I'm sitting in a town house in Waterloo right now. I love it here. Tomorrow we are going Antwerpen to meet my best friend Karin that is in Amsterdam. Monday I'm heading to Paris and then Antwerpen again later on during the week.

Yesterday was great, woke up and had breakfast at the new Marriott in Malmö. Even though it was slow and the selection was poor, I was happy. Then we ordered new things for the office, packed and the over to Copenhagen to take the plane to Brussels.

Shit I was tired and my pills make me feel weird, but who cares. I got some wonderful wine and some amazing cheese.

Joe's Juice Bar at Kastrup Airport. The have one rule here, only hot men or boys can work here.

One tired Paolo at Brussels Airport.

Filippa K - Malmö Event

Me, Erik and Stephanie got invited to the Filippa K event in Malmö last wednesday. It was ok, classy compared to the awful Diesel event the week earlier also in Malmö, and we got goodiebags. So the boys got a t-shirt and the girls leather bracelletes.

I met one of my friends AC, or Anna Carolina. We went to upper secondary school togheter and she blogs aswell. Check her out at The Insider, I must say that me and her used to be obsessed with dressing up for school. We had a thing for fashion and that seems to be the case still to this day. Hahahahah. capital letters, my hair looks like crap in these pictures...

New Hair

I left for Belgium on friday, but on thursday I met up with Ida to cook and drink some very nice Masi wine. Anyhow, Ida have been on my ass to make me stop using my flatiron and to make my hair longer. So she took charge and look how cool this is. The only thing I use for my hair now is powderspray and normail hairspray. That's it. The style is supposed to be somewhat 18th centuary meets avantgardism.

In the Elevator

Jacket: L'Ecole National
Scarf: Zara
T-shirt: Zara
Cardigan: H&M
Sweather: Weekday
Shoes: Storyfall
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Bag: Vintage
Watch: 1930s Omega

Jacket: Hetregó
Sweather: Jimmy Choo for H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Bag: Mulberry
Sneakers: Filippa K
Scarf: H&M
Watch: Sandoz

COS - Århus Denmark

Congrats to Århus! I want COS to open in Malmö right now!

Shoot V.3

This is one of the pictures from the shoot. I don't like my mouth here, but still it looks great! It's still not retouched :)Great job Joakim.


Today I had to pass by my doctor for a routine thingy. I still seem to have some kind of infection in my body, so more pills. I'm tired of pills now...but I gotta do what I gotta do. So when I went to get my medicines I took the chans to just get some other things aswell. Such as my shampoo and volume powder from SachaJuan, the "Devil Wears Prada" book in English and a new t-shirt and a two meter long knitted scarf from Zara. I know that I wasn't supposed to shop anything at all but I couldn't resist.

I will not get anything more this month...I hope...even though it will be really hard since I'm going to Brussels on friday and Paris on monday and tuesday. Yeay for the french and dutch speaking countires. Love them both.

By the way, can I use socks with my velvet slippers?


I can't get enough of magazines. These are the latest ones that I got. The GQ style is really good. It is different then most fashion mags and actually have some great articles and great editorials. Like I've said on my Twitter, I had to much fashion at one point and needed to redescover it...well GQStyle is one of those magazines that has helped me with doing that.

It's like eating your favourite candy again after you've been on a diet. My favourite articles are "Shock Tacticts" about Calvin Klein, "Star Man" the new super star Douglas Booth and the "Outlaws" editorail by Guzman. Go get it.

Also interior magazines such as danish "Bolig" and "Elle Decor" will always have a place in my home. Interior design is actually one thing that I never get tired of.

Lanvin loves H&M

Here it comes, first look from what seems to be the first photo from the H&M and Lavins collaboration. I didn't get it, but I found it at fellow blogger Jepsukkas blog. This is AMAZING!!!!! Can you imagine how the mens wear is going to turn out?? This is a total OMD or am I wrong?!

Shoot V.2

I wanted to show you the before and after of the one of the make-up styles that they did yesterday. It was pure hell to get it off, they had to use something called "Yes" that's usually for washing dirty dishes. My face was soar and still is for that matter. Is just me or do I look like that fighter that worked for Darth Vader in "Star Wars"???

New Shoot

So yesterday I had a shoot and it was for Make Up Store. Let's hope that Mika Liias like these photos when they are retouched and done. I have one thing to say about the shoot...firts time ever that I have ever been covered in sooooooo much makeup. But I must say that it was real fun, cause I had never done anything like it.

At first I was like "ok so how am I gonna work this", but there's an expression "a model is like a canvas" and I had to make that my mantra for the shoot. I was laughing like crazy at times, but the pictures that I saw were fantastic. Posting some of them now, and when they are done I'll post the rest of them.

In the Elevator

Jacket: Hetregó
Chinos: Rugby
Oversized Sweather: Weekday
Boots: Zara

Jeans: Marc JAcobs
Boots: Zara
T-shirt: Filippa K
Cardigan: BZR
Jacket: Hetregó

In the Elevator

Downjacket: Hetregó
Grey Jacket: Asos
Jeans: Dr Denim
T-shirt: Samsö/Samsö
Boots: Rickard L

Hate it & Bad Lights

Here's the thing...don't ever never take any pictures when there's bad lights. It will give you a lower selfconfidance. I was utterly surprised and shocked. Anyhow look at my freaking hair...I want to ask you all how I should cut my hair? Any ideas? Let me know!

Herr Judit

Since my dear Bonvintage shop closed I have been thinking about a good vintage shop. I was reading a swedish mens fashion magazine and suddenly saw the Stockholm store "Herr Judit". I have heard of it before, but they now have a webshop so we all can shop there. They have some great vintage pieces such a Persol sunglasses.

Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 2

Body Talk Pt. 2 by robyn

ASOS - Made in England Vibram Wedge Sole Boot

Fall/winter boots are kind of hard to find. Or am I wrong? I have to many pairs of shoes in generall but I'm always looking for something new. Hardwear in Copenhagen have some great ones that resambles these that I found at Asos. The wedge sole is hot. These are somehow an evolution of what was in last year, but the woodworker of what ever they are called I didn't like, these however are more classic. They retail at 150£ and are made in England.

News @ Jus

Olivia Palermo & Johannes Hubel for Mango

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Hubel are going to be the new faces for spanishbrand Mango. Smart move by Mango. I have said over and over again that celebs shouldn't be doing any more campaigns, but in this case I feel different. Maybe because both are very stylish and they both look very very good and secondly they both work in fashion.


I have had this Mucca from Bialetti for almost 3 years now, but here's the thing...I have only used it once. Mostly because I felt that the coffeé tasted bad when I made it in the Mucca.

But one day my dad got one and when he made my dear latté in it...I was like "Do we even have the same product???!!!" And yes he showed me and now I'm addicted to my cow. Sunday was my latté day, I made 5 huge lattés and was super happy! Anyhow I have only one thing to say...get one! Oh and my Lavazza goes perfect with it and it looks good in my kitchen.

In the Elevator

Dolce&Gabbana - Milano Thunder Italian Boxing Team

Italy is the country of beauty. Just imagine that Valentino and Armani are amongst those designers that have created outfits for the state, one department is the Carabinieri (a sort of policeman).

Dolce & Gabbana have a love for beautiful athletes. They have helped Milan FC and now they have given the Italian boxingteam some attention. Classic and very Dolce, this might be the most stylish boxingteam in the world.

Paolo Savi @ GlamHardy

Paolo Savi @ Trendnista

Paolo Savi @ Homotrophy

I have popped up at tons of blogs lately just because of this shoot. Doing anotherone soon that is gonna be a bit crazy. Lets see how that goes :)

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