In the Elevator

Sweather: Helmut Lang
Sweather 2: Hope
Chinos: Whyred
Shoes: 16thCollection (Storyfall)

Sweather: Cos
Chinos: Whyred
Shoes: 16thCollection (Storyfall)

Cardigan: L'ecole National
Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Grandpa-sweather: Cheap Monday
Desert boots: Asos
Bag: 16thCollection (Storyfall)


The CrayFish party at Anna's was great...I got a tiny bit drunk and ended the night dancing like crazy. I by accident hit my friend Cattis in the face with my arm, I felt so stupid and another thing, I have realised (cause someone told me) that I have a growing reader-base called "Business men". I love that. I have gotten mails about it but haven't really understud it until Erik H told me that he reads my blog. Now he has given me a task and I will accept it! Jag kommer att lyckas med det Erik och kommer att lägga ut det uppgiften innan jag åker till New York.

Also, thanks to Annam Oskar and Cattis for the party! We had a great time and lets do it again soon. Ton of love and Cattis darling, have fun in Tokyo!


Today the lovely miss Berghe has invited us to a kräftskiva, that is translated to crayfish party. Basically you eat tons of crayfish, drink snaps and sing silly swedish songs. Loves it. I've already been to one so this will be my second one this year. But first drinks in Malmö to start up...can't wait. Oh and you need to wear silly hats aswell as shown below. Gonna be fun to see the darling Anna and Cattis today.


Got home was super psyched to go to the gym...but no. I ended up eating dinner, reading Wallpaper and Monocle (I'm lying I was looking at the pictures) and I watched GossipGirl. There is only one person to blame and that's one of my sisters.

No gym today, but it's not like I will get fat. Anyhow I want to recommend the latest book that I've read, Sophie Kinsella's 4th shopaholic book. Hilarius. Gotta go now...XoXo...LAME! Hahahah, love ;)

Anna Wintour - Necklace

For 1440 Sek you can have the amazing Anna Wintour around neck at all time, or just some cool party. The necklace from "Défilé from PAris" is really cool and they have other characthers such as Karl Lagerfeldt and Rihanna in a Victor&Rolf dress.


Dinner - Elin & Linus

The other day we had Elin and Linus over for dinner( I and Elin cooked). The best thing with these two that they say what they want and you don't really have be careful of what you say. I sometimes have a tendance of trying to make my friends feel a little uncomfortable by saying some crazy shit. Elin does the same and I love it. It's nothing bad just fun information that make people pull their eyebrows up.

Anyhow, before we entered the apartment I tried to force them to be on an elevator picture...and I kinda of managed to take a picture. It's a little blurry. Oh an one more thing, people don't drink wine and sleep 5 will feel it. I passed out on the train the day after and almost missed my stop.

In the Elevator

Jacket: Zara
Chinos: Tiger of Sweden
Grandpa sweathers: Bruuns Bazaar
Belt: Jimmy Choo for H&M
Sneakers: Raf by RafSimons

Winter Jacket

I'm searching for a winter jacket. It's really hard to find something that looks good and that can handle the extreme cold of Scandinavia. Yesterday I gave it a shot. I don't know if anyone remembers, but a couple of posts ago I showed some news from Swedish retailer MQ and there was one hot jacket.

I found it and let me tell has the worst fit ever. The arms are too long and it's bulky. Look how horrible I look in it! Worst of all this jacket costs around 200$! Wonder if I can find anything in New York...

In the Elevator

Leather Jacket: Gabba
Sweather: BruunsBazaar
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Sneakers: Converse
Bag: 16thCollection (Storyfall)

Being Tired

I have been swamped at work today. It came to the point when I just thought that my head was going to burst. I got my headache back and I just said "F*ck I'm going to loose it". But I didn't and took a minibreak away from everyone.

This tiny tiny relaxroom at my office is like a gift from the Karma God. Or? Not stylish but it works. Very well I must say...I almost passed out on the couch. Hahahaha. Imagine that! I would have been SOOOOOOOOOO fired.

I had my coffeé and then after 15 min of "me" time I went back to work harder then before.

PaoloSavi @ Qlix Mag

My first CopenhagenFashionWeek S/S 11 article got picked up by QlixMag. Kinda nice :)


Nakkna S/S 2011

Carin Wester S/S 2011

Whyred S/S 2011

Dr Denim S/S 2011

Gucci Guilty

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The Local Firm S/S 2011

Source: MercedesBenzFashionWeek TheLocalFirm

Filippa K S/S 2011

Cheap Monday S/S 2011


My dear cousin Robert had his B-Day party yesterday. It was calm with alot of family...I was on the edge the whole time due to an overdose of coffeé and energydrinks. Lol.

I spent the night at my sisters house and when I woke up this morning I wanted to die. I have this weird headache and it's focal point is behing my eye! Then I had to get my ass to the office...I really don't feel like working at all!

Oh and my mom and PiccolaSavi got home yesterday from Greece and they got me some sandals! Like I need more of anything ;)

CopenhagenFashionWeek S/S 2011

The Scando-countries have a way of doing things their own way. The Danes are particularly good at this. Know for dressing and creating in their own way this was very present in the S/S collections for 2011. Nothing is too weird for them, but the weirdness is combined with avant-gardism and commercialism almost to perfection.

Every time I pass the bridge to go to Copenhagen I tend to feel more relaxed and able to experiment with my clothes much more then I can in Sweden. The Swedes are very well dressed, but most of us follow others rather then creating our own style. As a child I still remember when my mom used to say “dress the way you like. You shouldn’t care what others think, just look at the Danes”. I couldn’t agree more.

The man that has taken this to heart is the one and only Henrik Vibskov. Mr Vibskovs shows are always something spectacular. He likes to entertain the crowds and leave us with an awe feeling. The collection for S/S 2011 was a mix of 90s pop, strong graphic patterns and dashes of futurism. The fabrics and colors were strong. At times he used heavy fabrics and to make them “lighter” cover them in strong happy colors.

Peter Jensen is the happy man of Copenhagen. I felt that the collection was fun. It had some great details such as white socks with colored stripes and clogs. Here the preppy 80s was very present with the elegant hair and overdose of strong colors.

The sporty brand Wood Wood made a stronger collection then the A/W 2010. I like sporty but it’s not really my style. It felt like the had taken inspiration from Prada Sport at the end of the 90s but twisted it with bleached pants and military influences. The sport bags were perfect, but the wet look not so much.

One of my favorites was Frost Birgens. Not that the collections was super strong, but it’s was usable in a great way. The simplicity of the clothes and typical Birgens details makes the clothes. The rounded corners of the jackets, loose chinos, colored knits and 17th centaury military influences. This was almost like a soldier that left war on his way home thru the European farmlands.

All the pictures courtesy of CopenhagenFashionWeek

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