Medina - For Altid

I love Medina. She is amazing in every way and who doesn't love the danes?!

My Hair

On my way home now. Really tired as you can see, I look like I haven't slept for days. I have, but this photo was taken for another reason, my hair. Ida told me the other day how to style it correctly. There was alot of blowdrying an a mix of Bumble and Bumble products and Sacha Juan hairspray. The hair is fixated but still natruall. Thank you darling Ida for the tip.
2011-09-01 18.55.13

Sandqvist + Herr Judit = The Christian Bag

Yesterday Herr Judit had the Sandqvist + Christian Bag launch party. I couldn't go since I live circa 1 hours away from air. The bag is a design collabortaion between the founder of Herr Judit Christian Quaglia and swedish bag maker Sandqvist.

The bag is made in high quality vegetable tanned leather and retails for 2000 Sek at the moment.

christian bag 0

christian bag2

christian bag
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