Omer Farooq 09/10

Pakistan isn't really famous for their design and most of us would never think that we would wear anything designed in Pakistan. But, this might change. Omer Farooq is one of those designers who have decided to change that. Set out two years ago to revolt the Pakistani fashion scene he started his brand and opened the largest mens fashion store in the country. He has evolved to do clean cut and classic clothes. I know for a fact that he reads tons and tons of blogs and travelles around the globe the implemet great style for the men in his country. Have a look at his 09/10 shoot. Sometimes things has to be done with babysteps...

Herr Judith - Östermalm

The best mens vintage store in the world, yes I dare to say it, have opened a new store in Stockholm in the Östermalm area. If you go to Stockholm then pay them a visit. They have everything from Persol glasses, vintage LV bags, Dior Hommes belts to swedish brand Sandqvist bags.


My Nicky Obsession

I can't get enough of her. Loving the beat. Here with mr Usher in what my sister calls "Paolos song".

Today's Outfit

Sweather: COS
Scarf: Acne
Chinos: Rugby
Shirt: Weekday
Belt: Jimmy Choo for H&M
Watch: 30s vintage Universal Geneve

Mr Pug

My dear sweet bestie Karin got me a piggybank from Ted Baker. The reason for it...I have to start to save money. I love love love it. It's the shape of a pug, so now he's my money pug. I'm not going to say what I'm saving up for but let me put it this way, something nice. Mr Pug is satying next to my bed to remind me to take it easy with my shopping. Like that's going to happen...hahahaha.

30s Cool Ray

I got(my dad found) a pair of 30s Cool Ray glasses. I love them I don't really need them but they are a good addition to my collection. I think a saw something like these at Dolce&Gabbana once, or am I wrong?

ACNE - News

I am at this moment sick of everything that has to do with winter. All the thick clothes and the sales are starting to get on my nerves. Now I need some news. So when I had the time I started out with ACNE and saw this outfit. It has a feeling of early Prada Sport (now Linea Rossa) and Jil Sander. It's clean with pale colours. Sharp cuts and flowy materials. I like.

But then I saw something that hasn't come out just yet. Acne seem to be relasing some amazing leather hightops for next year in light greay. I love them and must have them.

Who's that girl?

My baby sis has been letting me listen to tracks from a new female rapper. I was shocked that she was soooo good. This is someone that has taken over and taken over fast. Not many can compare to her. She is the evolution of Foxy Brown, Lil Kim and Missy E. But she is much more fab and almost like the Lady Gaga of rap.

& a Merry Christmas to ya

My chrsitmas was truly nice. Despite that one very very important person was missing, let me put it this way...if that person would have been there that it would have been super perfect.

Imagine being in the middle of Sweden in a places that is called the craddle of Sweden. This picture perfect place with red houses in wood surrounded by thick forests and not a car or person in sight for miles. We had almost half a meter of snow and temperatures dropped below -15*. Now that is so cold that you easily can freeze your ass off. But I came prepared...not at I had to borrow some stuff. Not so fashionable, but I was very warm. It's very hard to look good when it's so cold that looking good will kill you. Totally not worth it.

I did some crazy things such as going on a "Spark" or a "Kick" (look at the video and you will understand) and I got to handle a 22mm rifle. I am a badass shooter. Hope that you all had an amazing christmas :) Oh, me and Stephi are becoming our nieces godparents! She is adorable!!


One More Drink

I have been absent due to alot that's going on because of work and christmas. But I have a plan and that plan includes me blogging much much more. Yay! Anyhow, so with the holidays coming up I would like to say...have one more drink. One for me, one for you and one for everyone that you love. I might sound abit like an alcoholic but hopefully I'm not. Lol. Heidi Montag have made if I might great track about drinking. Loving the beat here. Enjoy boys and girls ;)

New Hair

I have changed my hair many many times. Yesterday Ida came up with this cut. You can't really see anything, but the hair is shaded from bottom and up, wich means supper short to longer at top, but the top is cut squared in the corners. I'll take some better pictures later on. Hair by Ida.


In the Elevator

Scarf: Custom made pashmina for me
Shirt: Custom made for me
Chinos: Whyred
Sweather: COS
Boots: Asos
Watch: Universal Geneve Vintage 30s
Glasses: Storyfall
Jacket: Hetregó

Good Mornin*

I thought that I had cancelled my entire "Lanvin Loves H&M" order, but I hadn't. Yesterday we got an extra package and voilá. I tried it all on and here are the thing I like. Glasses, bowtie and...that's it. I'm sending back the shirt I'm wearing in the picture and all the other things.

Today I'm at home. Might I say finally?! I love and adore my sisters and have spent the last two days with them. We had sleepovers and me and Stephi helped out with our all time favourite Bianca. She is the most adorable child in the world. Also, that child have my eyeshape. It was her grandmother who said that. Well, as I said love love love them but my home is a mess and needs to be cleaned up and I'm getting a visit from my godson! Ok, now cleaning then gym? Or the other way around?

Company of We - PopUp Store

I have been talking about this store without showing what it looks like. Have a look! Loves it :)

Dolce & Gabbana - Christmas Shopping @ Spiga 26

Sjaak Hullekes S/S 2011

I adore Sjaak. His latest "Harvest" collection is amazing. He is true to his style. Always very classic, still new cuts and exclusive materials. The collections is calm with grey beige as a firm base. Light summer colours. Not only that Sjaak is a great designer, he is a fantastic person.

Company of We - FW 2011

So Jay and Christopher of "Company Of We" are working very hard on their A/W 2011 collection. I'm always excited for the CoW collections.

I wonder, is there anyone of my readers that have been to the popup-store in the West Village? Let me know what you thought of it. I am very curios :)

Also check out this video from the New York Times. I want to post it, but I can't...cause they don't want people to share

Chloe Schuterman - The Worlds Most Fab Mini Teen

This girl is becoming an it girl at a very young age. I don't really know how old she is, or should I say young, but I bet she's something around 11 or 12. Her mother Nathalie own and run the most fantastic store in Stockholm, so no wonder this child have great taste at such a young age. Have a look and shop at her mom's store!

In the Elevator

Boots: Clarks
Jacket: Hetregó
Jeans: Dr Denim
Scarf: Got it in Paris
Sweather: COS
Boots: Clarks
Jacket: Hetregó
Jeans: Dr Denim
T-Shirt: Filippa K
Cardigan: Paul Smith
Belt: Jimmy Choo for H&M
Bag: Can't remember the name

Prada - Private

Prada are launching their own "make your own" glasses. Or should I say customize your own Prada glasses. This will be available in Prada store around the globe and I might want a pair. I mean how hot would it be with a pair of glasses that said "PS" on the side?

Prada Private: 'Made in Prada' Customizable Glasses - Men from Fashion Copious on Vimeo.

The Weekend

Last week was horrible. I got this cold that still will not give and I still feel like shit, or half shitty. But during the weekend we went to my parents and just next to their house is the largest outdoor museum in Sweden and they had a huge christmas market. So we all decided to go. I love love love swedish christams cause it's more autentic then the plastic american thing. Everything is very green in the sense that they make everything by hand. They bake and find things in the forest and remake them into cosy chrsitmassy things. I'm starting to sound like a retard, but I just love it. It was snowing and we had a great time. Ok, enough with this now. Talk later.

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