New Bag

Miss Anna gave me this backpack as a late b-day gift. I used to as a child hate backpacks cause they were colorful and really weird. But this one is beautiful and very stylish. Merci chéri.

Perfume or Olive Oil?

If your kitchen is flawless, let’s say it’s a Baulthaup kitchen, with Alessi bread baskets, Global knives, KitchenAid appliances and a LeKlint lamp you probably would like it if your food matched it, in one way or the other. There are tons of products that have great packaging and others that you hide and make sure no one see’s.

I was going thru a magazine and spotted this bottle, thinking that it was a perfume bottle. But no. Gentlemen and ladies, this is an olive oil from Château d’Estoublon. My next thought when I saw it was “Where can I get it?” Well, go to their website and order it! It retails at 18€, but I don’t know if they deliver all over the world. I’m getting at least one. It’s going to look great next to my other fantastically designed appliances, furniture and art in my kitchen.

Comme des Garçons Play - Chuck Taylor

I got my Comme des Garçons Play Chuck Taylor sneakers yesterday. Super happy. They are so nice and Tres Bien Shop delivers fast. Took like a day. I'm glad that I ordered them immediatly cause everything from Play is finished on the Tres Bien webshop.

Good Mornin*

I was supposed to get up at 05:00, but my phone had for some reason died and the alarm didn't go of. Somehow I woke up by myself and when I ran into my livingroom, my cousin was sitting there ready to go. She is going back to Tuscany today and we had to get to the central station at.06:10. We made it.

I had, after putting her on the Copenhagen train, almost 30 minutes until my train arrived so I got the new Wallpaper Handmade Edition and a copy of Monsieur. Now I'm on my way with something great to read and a non lactose de-caff latté.

Dolce & Gabbana Online Store

Many of you know this already. Dolce & Gabbana have launched an online store for their main brand. So now not only can everyone get D&G, we can now also order Dolce & Gabbana even if we might live in a small village in the middle of nowhere. I love that the Sicilian style has really gone global now. Talk about an Italian style revolution.

Dolce & Gabbana Online Store

Ciara - Gimme Dat

In the Elevator

Jacket: Pour
Jeans: Dr Denim
Sweater: Imperial
Sneakers: Asos
Belt: Filippa K
Watch: Vintage 30s Revue-Exclusive
Bag: Malling &Mikai

New Shoes

I have tried since yesterday to post on the blog, but I have had some serious issues with it. But I finally managed. Yesterday evening I saw “Bridesmaids” and it was hilarious! I truly recommend it. But anyhow, I have shopped and haven’t shown a thing.

For instance, two pairs of shoes. A pair of loafers from Local Firm and a pair of high-tops from Filippa K. The woman at Filippa K Malmö said that these weren’t going on sale, but I pulled up my phone and checked on Heppo (a website for shoes) and there they were…50% off. I have gotten more things and I will show them little by little.

The Local Firm

Filippa K

Medina - 6:am

40% Comme des Garçons Play - Très Bien Shop

Très Bien Shop are doing a campaign. 40% Comme des Garçons Play! I got a pair och white Chuck Taylors. I really needed them...ha ha ha...NOT. One can never have to many pairs of shoes.

In the Elevator

Jacket: Story Fall
Shirt: These GLory Days
Shoes: Story Fall
Watch: Vintage 50s Bulova Accutron
Bag: COS
Jeans: Dr Denim

Beyoncé: A Spring Afternoon In Paris

She is a true artist. Fantastic voice, great style and works the camera like a super model. Her lastes album "4" is really great and I like the 80s vibe to it.

In the Elevator

Shirt: These Glory Days
Cardigan: H&M
Bag: Prada
Sneakers: Filippa K
Watch: Vintage 30s Hermès

Good Night

I am saying good night. But before I go to sleep I wanted to show my new vintage Ray Ban's. I bought them the other day and I must say that they are exactly what I wanted. I'm hooked on the sleek 50s style. I love the way Marcello Mastroianni and James Dean dressed. More and more each day I am following their style, or should I say getting inspired by them. Now I really have to sleep. Talk tomorrow.Bacio e notte.


Modelling Job

Sometimes I forget what I have done and yesterday I found my self in a catalouge that I did for a company like a year ago. Anyhow, it payed well and I had fun. It was something that I never thought that I would do. I look kind of funny and extremly commercial and somewhat plastic. Or am I wrong?

Missoni + Converse

The collaboration between Missoni and Converse continues. For A/W 2011 the sneakers are very masculine and I'm liking the blu and grey combo.

Story Fall - Pre Autumn/Winter 2011

Story Fall have launched their pre A/W collection and they are staying true to their style. Classic clothes with 50s styled chinos, black striped sweaters and cognac colored loafers. I'm liking that you can get some great looking sneakers for only 499 Sek. Go get some boys!

Ethan 499 Sek


I have been out running today. 45 minutes in the forest and by the sea. Talk soon.


Karin and I have this understanding. We always have and always will. There are a few that I have that with. You all know who you are. She for instant wanted pancakes, both normal ones and chocolate ones. I would only do that for her and some other people such as my family.

Anyhow, this is my tribute the you Karin! I love you and want to see your ass in Sweden soon guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl!

In the Elevator

Jacket: StoryFall
T-shirt: Reiss
Chinos: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Glasses: Lanvin Loves H&M
Watch: Vintage Certina Bristol 230
Weekendbag: Whyred
Sneakers: Filippa K

Très Bien Shop - Sale

Early Early

Boys and girls, good morning. Last week was crazy for me, but still fun. It all started really nicely with Karin and I shopping at Hope at 08:00. Then I got a phone call that would change something for me. So I have been trying to adapt. It’s nothing that has or will change anything for the worse, instead it might be extremely positive.

Also I’m helping out a designer with some things and let’s see if that will turn out well. I have also been working on something that I have designed for almost 2 years now and I am waiting for the prototype and in the mist of all of these things my home has been remodeled. New beds, new couch, new lounge chairs and major switch of rooms. I have managed to shop as well. New sneakers and shoes from Filippa K and The Local Firm. I might have bought some other things, but my memory is failing me right now.

Now I have to really re-do my entire wardrobe in the right way. I am talking about throwing out shoes and other clothes that I know that I will not use. I have to make room and now we are going to make some awesome shoe-storage under the new beds just to be able to fit everything.

To make life work we all have to plan plan plan, it's the only way to function, or am I wrong?

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