast and extremly good, but all I care about is the looks. Yes I'm shallow. I think that this could be my next phone...

L'Ecole National - Knitwear

As I have mentioned before, I love L'EcoleNational and their collection for s/s 2010 that's very classic. I got the top greycardigan and I adore the other two aswell. But as I have said before, no more shopping before NYC...that's going...not well I must say :)


In the Elevator

Love my new jacket. It was actually warm enough to use it today. Tomorrow I'll use the other one that I've got.

DVMan - Break

One of the best men's fashion magazines is going on a years break. Bonnier media that owns the magazine says that due to the finacialcrisis foriegcompanies have pulled back with their ads. This ment less money for DVMan and now they hope for a re-launch in 2011. Lets hope so, since this is or should I say was, one of the absolute best magazines out on the market.

Source: DagensMedia Picture: I Models


The Personalshopper at Café showed some of the best clothes for this fall from the biggest fashion-chains in Sweden. In the right corner of this photo is a sweater in blue from MQ. Loves it, just hope that it looks the same when they launch the fall-collection.


I woke up today and felt very rested. I was supposed to meet up with Ida and Simon at Torso Twisted last nigth, but I finished watching "The Duchess" with Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes and Charlotte Rampling instead. That woman was very interesting and I adored her nickname - The Empress of Fashion.


My day started of with the gym(made video from the gym), then we all went to have brunch at...Torso Twisted, we walked around in the city to end up at the fascinating exibition at the ArtMuseum. The artist is called Pascale Marthine Tayou from Cameroon. Google him, since I don't really know how to explain his art. It's almost like he tries to show how massconsumption affects every class of society.

Then I went to this frenchstyle boulangerie that is new in Malmö. Amazing I must say...everything felt just that...french. Got my favourites, Macarons that I as always eat up very fast. I only had three left for my photo. Now we are going to eat something and I must relax since I have started with my drugs. Check out my kitt that I got and the size of these pills. Nasty :) Lol.

Robyn - Dancing On My Own (Official Video)

Dolce&Gabbana Party

On 19th June, be ready for a festival of celebrities from around the world. According to the rumours, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jonny Depp and Robert Pattinson should make an appearance to pay a tribute to Stefano Gabbana, Domenico Dolce and Milan.

In the past two decades this made in Italy duo has revolutionised the man’s wardrobe. Thanks to their unique sense of style, their Sicilian roots, the Dolce&Gabbana man is now a worldwide-recognized icon.

Something will surely happen however the details have still to be confirmed. An exhibition opened to the press, friends and family is said to take place on 19th June in Palazzo Marino.

An exclusive Dolce&Gabbana gift on 19th June: from 7-9pm, for the people of Milan and the visitors in a form of a Dolce&Gabbana menswear retrospective open to the public on Piazza Della Scala should showcase 20 years of creation on some multimedia platforms.


Today I finally I got the results from my doctor and I am very sick. Some of you know it already, but this is what I have...nr1 - huge internal infection...a normal person have a 50 level of bacterias and such in their internal systems...I have 475, that's almost 10 times more, nr2 - I have and additional infection in my stomac and nr3 - I'm lactosintollerant.

Monday I will start my cure of a series of super medications. Then after 2 weeks they will make another full body check-up. So now we know why I have been so sick for the last year. I feel great but tired. I will of course let you know what happens along the way. Here is an Elevator Pics, a pic of Hanna my CO ProjectManager and from sunny Sweden:) Have a great night boys and girls.

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