In The Elevator

Watch: Vintage 30s Hermés
T-Shirt: COS
Bag: COS
Shoes: StoryFall
Jacket: StoryFall
Glasses: StoryFall
Jeans: Dr Denim

YSL - Coated Canvas Tote Bag

At Mr Porter I saw this tote bag from Yves Saint Laurent and it is the perfect size of bag. It can fit an IPad, a magazine, certain necessities and a snack. Also it can be used during all seasons. Or am I wrong? It retails for around 356 €.

Good Mornin*

Hi boys and girls. Up early as usuall and just got some clothes on.

Cardigan: Asos
Sneakers: Asos
Chinos: Tiger of Sweden
T-Shirt: COS
Belt: Filippa K


Fab people, fab food, fab country and fab drinks...oh and amazing weather. I loved my vacation.

Pre B-Day Gift

I got a pre B-Day gift, a vintage 30s Hermés watch...fab :)

Todays Outfit

T-Shirt: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Belt: Filippa K
Chinos: Whyred
Watch: Vintage Certina Bristol 230
Shoes: Haven't decided yet which ones to wear ;)

Good Mornin*

I love waking up when I'm on vacation. Nothing stresses me what so ever. I have been blogging, had a nice breakfast and I have been reading Monocle and Wallpaper*, and guess who had a jacket in Monocle?? Our favourite Dutch designer Sjaak Hullekes. It looked wonderful.

Yesterday we went to Rouge Tomate on Avenue Louise. It was and still is so warm outside that you can sit in a t-shirt outside. The food was good, but it took way to long for the food to arrive. I didn't really care cause I was enjoying the chick belgians there. Then after our lunch we went shopping at the market at Place Chatelain. I wish we had markets like this in Sweden...super nice and i got to use my italian.

Now I'm waiting to go to Brussels to have a look and just stroll around and have a drink. Yes, I need a drink. Talk later boys and girls :)

100 Euros

Yesterday after shopping in Brussels one person made a bet with me that I couldn't cut their lawn with the worst lawnmower in the world. But since I am stubborn as an ox I took on the bet and won. But now my hands are sore, but my body isn't aching. I must say, it was kind of fun being a gardner for two hours.

Outfit of the Day

On my way in a second and this is what I'm wearing.

Jacket: Storyfall
Belt: Filippa K
Sneakers: Filippa K
T-shirt: COS
Chinos: Mads Norgaard
Watch: Vintage Certina Bristol230

Good Mornin*

I'm up! Hitting the gym, then I have to pack and around noonish I'm of to Brussels. I like that I'm striped in these pictures, going zebra style :))

Astrud Gilberto

I love this Brazilian singer. The first time I heard her music was thru my dad and it was "The Girl From Ipanema". Right there and then I was hooked.

Herr Judit - Weekley Feature

Herr Judit in Stovkholm have a Weekley Feature of highend design at their webshop. Some of the brands this week are Balenciaga, Dior and Carin Wester. Go shop.

Lady Gaga - Judas

Lady gaga - Judas ( New Song ) + download by musicchannel101

The Weekend

My weekend was really nice. Friday I spent some alone time with the one that I love, relaxing and doing nothing. Saturday I woke up and had an amazing breakfast and watched "LoveSpring International"...hilarious. Then later that day I went to the gym and finished the night talking to Anna, drinking cava and watching "Something's gonna give".

Yesterday was family day and I spent all day with my sister her husband and the little principessa. It was such a good weekend and this week is hopefully going to be great, tomorrow I'm leaving for Belgium.

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

The always brilliant Mr Ford have launched a new sent, bath and body products called Neroli Portofino. Some of the notes in the sent are olive fruit oil and grape seed oil, and are supposed to evoke "seductive essence of the Italian coast". I have to try it when I go to Dubai.

Aaron O'Connell by Mariano Vivanco

Source:Homotography Pictures: Mariano Vivanco

On the Phone

I was on my way out yesterday and before I was about to leave I ended up on the phone with Karin. So I thought why not show my new hair that Ida did. I don't think that you can see anything really, but you get the picture.

In The Elevator

Cardigan/Jacket: Story Fall
T-Shirt: Weekday
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Belt: Filippa K
Bag: Mulberry
Shoes: Maldini
Jacket: L'Ecole National

StoryFall Jackets

I got my new jackets today. The fit perfectly and the colours are great. Sorry for the pictures, but my other phone isn't charged and the light on the camera on the laptop is i had to use my Prada phone. That's why the focus is so bad. But honestly, who cares.

Beldina - Here We Go & Hunt You Down

I have been posting a lot of music lately, but there is soooooo much good music out there right now. I should post more on fashion. Enjoy the fantastic Beldina.

Best Friends

Karin my darling, is my oldest and best friend. She is my partner in crime and has always been by my side. Love you guuuuuuuuuuurl and see yo ass soon!

In The Elevator

Chinos: Hope
Sneakers: Asos
Jacket: L'Ecole National
Belt: Filippa K
Cardigan: H&M
T-Shirt: Red Collar Project
Watch: Vintage 1930s Revue-Exclusive
Bag: Malling & Mikai

The White Briefs + Fantastic Man

This collaboration between The White Briefs and Fantastic Man makes me think of Mad Men. Classic old school tanktop, briefs and t-shirt. I think it looks quite cool, the styling is simple and in the picture with the man wearing the t-shirt there is a mustasch that I haven't seen since the 80s. Prices are 350 Sek for the Briefs, 600 Sek for the t-shirt and 500 Sek for the tanktop.

Vanbot - Lost Without You

Storyfall - Sale

I yesterday went in to Storyfall's webshop to have a look and to my surprise I saw that they had a sale. Selected items are down to 70% off the original price. So I got these two jackets for 150 Sek each. Go shop!

Good Mornin*

The days when I woke up and looked great are over. Nowadays I need to fix my hair and everything else for that matter before leaving. But I always think the following, it could have been worse...ha ha ha. I have to get my hair did before I leave. Talk later.

Makr Carry Goods

Erik showed me some bags from an amercan brand called MAKR. I love the feel and the sober colours of these items. I don't need anything more at all, but still...who cares. MAKR is the title for the design projects of Jason Gregory.

Best of all, the dollar is so low that everything is cheap here, or normal priced. Well for anyone who lives in the scandinavian countries.

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