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Caridigan: Zara
Granpa-sweather: Weekday
Bag: 16thcollection (Storyfall)
Glasses: 16thCollection (storyfall)
Sneakers: F-Troupe
Watch: Vintage 40 or 50s Omega

Filippa K - A/W 2010

"Fall Winter 2010" by Filippa K from Filippa K on Vimeo.

Good mornin*

I have started to have issues with getting up in the mornings. Ellen’s show is what I watch to wake up. But these last two weeks I have overslept every single day. I haven’t been late or anything like that, but I have to get ready in 10min before leaving and that isn’t ok. Normally I don’t eat until I come to the office, but since I have accelerated with my training I have to force myself to eat now.

My breakfast usually consist of a soybean protein shake. Now I have added creatin, chrunchies with soymilk and finally my dear protein shake. Today I got up at 05:00 and followed my scheme of getting ready. Now I just have to keep it up. Also, I tend to sleep something like 5 hours a night.

Yesterday I met up with Zarah and we had ice lattes and I had a huge cookie (need my sweets), we went to this café and let me say this…I know who owns that café and he should fire that person that served us. Cranky and rude ass, he is lucky that I’m not his boss. Zarah had her amazing Chanel-bag, I never realized that they’re so big, or at least her bag.

Then I went home and relaxed some and finally hit the gym. My gym at 21:30 is weird. It was so strange last night there. The music was off, people were whispering, some people just came in to “work-out” for 10 min and someone just came in to take a shower. By the way, I never shower at the gym or any other public space for that matter. I left and was kind of freaked out thinking that someone was following me, but no one was. It was just the feeling from the gym that was following me ;)

Gucci - Men's Catalogue A/W 2010

In the Elevator

Good morning guys. I am extremely tired. It’s almost to the point where I can’t really think. Anyhow, today I’m going to meet up with Zarah and chat some. Then the gym and finally home. Ok, got to go now. Talk later ;)

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New Cut

Here comes the pictures. I'm loving my new hair. It kinda looks like what I have had in the past, but it's much longer on the top.

Ps. The photos are taken in a bathroom...bad background :)

JC - Summer Video

The song in the back is sang by a band called Familjen/ and they sing in my Swedish dialect. Love it!

Glad sommar önskar JC! from JC jeans and clothes on Vimeo.

Hugo Boss Black A/W 2010 Campaign

MQ - News

Swedish clothing chain MQ usually have great basics and somethimes even single strong pieces. This coming fall/winter they have one jacket that I have to check out and one knitted sweather. It's the grey top one of the 3 pictures below. The rugh feeling and grey colour is what I'm feeling somewhat for the extrem cold Scando winter. The sweathers retail for around 500-600 Sek.


I'm at Ida's and going to get my hair cut. She shaid that she has something different in store for me that it will be amazing as usuall.

We have had the most wonderful evening on her roof. Wine, dine and ciggs(yes I have smooked, bad I know) and a seagull that hated us with all of his heart. I belive that the roof is his territory. I told Ida that I might have to piss around us the make him stop the attacts.

It was tres Alfred Hitchcock. I will show my hair later. Bisou and enjoy your night boys and girls :)

Robyn - Body Talk PT 2

Body Talk PT 2 Full track listing:

8. INDESTRUCTIBLE (acoustic version)

I can't wait for this!!! Also go to ScandiPop and read the full article. Since I haven't heard the album I can't really say anything about it. Look at track it. Oh and below, the offical video for "Hang With Me"

Robyn - Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.

Nikolaj by Nikolaj d'Étoiles A/W 2010

This collection is vast. Classic cuts and very safe. There are some details that I have seen other designers do, but it's a very usable collection.Nikolaj by Nikolaj d'Étoiles clothes are in very good quality and goes well as a base with other stronger pieces in once wardrobe. I hope that their collections for 2011 will be just as good as the once from 2009.

Robyn - Hang With Me

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Gym Day

Source: Homotography Daman Photos: MattAlbiani

Kill Frenzy - Master plan (Cheaper thrills)

You have to listen to this. Check it out ;)

Kill Frenzy - master plan (160 kbps)

Kill Frenzy - Night walk (preview)

Well made

I went to see "Inception" on Friday. I had some expectations but usually I try not to.

As the film started, I was caught immediately and I hoped that Christopher Nolan hadn't put all of the effort on the beginning of the film and then like most productions...the end would be watered out. This was not the case as the film just continued to build up and became even more intriguing and pulled me deeper into it.

It was more than a semi science-fiction with the typical group of people with a mission. No, this movie covered the human way of denying your own problem. How we don’t want to deal with them until the problem becomes critical.

There was one thing that I liked in particular with the movie and that was the 4th dream (see the movie and you will understand). Mr. Nolan had taken inspiration from Le Corbusier’s skyscraper plan for Paris in 1925 (Plan Voisin for Paris, 1925). This plan was so futuristic when it was made that even today on film it is some architect’s dream of the future. The city was much disciplined even when chaos is flourishing around us. But, a well structured city can't never hide the problems that lives in it.

I left the cinema breathless and couldn’t say a word. I was so impressed with the fact that this movie was so well made and thought thru that most films will never be able to match up. Go and see it, well worth the time and the money you spend.

Picture: LifeLoom

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You, yourself and you

Yesterday I came home afterwork and died on my couch. Perfectly happy with not doing anything I made a decision to stay on that grey sofa all night…covered with pillows. But then my phone ringed and Ida said ”I’m coming and you are going out with me”

At first I didn’t really feel like it at all, and was struggling to fix myself, but I did and went out. First I met up with my dear Ida and we went walking thru Malmö heading for the ”Opera Grillen” at the Opera. There we sat down and drank lots and lots of white wine, talked and just listened to live jazz. It was amazing. Then after an hour or so Erik and his friend came and joined us.

Ida and I always talk a lot (I have a trophy in talking too much) and we realized something very important. I have focused on my job to the point when everything else has been neglected.

I forget to clean my house, make my home more livable and care about it, wash my clothes (thank the Karma God that I have a wardrobe the size of a store), write meaningful posts on my blog…not just post a picture, answer your comments and mails, be with my friends and family and now for the last week I haven’t been to the gym. That is very very bad of me.

When Ida looked at me and said that I have to un focus a bit from the job and turn my attention to myself. Basically Ida said that I will do everything half good if I don’t start to put myself first. So I’m going to try that starting today.

First I will start with the gym. Then after the gym I will start to plan a photo-shoot for my blog. Thirdly I will do a makeover on the blog, because quite frankly it’s becoming kind of boring at the moment…or? Tomorrow I will go and see Inception and then dinner and starting Saturday the summer house will be my escape weekend.

We all have to focus on ourselves and after you’ve done that then put your friends and family secondly. Trust me you need to do that…otherwise you will lose yourself and then your friends. And remember work always comes 4th or 5th.

Inception - Christopher Nolan - Trailer n°3 (HD)
Uploaded by 6ne_Web. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.
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