Prada - AW 11 Womens Campaign Video

Politburo: Une Révolution Couturielle

Revolution. The word is very present in these days. It might be a north African country that is going thru a revolution, social media is revolutionizing our way of communicating and now our clothes should revolutionize the way we dress.

Venetian brand Politburo is as they say “a gracious rebellion”. I agree. But in what way? They are using the same technics as craftsmen did a hundred to two hundred years ago, but the design of the clothes is more of the classic avant-garde. Everything that they produce is in limited quantity and since fabrics are somewhat of an obsession for Politburo, they tend to use the best once.

The way that Politburo works might sound old fashioned, but craftsmanship, diversity and limited production is the new black. Most people tend to go towards more individual styling, then the mass production styling that some companies tend to go for.

I am loving everything that they make. The jackets seem to have a fantastic fit and the pants would look great with a pair of dark brown brogue shoes.






In the Elevator


Glasses: Vintage Ray Ban's from the Los Angeles Olympics
Cardigan: COS
T-shirt: Acne
Bag: Mulberry
Sneakers: Filippa K
Jeans: Dr Denim

Lanvin Fall Winter 2011-2012 Ad Campaign Video

Paris, Rio, Montreal - Acne

Acne has for this season made some sweaters and t-shirts with some great prints. I usually never like prints, but these are amazing. I got the "New York, Sweden" t-shirt with Big Ben in the background. The funny thing about these are that they make fun of the classic t-shirt that every fanny-pack/croc wearing tourist get when they go on vacation. So get one and make an american in Paris confused when they starre at your t-shirt wondering if Paris infact is in Sweden and that the Big Ben is a New York monument.




Hot Style - Ed Westwick

His style has improved since he joined "Gossip Girl" and I like the simplicity with the black loafers, t-shirt and bag. But, I could have done without the jewellery.


Source: Stylings

Story Fall - Aperent Collection 2011

Story Fall continues to prove that you don't have to spend a fortune to look like you stepped out from a 1950s Fellini movie.

With a price range that is in same of that of H&M, everyone can afford this. For this fall they have relased the "Aperent" collection. 50s cuts, with prints, grey, black and blue colored clothes, with a more subtle approche these clothes can easely funtion as a canvas or a compliment to you Goyard bag and Persol glasses.

David Guetta feat. Jennifer Hudson - Night Of Your life

Aplace Opening

Yesterdays’ shop-hopping started off badly. I came to the Filippa K opening and nicely got inline. Suddenly I realized that they were letting everyone in. EVERYONE. The organizers did a very poorly job with that party. I left, but I still like Filippa K as a brand.

So the night played out in the following way. We went to Moccasin instead for Filippa K. Got some ale and met up with Malin (Diesel Malmö store manager), Andreas and Jessica (Diesel Malmö crew). Then Anna came along. After Moccasin we headed to Aplace and that opening was great in every way. Great people, fantastic brands (P.A.P., Dagmar, Henrik Vibskov, Acne, Hope Sthlm and the list goes on) and perfect music. Ida came with her fab style and bike.

After Aplace we headed to this awful city mall called Triangeln. Peak Performance had their second store opening. All I have to say, it’s a lot of fun partying inside a closed mall in the middle of the night.

Finally we went to Aplace after party at Moriskan, and that was a great ending to our night. I tried to get a glas of wine all night but every time I asked Erik for wine, he came back with beer, ale or Guinness. Talk about not listening, ha ha ha.


British Invasion - Burberry

The Britt’s are coming. Or at least to Stockholm. At the end of November the fashionable people of Stockholm will have one more luxury store to add to their list. The classic British brand Burberry is opening up a 400 square meter store. It will be located on Biblioteksgatan and some of the neighbors in the area will be Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Natalie Schuterman, Hope, J.Lindeberg and COS.

Apparently it has been very difficult to manage to get luxury brands to establish stores in Stockholm, this due to the fact that we swedes have no culture in luxury shopping. That might be true, but Stockholmers usually have fantastic style and they look very good, so I would think that any brand would like to open stores in the Swedish capital.

After Burberrys opening there will be an announcement of another luxury brands future establishment in the Swedish golden triangle.

burberry mens aw 2011

Source: Di Burberry

Sjaak Hullekes S/S 2012 - Shoes

Sjaak Hullekes is releasing a shoe collection together with his S/S 2012 clothing line. Sjaak have evolved his famous male ballerina shoe from S/S 2009. The mens shoes have some very interesting details such as tassels. Sober and down to earth colors give these shoes a comfortable but yet a very elegant feel to them.


Sjaak Hullekes

In the Elevator

Glasses: Vintage 80s no brand
Chinos: Mads Norgaard
Shoes: Maldini
T-shirt: Filippa K
Watch: Bulova Automatic
Belt: Filippa K
Caridgan: H&M
Bag: Malling & Mikai

Wallpaper* Custom Covers

What ever you are doing at this moment, go to Wallpaper* and design your own magazine cover. It's alot of fun and you get to be very creative. I choose this cover cause one, nice looking model and two, the model is looking good.

This interactive app was made for the Handmade Issue. I recommend everyone to try this.


Companyofwe S/S 2012

I just found these pictures. We now can say that one of my all time favourite brands Companyofwe are coming back. They are releasing a S/S 2012 collection and from what I can see it will look amazing. Now I just have to get hold of someone at Companyofwe for comments.


Wallpaper* The September Fashion Issue

Yesterday I got the preview of Wallpapers* September Fashion issue shot at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia. The very clever old Hollywood styling match perfectly with the eclectic style and history of the Greenbrier resort.

The limited edition cover and main editorial was shot by Miles Aldridge and fashion by Beth Fenton, model Shirley Mallmann looks very strikingly like Marlene Dietrich. Leave it to Wallpaper* to manage to pull something so decadent and stylish in the mist of the biggest economical turmoil since the 30s Kreuger crash. Not only is the economical history repeating it self, but so is fashion. We all need to indulge out self in some very much needed shopping and recreation. Anything to help our economies to get back on their feet. So go get the September Issue and get inspired by Wallpaper*, I always do.

Wallpaper* September Fashion Issue 2011
Photography : Miles Aldridge
Fashion: Beth Fenton
Model: Shirley Mallmann at IMG New York
Location: Greenbrier resort in West Virginia

Good Mornin*

Good morning. I am on the train as usuall, and not as tired as I usually am. But my photos says something else. This was the best one that I managed to take and I'm thinking "shit puffy eyes, dubble chin...I look older". But, thankfully only during mornings. Who out there looks perfect at half past six? Maybe Lisa Vanderpump...ha ha ha, love her.

Anyhow, today after work I'm going to meet up with Malin again and some other people aswell to have another aftereork. But I promised myself not to drink my ass off like last time. Or, I felt it just before I went to bed. I took an awful picture and posted it on Twitter. Never again...ha ha ha.

2011-08-19 06.49.45

Hot Style - Ryan Reynolds

Source: Celebitchy

In the Elevator

2011-08-17 06.12.34

Jacket: Pour
Shoes: Maldini
Sweater: Acne
Jeans: Dr Denim
Belt: Filippa K

Ankle Boots - Maldini

These ankle boots by Maldini are perfect for northern european fall weather. Rubber sole. That's what's needed since it rains way to much here. These boots are laser cut and in calf leather. They retail for 135 € at Yoox and will look good with that J.Lindeberg jacket that I want.


Lady Gaga - You and I

Not to thrilled about the song, but the video is hot.

Boomerang S/S 2012


Hot Style - Olivia Palermo & Johannes Hueble

Out and about on Manhattan. They have perfect style, still waiting for Olivia to get her own show.


In the Elevator

2011-08-16 07.12.43

Glasses: Persol
Cardigan: V Ave Shoe Repair
Bag: Malling & Mikai
Chinos: V Ave Shoe Repair
Loafers: The Local Firm
Watch: Vintage 30s Hermés
T-Shirt: H&M

Night Air

I'm in bed. In my mind I was playing this song and I couldn't figure out what song it was or who sing it. But thanks to that someone special, I got the name. Jaime Woon has the most amazing voice and his music is to to die for. Enjoy it and good nigth boys and girls.

Guide To Manhattan - Poster

This poster I want for my bedroom. There is a second one from the same artist with the iconic buildings of Manhattan. The retail price starts at 700 Sek. Fairly ok, and who doesn’t love Manhattan?


Hot Style - Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård @ Way Out West in Gotheburg 2010


Wine Wine Wine

Wine wine wine. And wine. Me and Malin are having afterwork with a fantastic languedoc rosé and just having fun. She hates it, but she is a real housewifes from Helsingborg. Kidding she works and have two wonderful kids. now I need to continue drinking my wine. By the way, sorry for the ugly picture, but I can't help that I am swollen in the face.

2011-08-12 19.38.02 2011-08-12 19.37.33

Kaiser Karl?

I got a couple of hot t-shirts from a store in central Cremona. They are made by Alessandro Bernuzzi and play on high fashion. I almost never wear prints, but I do love this t-shirt with Karl saying "1+1=N°5". Going to show a better pictute later on and the adress to the store.

2011-06-24 11.43.33

Hope S/S 2011

Hope is brand that always stays true to its own style. Sober colors, very natural in material and feel. The 50s style is always present and with a dash of typicall Stockholm high fashion. Hope's clothes can stand for them selves in one entire outfit, but they also work perfectly as a canvas if you have a single piece of item that stands out.


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