The Weekend

This past weekend was a relaxing weekend. It consisted of dinner, champagne, Copenhagen, Helsingborg, dinner, wine and movies. I needed a break from everything, just so I could recharge and be at my top this week.

Copenhagen was great as usual, but everything that I wanted was from a Swedish brand, and honestly I will not buy that in Denmark when I know that I can get it cheaper in Sweden. Also, the summer sales are coming soon…real soon. All my favorite brands now have or are opening up stores in Malmö or Helsingborg, so I’m probably going to concentrate my shopping to Scania (my province). Being in Copenhagen made me miss Stockholm a lot. I must go soon.

I would also like to congratulate all the mothers I know, cause it was your day in Sweden on Sunday ! My big sister who became a mom last year, my mother, my grandmothers in Sweden and Italy! Oma and Nonna, siete/sie sind meravigliosi/erstaunlich!

Tomorrow I will do a test and also get new photos form y header. Kind of bored with the one I have at the moment, or am I wrong?


And I am off to the gym now! Got new sneakers. Just hope they're any good.

H&M A/W 2011 Video

Great fashion for no money. Finally it is getting more classic then avantgarde, I'm very much over avantgarde.

H&M Look Book AW 2011 Menswear from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo.


Babtiste Giabicon is on the cover of this month Dorian Magazine from Sweden. They name him as a popstar, but I will say the following...supermodel: yes...muse: yes...popstar: I don't think so...enjoy, some of his body parts show in the video.

Dinner Time

Loving the flowers, and didn't get them...someone else did ;)

Maison Moschino

I know that Im kind of to far a head, but I will finally come to Milano this year. In November I will be strutting...or more like strolling around the via:s in central Milan. I got it as a b-day gift and I was asked to show tons of great things to do and where to live and shop in the wonderful city.

My first choice of hotel is the Maison Moschino. I might be stying there I might not, but either way it is one fun and amazing hotel. I mean who wouldn't want to live in the "Alice" or "Dress" room? Love it.

In The Elevator

Cardigan: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Belt: Strellson
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Malling & Mikai
Chinos: Rugby
T-shirt: Reiss

COS - News

New Hair

I finally got my hair cut! I was starting to look like Erik Saade, and we don't want that. Ida kept the length at the top and really made it short on the sides. We went for the "Empire Boardwalk" Style.

In The Elevator

Good morning :) I'm going to get my hair cut today and am super psyched. Don't know what do to with my hair. Anyhow, have a great day guys and talk later.

Jacket: Zara
Sweater: Gant
Jeans: Marc Jacobs
Shirt: Custom made for me
Sneakers: Asos
Watch: Bulova Chronograph Automatic
Glasses: Persol
Bag: Malling & Mikai

Good Night

Off to bed now, still not done with my list. But I will try to finish it tomorrow. I only questions from Will, so I am going to compose my list from my own point of view with his questions aswell :) Talk tomorrow boys and girls.

Gotan Project

I am obsessed with Gotan Project at the moment. Love love love them!

Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl for Mango

I don't know how come I didn't write about this when the campaign was launched. I love Olivia and Johannes style and this pretty much is their style. The fantastic pictures were made by Mango for their 2010 Autumn Winter collection. I even found a video of Olivia and Johannes talking about the shoot and how it was working thogeter. Why doesn't Olivia have her own show? She should, that's all I have to say...

In The Elevator

Jacket: Gabba
Grandpa sweather: Acne
Watch: Vintage 30s Revue-Exclusive
Chinos: H&M
Shoes: StoryFall
Glasses: Lanvin Loves H&M

Get the Style - Johannes Huebl

Johannes Huebl, Olivia Palermos hubby, is the best dressed man out there. He has impecable style and always make his style look effortless, elegant and perfect. Here for summer is a simple classy look, and I must say that the right kind of shorts are ok to wear in the city. Any kind of cargo shorts are out.

My Favourite Things V.1

I want to share with all of you my favourite things, such as what is my favourite dish, drink, brands and so on.

I'm going to put togheter my list and share it on the blog later. If you would like to know something then post a comment with your question or mail me at and I will try my best to put it into my list, and as always no kinky stuff.

In The Elevator

Jacket: StoryFall
Watch: Vintage 50s Halfautomatic Sandiz
T-shirt: Reiss
Jeans: Dr Denim
Shoes: Maldini
Belt: Zara
Bag: Malling & Mikai
Glasses: Giorgio Armani

American Pancakes

If you where at my house now, I would make all of you chocolate american pancakes! Love them! I usually put some sugar on them or canadian syrup. So much for my diet :)


Good morning everyone! I slept really hard and woke up to fantastic weather. Thinking about running some and getting some sun. Now I just have to eat someting first, so I turn somewhat human. I found this wonderful trailer about a man and his father. I have to see it when it comes. If it even will make it all the way to Sweden. The german movie "3" did, and that is also a movie that you all should go and see. A bit particular, but there are some unbelievable moments that made me drop my jaw and also made me smile.

In The Elevator

Cardigan: J.Linderberg
T-shirt: Filippa K
Chinos: Mads Norgaard
Sneakers: Asos
Belt: Filippa K
Jacket: H&M
Watch: Vintage 50s Halfautomatic Sandoz
Glasses: Lanvin Loves H&M

Beyonce - Girls

Dubai V.5

This will be my last post on my trip to Dubai. Our last night was our celebration to our dear Karin. Her night was spent at The One & Only Royal Mirage. We come here every time to listen to live arabic music, eat arabic food and smooke shisha. It is always amazing. There is one thing that we do everytime, after we our dinner we always go down to the beach and relax. It is the most amazing beach in Dubai and it's really quiet. Until next time Dubai, we all love you, and that goes for you too Karin, we all love you :)

In The Elevator

Sneakers: Converse
Chinos: H&M
Watch: Vintage 50s halfautomatic Sandoz
Jacket: Story Fall
Bag: Story Fall
Belt: Helmut Lang
Sweather: COS

Get the Style - Zac Efron

Zac Efron is evolving his style. It's definitely getting better. I like him since he seems somewhat lost, but still keeps it togheter. This picture of him is great. It is simple and something that I would wear. get the style without spending a fortune.

Picture: UpScaleHype

Dubai V.4

Having a pool on the roof is something that I would die for. Karin’s building have 4 pools on the 25th and 27th floor, not fair at all. But we did our best to use them. This day was Karin’s B-Day and we started the day to chill out and later we went to Dubai Marina to have lunch/dinner. I have to make an input here, I use my shorts when I swim and Speedos when I am trying to get some sun. This is ok and not one of my 20 mistakes that men does on the beach :)

We went to Bateel and I was supposed to meet up with a reader of mine, but he couldn't make it. Instead he sent me a huge bouquet of white flowers and paid for the entire lunch. I was in chock! Thank you very much Mr. A :) It was highly appreciated.

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