Dinner time

Yesterday was a loooong day. I seem to mention it almost all the time, but my work takes up alot of time. I do spend 9 hours a day there...so you can imagine.

But after work I went to have dinner at Annas house and Cattis was there, she has moved back from Tokyo hiding behind her Marc Jacobs computerbag, so was Erik aswell. We had a great time eating an italian steak covered in tomatosauce and a fantastic salad with nuts and fetacheese.

I was wearing an Acne shirt, J.Lindeberg carigan, Strellson belt, Bulova Accutron watch and Cheap Monday jeans.

Chad White - The Body for Details Magazine

Photos: Eric Ray Davidson Styled by: Paul Avarali Grooming by: Anna Bernabe

Miu Miu - The Powder Room

The Powder Room by Zoe Cassavetes MiuMiu

Prada SS2011 Ad Campaign


There are an absurd amount of sneakers available. But some will always be classics from certain brands. I like these four models and they aren't that expensive if you think about it. Well maybe the one from Bally, but if you put out 295€ for a pair of classic sneakers I promise that you will use them alot.

Acne - Hyde Fold Out Tote

Acne has come with an new tote. The tote is a fold out. So my thought behind this new item is the following, you are out and about shopping and having fun and then you shop alittle too much. You have so much that you throw away the paperbags and pull out the "Hyde" tote and pack all your new things in it. Or am I wrong? The other senario is that you go grocery shopping and don't want to use the ugly plastic bags so you use the Acne tote instead. It retails at 1495 Sek in Sweden.

From this...

...to this.


Spring Jacket's

I love spring and looking great for spring is a must since everyone and everything starts to bloom after, normally, a very harsh and cold winter one wants to be hot and look good. I have seen a couple of nice spring jackets...I want them all especially the one from Omer Farooq's Republic. A spring jacket should be flattering in the sense that it should have perfect fit to show off your body and whats to come for summer...

Omer Farooq


Mads Norgaard

In the Elevator

Chinos: Rugby
Boots: Asos
Sweather: H&M Trend
Watch: Bulova Automatic
Bag: Maling & Mikai
Jacket: Hetregó
Belt: Zara
Scraf: H&M

Sweather: Gant
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Bag: Whyred
Boots: H&M
Watch: 50s Vintage Sarcar
Jacket: Peak Performance

Morning Glory

Getting up in the mornings aren't the easiest thing for me. Well it has become better but it has taken me almost 15 years to make it a habit. I remember how my dad used to come into my room and turn on the lights to make me go up for school. When that didn't work he would come back in and say with a very loud voice "Sveglia ti Paolo". And if that didn't work well then he would take me duvé cover and open the window.

It was the only way to get me up. But when I move to Milano I had to take care of my self, and to let you know I haven't been spoiled in any way until I got older. I could do all the basic things like clean, cook, shop (my mom thought my at an early age) and plan my days, but my parents were woried that I wouldn't get u in the mornings. So what did they do then? Well they would call me from Sweden to make sure that I was on my way to school.

But living in Italy made me love the mornings cause it was so much different from the mornings in Sweden. People are like robots here. Up and about and off to work making sure that our ever growing economy will be the most functioning in the world. But the italians are more like "lets go to work and have fun". It's still very serious don't get me wrong but it feel like they put life before work and not the opposite way around.

I have come to the conclusian that I want that back so I have started to like mornings and will make the best of it. Also, I thought that I get up early but blogger D&GVictims get up as early as me at 05:00 and yesterday when I went to see "morning Glory" they talked about people that get to work at 04:30...by the way, hilarius movie...see it.

Bally S/S 2011

Bally for me is quality. It always has been since my mom introduced me to it as a child. This collection is amazing. Subtle, great colours, simple details and the model is perfect. best of all it isn't as expensive as one may think. They have a tote that costs 225€. Go swiss-style.

Albin Gromer - Här Inne Hos Mig (Live P3 Guld 2011)

I love swedish produced music. Laday Gaga, Britney and many others comes to us to get their music produced by Max Martin and Red One. But then there are people like Robyn, Lykke Li, Swedish House Mafia, Veronica Maggio and the list goes on an on. Today I found this amazing new artist called Albin Gromer...he sings in my dialect. AMAZING and the beats...wow.

Asos - Free Delivery

Zara Campaign S/S 2011

Zara Lookbook S/S 2011

The Weekend

Is ok to do nothing? And I mean nothing.

This weekend was mine in the sense that I was going to do what I felt like. So I got up and had breakfast and placed my behind on the couch...and stayed there. I did shower but I haven't shaved my self and I might need it, or?

The only "advanced" thing that I did was put the dishes in the washer and wash clothes...wich means put clothes in the other washer. Very advanced. Oh yeah, I also made dinner. I know how to cook so eating well is a big priority. I wonder, is there anyone else that finds the time like I did to do nothing? Every weekend or inch of freetime usually goes to meeting family, dinner, coffeé or fika as we say in swedish, wash, clean, party, drinks, shop and the list goes on. We all have become coordinators. We all coordinate our lives to be able to have a social life. Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and cellphones have made us available almost 24/7 and we accept it.

But why do we accept it? Are we affraid to be alone? Does someone even remember how it was before the cellphone arrived? I have tried without luck, but sometimes I just shut everyting off and have some time alone...try it, you will like it.

Do I need to shave? Or should I leave it?

The outfit for the weekend, huge softy pants...not mine but they are really nice.

Cheap Monday - Sunglasses

I saw these two pairs and died. I need them and want them NOW!!!! Brilliant and amazing galsses. I miss my old Gucci glasses that were in black with gold in one piece like the ones here from Cheap Monday, but these are great too.

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