Best friends & family

Having your best friend living in another country sucks ass. Yes, very mature words, but that's the honest thrut. But we talk very often, actually as much as we can. There are a very few amount of people that I call best friends and my parents thought me that it's better to have a handfull of great friends then tons of friends, cause one will never know who will be there when crap hits the fan.

Everyone in my family are always on top of my list cause I can always trust them. I can't even imagine how horrible it would be to have family that you can't tell everything, well maybe you shouldn't tell your parents just everything...just to make sure that you will shock them. But my family and my aboslute closest friends knows almost everything about me some of them knows everything, and it feels great.

But does everyone have the same privilege? Does your parents accept you for who you are and what you have done? And are you absolutley sure that your friends are behind you in everything that you do? Will they have the balls to tell you that they on't agree with everything that you say or think?

I love it when Karin tells me that I look like amazing but my shoes might look like shit, or that Stephanie will tell me to fuck off when I say something that isn't ok, Ida will tell be standing next to me just quiet when I need it and when Erik hugs me when I feel like shit. That's the real deal.

Ps. I got my new jeans and sweather from Asos. Lovley. Wearing them in the pictures...and Karin was on the phone. Oh, I got some major fashion injection to my wardrobe the other day...gonna show soon.


I change facial products like some people change underwear. I found one particular moisturizer in New York that was perfect. Or at least I thought so. Then it finished and I couldn't order it from the States. So I had to look for another one.

Yesterday I went to pharmacy and I was looking for some headache pills and I saw this new brand Cliniderm and I thought "The guy in their commercial looked good" I got it. Maybe not the smartest thing to buy something according to a brands campaign. But I did and it's perfect for me. I have extremly dry skin during winter and it make my face feel like a babys but. If you live in Sweden try it.


Pirelli Calender 2011

This calender is so exclusive that no one can get it...this calender that once was made for truckdrivers and men in factories. I love it! Keiser Karl has done a fantastic job and there's alot of men in there this time too...Garrett Neff and Baptiste Giabiconi two amongst them. Have a look ;)

The Weekend

My weekend actually started on wednesday. Yes I had a day off and I loved that. I imagine that most normal people like having the day off. So we spent the day in Copenhagen just relaxing and shopping and I got a very nice J.Lindeberg cardigan that I have metioned like 20 times now. My memory is short...kidding...not. We had a lunch at Wagamama and then a break at Joe & Juice and later that evening a fantastic dinner at Stures in Malmö. They have a very chic interior and the people who works there great knowlege about their wines and concept.

Then on friday I can't really remember what I did...oh yes I saw "2 days in Paris" by the brilliant Julie Delphy. Hilarious and very intelligent. I recommend everyone to see it. Saturday I woke up and just took it easy, went thru my magazines Wallpaper*, Monocle and Café. The thing with Café is that it sucks. Daniel the fashion editor is the it thing at that magazine, and visiting his blog at Café is enough.

On the afternoon we helped Ida to move to Malmö, and then up to Helsingborg to have dinner with my father and we watched some movies after the dinner. So basically I haven't done anything very particular. This coming weekend is party weekend. So I had to take it easy...I am getting older. Everyone have to do that and my story today wasn't anything with dept, but have a look at my old glasses that I had when I was a child! Harry freaking Potter! That's right I was first, I should find a photo some day to show what I looked like back in the days. As a baby I was fat, no lies. Ha ha ha. Hope that you all had a great weekend. Bacio ;)

Thom Browne A/W 2011 + Video

Jhonny Depp meets all of his caracters in this marvelous Thom Browne show.

MenStyle Photos: Gianni Pucci

Geil Magazine - Coming Soon

The Mission - Geil Magazine A/W 10/11 from Geil Magazine on Vimeo.

Copenhagen Fashion Week - Schedual

Cph Fashion Week seems to be smaller this time. But even though it might be it will probably be fantastic as usuall. The danes are a great bunch of people with amazing style.

Uomini by Dolce & Gabbana by Mariono Vivanco V.3

Tom Ford for Interview Magazine

He might not like bloggers, or I don't know if he doesn't, but anyways...he is amazing. To read the full interview go to InterviewMagazine

Dior Homme A/W 2011

MenStyle Photos: Yannis Vlamos


I have a thing for black, always have and always will. Yesterday when I was going thru the lastest issue of Monocle I saw their latest collaboration that they have done with Bill Amberg. This mesh bag is so hot. I want it badly and best of all it's only 115£! Since the pound is at it's lowest this mean that everythings cheaper for us in Sweden! Yay.

To macth the bag, well go for the Local Firm Ward Soft loafers. I have the red ones from an earlier collection and they retail at 1195 Sek.

Ward Loafers: TheLocalFirm Monocle/Bill Amber Mesh Shopper: Monocle

In the Elevator

Cardigan: J.Lindeberg
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Curling boots: Bally
T-Shirt: Filippa K
Jacket: Hetregó

Bruuns Bazaar A/W 2011

Shopping & gifts

I never show what I shop, or almost never. I tend to forget. January has been great for my wardrobe. My mom got me the Acne PopO knit and the lavender Acne t-shirt. Erik gave me the J.Lindeberg cardigan in grey. I just bought jeans, light knitted sweather and cognac brown boots from Asos and this light knitted sweather from H&M Trend in grey with brown elbow patches. Oh, and I've ordered that bag from ThursdayFriday, the Brikin bag.

I told my self that I wouldn't buy anything from H&M this year, but I blew it. The sweather was the last has to be.


Not everyone can afford a Birkin bag and maybe for a good reason. But now everyone can, in a way we might say. The company ThursdayFriday have created a canvas bag with prints of a red, blue or camel coloured Birkin bag.

I got one in camel, waiting for it to arrive :) They're kind of funny...or?

Acne A/W 2011

MenStyle Photos: Yannis Vlamos
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