On Many A Street

On this brilliant style blog, I saw myself there! Ha ha ha, I don't feel that I'm that stylish, but I am very honored.

Want Les Essentiels De La Vie

This simple, but amazing tote from Want Les Essentiels De La Vie is on my B-Day wish list. It would fit a laptop perfectly, so I need to get a new one. So that's on my wish list aswell. It retails for 135€ on The Corner.


How many of us plan their days according to their calendar? I use both of my phones and an old school calendar as well.

As stupid as it may sound I actually made a promise to myself many many years ago that I would never become this way, but to my surprise it was inevitable. There was one other thing that I thought would never have a big impact on my life, and that was the cell phone and still I have had one since I was 14 with the same number ever since (but I do change cells every year)

Now I can’t live without a cell phone and I have to plan my life, or at least somewhat. Most of my trips this year are already planned and paid for. Birthdays, dinners and events have to be noted down in the calendar.

I have for many years managed to keep it all in my head, but as everyone on this planet, I’m getting older and my hard drive isn’t capable of storing all this information. So for me a calendar is like a backup. I’m waiting for the day when I will have a personal assistant. Now that would be ideal. But that is in the future, hopefully the near future.

But for now, this little black book is becoming one of my best friends.

Good Mornin*

I have realised that I don't like mornings, or at least anything before 08:00...and imagine how I fell that I usually always get up at 05:15. No wonder I look tired ALL the time. Have the best day guys.

In The Elevator

Jacket: L'Ecole National
T-shirt: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Jeans: Dr Denim
Sneakers: Asos
Cardigan: J.Lindeberg
Bag: COS

Clemente Talarico A/W 2011

Pink Story

Pink is considered a classic colour in Italy. I remember that circa 10 years pink wasn't really accepted in Sweden. But that has definatly changed. This 50s style college jacket from Storyfall is really cool. With a nice pair of blue Converse, white shirt and beige chinos the pink colour can really pop. Then ad a "Mad Men" hair cut and your are good to go.

H&M - Essentials

I'm liking the styling here. H&M gets better allt the time, but they still have to work on their shoes. Zara beats H&M when it comes to shoes.


I'm off to bed now. Super tired and I must say it has been a very special day. But I'm hanging in there :) Gotta say one fun thing that happened today, San Francisco got their own Britney Spears Day. Every year the 29/3 we all will celebrate Britt Britt, well at least SF will :) Anyhow, talk tomorrow, tusen pussar :)

20 Worst Male Mistakes on The Beach

Here are the 20 mistakes alot of men do when going to the beach.

1. Shorts that reach your ankles should never be worn (why even go to the beach if you are going to cover up your body)
2. Never ever wear a thong
3. Never ever EVER wear a leopard colored thong
4. If you have a hairy chest...remove your gold chain. Sleeze style is so over...like 30 year ago
5. Wearing your underwear under your bathing shorts is extremely disgusting
6. Standing on the shore pretending to look out over the sea is not ok. We all know that you are showing off your body
7. Wearing tiny swimmers is only ok when you have the body for it
8. If you are of the larger body type (big stomach) you can only wear shorts, the rest is out of question
9. Being loud to get attention is never ok, it's enough that there are teenagers and older kids running around like morons
10. Enhancing your package is really bad, try to be happy with what you have
11. Don't play your own music loudly, even if you have great music taste
12. If you have passed the age of 35 don't wear anything with prints (I'm talking about Billabong and O'Neil shorts) those are reserved for anyone under 25
13. Have a matching towel with your bathing shorts or briefs is geeky
14. Please don't come to the beach with your things in a plastic bag, at least no one will steal you stuff
15. Baywatch stopped airing many many years ago, stop running on the shore to get to your spot
16. Baywatch stopped airing many many years ago, stop running on the shore to get attention
17. If you are going to eat at a beach restaurant, please put on a tank or a t-shirt
18. Don't hit on more then 3 people at a week when visiting the beach, otherwise people will start talking about the cheeze dude trying to get laid
19. If you have a hairy back, get it waxed or at least shaved 20. ...if it's not a nudist beach now then it probably never will be, keep your clothes on or move to a nudist camp



Pictures: Wiskate OrlebarBrown

Buona Notte

Off to bed now. Have been thinking about a lot of things today and one has been the following:

"When one have success in their private life, their professional life is a disaster...and the same goes for when one have a perfect professional life, then the love life is a mess"

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends

This one is for my party people La Piccola Savi, Erik and Sheniqs! Can't wait until Dubai in May!!!!

Tom Ford & David Beckham

Here are my two favourite covers at the moment Tom Ford for "Another Man" and David Beckham for "Fantastic Man". Alasdair McLellan photographer David in London and Tom was photographed by Jeff Burton. I like them both I must say.


Saturday was the day of celebration. I'm sounding like something out of a Disney movie. Anyhow, yesterday was Eriks B-Day but we had the first celebration the day before and his dad invited all of us to the fantastic resturant Rebell in Malmö on Friisgatan. TresBienShop is on the very same street.

The food and service was great. My starter was dried lamb, with black roots and sweet onions and for my main course wild boar with mashed potatos. The interior was simple avantgardistic scandinavian farmersstyle. Loved it.

And as usuall me and Anna had "un coupe" for desert. If I could I would live souly on champagne...but we all know that it's not possible.

I was waering a vest from Pringle of Scotland, grandpa t-shirt from Acne on the picture.

Vanbot - Make Me, Break Me

I am amazed by the swedish music secen...it never stops to suprise me.


DUTCH MAGAZINE founders, Matthias and Donovan Vriens-McGrat are doing a digital magazine that will be available in May...or at least I think so. Can't really find any information on it...but the pictures are great. The blond girl is Malin Åkermans sister Jennifer Åkerman. Interesting to see how this will turn out.

Vanessa Falk - Private Party

Here we have a new swedish artist...I don't know, but could she be Christian Falks daughter??

In The Elevator

Weekendbag: Whyred
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Cardigan: Weekday
Laced shoes: Maldini
Knitted sweather: Suit
Scarf: COS
Jacket: L'Ecole National

Jus - Spring News

Gerard Piqué for H.E. Mango

Barcelona born soccerplayer and supposedly the boyfriend of Shakira, will be the new face of H.E. Mango. The collabortaion will start in Spring/Summer 2011 and carry through Autumn/Winter 2011-2012.

I think it's great that they use someone that is spanish since the brand is from Spain. Gerard is very happy about the collaboration and says that he has been intressested in fashion since he was 16-17. And that is a good sign, lets hope that he is photogenic too.

In The Elevator

Scarf:Filippa K
Jacket: L'Ecole National
Jeans: Asos
Sneakers: Asos
T-Shirt: Hope
Cardigan: H&M
Bag: COS

On the Phone

Almost everyday I and my best friend Karin talk on the phone. I miss her very very much and we will see her very soon. I can't wait to go to Dubai!! I love love love Dubai and of course Karin. I had to strech out my neck cause it turned in to a turkey neck when I took these pictures...lovley.

COS - New Looks

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