Now I'm going to hit the bed. I wanted to read the latest book tha I got from Sophie Kinsella "Minishopaholic"...yes there's one more, just so you know M, but I forgot it at home this morning. I was sooooooo tired that I passed out on the couch, thank the karma God that LaPiccolaSavi was there to wake me up. Otherwise I swear that I would have been late for work.

Posting some pictures from this week. We had diner at "Brogatan" in Malmö, it was so nice there with a lot of strange artsy people, oh and the food superb. Funniest thing, Stephi went to get a jacket at "ABCD" and when she paid she got a Dior scarf for free. The guys was just like "Pick one". I wish that someone would say that to me too..."Here pick one. Doesn't matter waht it costs". One can only dream ;) Bisou and sleep thight boys and girls.

Drop Tee - Weekday

This is one of those things that is bothering me like crazy. I was at Weekday before I left for NYC. I saw these three drop tees and though "oh, this is something that is very Paolo. I should get them". But then after I tried them on I was a little insecure, but not about the price...200 Sek. Super cheap. Anyhow, I didn't get them thinking "I will get some cool t-shirts in NYC", here's the funny thing I only got pants, shoes, gifts and facial cream. I hope that these will come back to the Weekday store in Malmö, I want to have them...badly.

Blue Movie - Zoo Magazine

Source: Homotography Zoo

Winter Jackets

I'm having some major issues finding jackets. But I have found a couple contenders. I'm trying to set a budget and so far soo good. Nothing way to expensive, and the thing is the last time I spent alot of money on a winter jacket, I had it for...8 years, but trust me I got more jackets to make sure that I can change styles.

The styles that I'm going after are very classic cuts. I really like the short down jackets but also the "blazer" styled down jackets. The ones from Enrico Coveri are really hot.

But I can't seem to be able to make up my mind. I found one from Z Zegna at The Corner, Hackett and finally this grey J.Lindeberg. I am going to wait until I get to Brussels and Paris later on in October. I just have to make sure that I don't spend my money before I


Gents and ladies....I have been working like crazy. It has gotten to the point when I am litterally starting forget to do normal things. I am multi coordinating my project managin, coaching for sales and trying to have a personal life. Even a couple of my agents got kinda sad when I promised to help them and the minute that I turned around I forgot to help them out. But I fixed it all, but I think that I have to send a mail to everyone about it...just in case they think that I have my head up my ass.

I have soo much to talk about on the blog that I have started to write down small notes everywere and now I will collect them and write about all the topics that have been running around my disorganized head.

One of them weird neighbours. Stuck up snotty people. Well not all of them, but this one ugly ass blond bitch passed my mom and Erik in the apartment hallways and just went "Ehhhhehhhh" instead of saying "Hi, sorry would you mind moving so I could pass by?". She was lucky that I wasn't there I would have said "Having issues opening your mouth or haven't your parents thought you manors? Just a simple question or was that to hard for you?".

Anyhow, I have to show what I've shopped and what I want to get. I'm scanning every single website and store after the perfect winter jacket. Oh so very hard to find something amazing.

VOGUE CFDA Finalist: Loden Dager/new Fall 2010

Loden Dager Video Fall 2010 from Société Vellocet on Vimeo.

PaoloSavi @ Make Up Store Magazine

One of my photos made it...but it's cut differently then the other pictures. Anyhow, it's available world wide at a Make Up Store.

Tami - Cat Cane

LuisaViaRoma are selling some tres interessting fashion items this season. They started out with the really fun necklace's that resembled Anna Wintour and now they are selling cane's. This cat cane from Tami is really chic. Well it all depends on how one dresses, but with some grey 40s styled rolled-up pants, high boots, thight jacket with a high collar and hair that is super high, this cane would be one cool accessorie.

Leighton Meester

Super cheese, but damn I'm a sucker for this!

New York V.3

One of the days whilst shopping, I needed some wine. I as many of you knows, love my wine. We got to this place in SoHo and I have a tendency to talk to anyone if I want too. After making friends with the bartender(she looked like a hotter version of Jolie) I managed to get six huge glasses of an amazing Piemontese white wine, then I went outside and we asked the two women sitting there about some things in Nyc. One of them asked me "Do you know Carolina Gynning?" I responded "No i don't but she is the most famous woman in Sweden". This woman, Maria from Milano, continued to tell me that Carolina and she were roomies in London when they were modeling and how ms Gynning was running around say how famous she would become. I said that she became famous after Big Brother, which is true, but she has done so much more afterwards(I really like Carolina Gynning). Then Maria says "Yeah after she f*cked someone in that show", Ida looks at Maria and says "So I presume that you don't like her?"..."no I don't" Maria says "that bitch f*cked my boyfriend when I live in England".

I couldn't stop laughing, and it didn't stop there. Mrs Maria had a really cool frenchy, frnch bulldog that is, called Dom Perignon. Tons of people came up to her and wante dto pet the dog. One woman ran up and said "Omg is that a frenchy?!", "No it's a hotdog" Maria responded. The woman looked at her and couldn't understand and I was laughing. Then Maria smiled and said "of course it's a frenchy".

Maria's job at the moment was to walk her doggy and the ring on her finger was a huge diamond. I mean it was massive.

After 10 hours of running around and two huge full glasses of wine, we went back to the hotel to freshen up...we got in to the room and I layed down on the bed and woke up 12 hours later and asked Ida "when are we going to eat dinner?". We couldn't stop laughing after that.

COS Campaign A/W 2010

COS - Winter Looks

The Quote

" Omg, last fall was totally a bad hair-season"

Taken from Helena

New York V.2

I'm sitting on a train headed for Helsingborg now and I was going thru my pictures of Nyc. I want to go there again and again and again. I will be coming back next year at least twice.

One thing needs to be said, I am a shopaholic but I'm also a total archi- and museumnerd. We went to Moma one day and spent something like two hours there, the Matisse exibit was boring. I only like his Moroccan periode. What I found most amazing was actually the building it self. The sculpturegarden is to die for.

Showing you guys a selection of my pictures from the trip and will post more later on. My train has arrived an I have to get off before I end up in Gothenburg. Bisou.

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