In the Elevator

Scarf: Acne
Jacket: Hetregó
T-shirt: Weekday
Jeans: Marc Jacobs
Black Cardigan: Bruuns Bazaar
Grey Cardigan: H&M
Boots: Bally

Jacket: Parajumpers
Jeans: Filippa K
Boots: Vagabond
Fur Scarf: Bruuns Bazaar
Fur Cap: Bought at Zebra Helsingborg

Copenhagen V.2

I didn't really take any pictures in Copenhagen yesterday since it was snowing as hell. You can't really see anything at all in the picture from inside Joe's Juice Bar, but you can get an idea. In 30 minutes it snowed around 15 cm...if it wasn't for my Bally's then my feet would have been freezing and wet.

Ps. The sandiwiches at Joe's are to die for. Healty and tasty.


We went to Copenhagen today, and it was snowing like crazy. I love that city and as I have said before, the best shopping in the world. But today I didn't find anything. I was going balistic, I couldn't find anything at all that I really wanted. Stephanie and Erik keep on asking me or should I say telling me "Do you need that?" No I don't really need anything. I hate that. I don't need anything except for the following, gloves and cap. That's it...basically. What I want is different, but funny as it is I still didn't get anything other then two deep red velvet pillows for christmas and a cardigan from Zara that I paid almost nothing for.

At the H&M in Copenhagen almost everything from the "Lanvin love H&M" was still available and I must say huge dissapointment. It was awful. Very bad materials and it looked tres cheap. I am glad that I cancelled the dilivery of all those products. I hope that they do it better next time.

Oh, I have gotten hooked on Willow Smiths song "Whip my hair" and I like it...alot. But it feelings kind of weird thinking that she is only around 10 years old and she sings the way she does. Anyhow, way to go Willow and keep up the ggod work, it's almost scary how much she looks and acts like her father.

Anna Dello Russo - The Scent

The super stylish Anna Dello Russo has launched "The Scent". The ad is shoot by Mr Teller and the bottle is a golden shoe. It must represent all her fab shoes, or am I wrong? She is hilarius...did you guys know that Anna have one seperate apartment in Milano just for her clothes? Well she does and I'm very jealous. I would like to turn our guestroom into a huge wardrobe. One can only dream.

COS - Christmas

In the Elevator

Jacket: Hetregó
Chinos: Rugby
Grandpa sweather: Resteröds
Boots: Zara
Cardigan: Emilio
Scarf: H&M
Belt: Zara
Watch: Bulova Chronograph

Asos - Christmas Gifts

Asos is great. They have both things for the ordinary man and the ones who likes their clothes more avantgarde. If you mix it well and style it right, their clothes can look great and expensive. It also depends how you "wear" them. Anyhow, these items that I found are things that I would wear and maybe will put them on my list for Santa. I have noooooooooo idea what people will get me...since this is the first year ever everyone is keeping it a secret. I love and hate it at the same time...

Grey t-shirt 22£
Black t-shirt 18£
Black sunglasses 12£
Metallic blue grandpa sweather with hood 20£
Boots 70£
Brown sunglasses 10£

Jus - Sunday

Fab store Jus in Stockholm will be opened on Sundays from 1300 to 1600. Great for the Stockholmers.

Filippa K - Weekend offer

If you spend 1500 Sek or Nok at selected FilippaK stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Oslo you will get 3 basic t-shirts for free. That is a value of 400x3 Sek I think...but I'm not really sure. Good deal.

New York Story

I and almost everyone I know have a love for the city of New York. One thing that I would never use is a "I Love New York" t-shirt or any other print t-shirt. Storyfall have however made a sober grey t-shirt that have a "New York Story" print over the chest area. This I would wear.

Get one and creat your own New York retails for a mere 159 Sek.

My Niece

My little niece is the most beautiful child in the world. I uesd to be scared of small children and I couldn't even hold them until they turned 1 year. But she forced me to hold her and it is amazing.

She's very happy, she knows what she wants and she is adorable. I will spoil her sensless and my sister and brother-in-law will not be happy about it...but imagine how cute she would look in Baby Marc.


We all groom ourselfes somehow. Everyone in different ways to keep us fresh and goodlooking. But has anyone thought about the amount of time we spend shaving, plocking, vaxing and so on.

I am a man with very little hair by nature. I'm very happy about it, but I trim certain places cause it feels fresher. Usually I do this every week...but yesterday I did for the first time in 2 months and it took me almost an hour to do everything. The trimming was the worst, felt like a forest in certain places, the plocking my brows was nothing. I have to shape my brows cause I have one huge one. My brow needs to be split in two then shaped alittle in the middle.

Then we come to the rest of the face. Wash, scrubb (3 times a week) and a mask (2 times a week). My little sister tells me that I need to tan some, so I'm going to start with that as well, but only once a week. Don't want to look like mr Armani now or in the future. But at the same time, I don't want to be as white as Madonna. We all need some sun and colour...even though it might be artificial.

I would never do anything else and I'm lucky that my grooming only takes an hour a week, but who knows what will happen in the future. I have a friend that have a super muscle body that decided to do lipo and anotherone that is beautiful who does botox from time to time. One has just passed 30 an the other one is closing in on 30. Do what ever you want but alwyas do it in moderation. You don't want to have a stiff and pulled face like Joan Rivers. Looks like she is always running towards strong winds.

In the Elevator

Jacket: Hetregó
Cardigan: Filippa K
T-shirt: American Apparel
Jeans: Dr Denim
Boots: Bally
Watch: Vintage 50s Bulova Accutron
Scarf: H&M

Jacket: Hetregó
Cardigan: Asos
Longsleeved T-shirt: J.Lindeberg
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Storyfall
Bag: COS
Watch: Vintage 50s Sarcar

Jacket: Hetregó
Cardigan: Won Hundred
T-shirt: J.Lindeberg
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Boots: Zara
Belt: Strellson

Uomini by Mariano Vivanco for Dolce & Gabbana

Mariano Vivanco and Dolce & Gabbana's latest colaboration turned into the book "Uomini", wich means "Men". It's very D&G, with the black and white pictures and muscled men. Male super models such as Noah and David is featured in the book in basically no all.

15 surviving tips for Winter

Today was the day that I realized that it actually is winter. I thought that it was raining like crazy, but when I came out from my building snow was coming down like someone had ripped a hole in the sky.

During the Swedish super winter I and others tend to look like shit. Why? Well there is no other way to survive, then dressing like an Eskimo. So looking hot during a freakishly cold winter is almost impossible. These are the following surviving tips:

1. Get an enormous down jacket that can with stand rain, snow, wind and temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius.

2. Try to fatten up to get that extra layer of fat to keep yourself warmer. It’s ok to over eat cookies, chocolate and anything with cream…or anything creamy.

3. Peta will hang me for this, but fur is sometimes crucial, even fashion wise. If you are getting fur, try to get a vintage one. This way you are recycling and you will look fab.

4. Get a pair of Bally curling’s or any kind of thick soled, ugly as hell boot. Nothing else works.

5. Try to stay at home as much as possible. Don’t go out unless you have to get food. If someone delivers then make them deliver it to you. Oh, and don’t forget to go to work.

6. Stack up on movies and any kind of show like “Gossip Girl”.

7. Try to use hot knitted cardigans, sweaters and underwear. This is the only time “it’s the beauty inside that counts” actually is true. I like the ones from CompanyOfWe

8. Drink anything that is warm or that keeps you warm. Milk, coffee (any kind), Cider, Baileys, vodka…

9. Do not touch any kind of ice-cream. If you have the need for anything icy, then get a ice cold drink. I recommend a Negroni or Martini Gold (Stefano please send me one). Or go outside and eat some snow. Make sure that a dog or human has not pissed on it before.

10. Have sex.

11. Eat some more.

12. Read books…or a magazine…or anything with pictures or just something fashion. I do read books…

13. If you have the need for shopping, then shop online. If the company doesn’t have an onlineshop, then F* them during the super winters.

14. Have some more sex.

15. Get an Latté/Espresso machine. It's worth it.

I hope that this helps when all of you gets snowed in.

In the Elevator

Cardigan: WonHundred
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Belt: Fendi
Boots: Zara
Jacket: Hetregó
Tanktop: Intimissimi

H&M - Christmas

H&M have great clothes and they have become better during these last years. They have great ídeas for christmas so go shop! Loving the picture!

Comme des Garçons @ Jus

In the Elevator

Jacket: H&M
Sweather: Loft
Jeans: Dr Denim
Shoes: Storyfall
Watch: Vintage 30s Universal Geneve

Jacket: Hetregó
Cardigan: L'Ecole National
Belt: Strellson
T-shirt: Topman
Boots: Asos
Bag: COS

Dolce & Gabbana - Christmas gifts

Since Christmas is coming up I'm going to post what you can get for your loved ones...mostly the boys. So today D&G is up. I was scanning their shop and these items are the normal priced ones, well maybe not the bag. I adore the Mickey t-shirt and the reversable bag. The scarf is really good for the "Scando" winters or just to look plain hot. The longsleeved is a great complement for jeans, a pair of D&G sneakers or black pants with some laquered laced shoes. Hot!

Shoot V.3

I have gotten some pictures from the shoot from JKFphoto or Joakim :) I wonder how it will look in the finalizing editing. Don't really know, but so far so good. Let's hope that I get the entire editorial for myself.


Look at how my workroom is turning out! Love love love it! Erik came up with the brilliant idea to colour coordinate all the books. The shelves are from Bolia and then we packed them with Wallpapers*, Monocles and L'Uomo Vogues. The room opened up and it seems much bigger now.

In the hallway there is a new stool. I haven't actually seen it live yet, but it seems wonderful. Can't wait to get home today. The most inmportant thing is always your home. If you have a beautiful home then you will most likely feel better inside. There has to be a serenity and organisation. Clutter and colours that don't match you as a person can affect you in the strangest ways you can imagine.

Burberry - Holiday Gifts

Here are some ideas for Christmas!


I have a things for jackets. I want all of these for christmas, but no one seems to want to buy it for me. Anyhow, I might get them myself. The brown is called "Noah" and the marine "Nigel". They retail fro 399 and 479 Sek, wich is very little for good style. I imagine myself walking around in a nice pair of jeans highboots a knitted sweather and one of those jackets. Both are from Storyfall.

The third one is from CompanyOfWe, it's called "Augustene" and is knitted. This one would be perfect when I strutt around in Milano or Rome in February. It retails for 198 $. Thank God for the cheap dollar, shopping in the States are like a gift from heaven.

Tove Styrke

This one was int he swedish "Idol". Here is the thing with swedish "Idol". You go and you make sure that you make it to the final top 10, but make sure not to win. Everyone that hasn't won that show has become swedish megastars and Tove will be our next one. This song "White Light Moment" is a perfect start to her career. Love it, but there is one downer for her, she will be compared to Robyn...maybe that's just a good thing?!

Robyn - Body Talk Pt.3

I adore and simple love Robyn. These three tracks from her last and final part of the "Body Talk" Albums are amazing. She has hit jackpot all the way thru with the videos, lyrics and beats. Her style is her own and she did the only one right thing...she did her own thing. She deserves everything that comes her way. Älskar dig Robyn!

Dolce & Gabbana - Backstage S/S 2011 Campaign Woman

Then I got these amazing photos. Dolce Dolce Dolce...I love supermodels, I mean who doesn't?!

Dolce & Gabbana - Backstage S/S 2011 Campaign

The boys at Dolce & Gabbanna sent me these very nice pictures of the backstage shooting of the S/S 2010 campaign. As we can see Noa and David is there and all the other male supermodels. Looks like a great production, and then Stefano and Domenico knows what they are doing. They have an understanding of what men any way hahahaha.

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