The Open Upright Spin from FANTASTIC MAN

This fantastic video created by Lernert & Sander for Fantastic Man, really caught my attention. It's very suiting I can see the video playing in the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, embedded with dark lights to enhance the skater. If ice skaters looked like this I could consider watching them, Hermès and Dunhill is much better then homemade sparkling outfits

Good Mornin*

Mornings, they can be wonderful or just plain awful. A morning can set the entire mood of a day. I try to make the best of my mornings, but I fail every time, well almost. I try to eat breakfast and read the newspaper, go thru my mails, shower, style myself and then leave.

But the truth is that my mornings look like this. I get up, shower, styling, a glass of water and then I run to the bus. I check my mails on the train or sleep. Since I started school as a little toddler I wasn’t able to eat breakfast. It doesn’t have anything to do with me not having time to eat, it is just that I do not have an appetite early in the mornings. But now I will try to eat every morning before I leave my home.

Before I left for Chania I did have breakfast. I had a grapefruit and a smoothie, made out of fresh fruit. It was really nice, and honestly I manage to give 150% at work when I get a good start, compared to a 100% when I just make sure that I look good before I leave.

How do you guys start your mornings? What do you eat and what are your routines? I could really need some tips to get inspired.


The Wanderer by Dior Homme

Shot by Willy Vanderperre with model Victor Nylander, makes me think of farming in the Benelux and Scandinavian countries. There are modern inputs such as cars, electricity and townhouses, but it gives me a feel of the 18th century. The simplicity of the clothes, the colors and when Victor says in danish "Pray to your God, open your heart. Whatever you do, don't be afraid of the darkness." I tend to think about the importance of christianity that was very present in our countries and still is today in some parts.

It could also be a reaction of the current economic situation of our world today. When darkness comes, open your hearts and find the comfort you need to feel safe. Some pray to their Gods, others find peace in their families. The video was conceived by Dior Homme creative director Kris Van Assche and his idea for the video is brilliant, cause it makes one think.

In the Elevator x2

Bag: Erik & Paolo Tote
Belt: Filippa K
Jacket: Story Fall
Shoes: H&M
Jeans: Dr Denim
Shirt: Nikolaj D'Etoiles
Scarf: H&M
Glasses: Vintage Ray Bans
Watch: Vintage 30s Hermès Unbreakable
Bag: Paolo Savi Tote
Shoes: Asos
Jeans: Dr Denim
Belt: Filippa K
Jacket: Story Fall
Shirt: Our Legacy
Watch: Vintage 30s Revue-Exclusive

Chania V.1

I love the greek people and I love Kreta. It was a simple vacation but I did need it. I am super relaxed now and recharged for fall. Chania was a special city packed with charter tourists, but there are some great gems. It is where I made my bags and will do all the other models (that I have in my the moment).

Shopping wise Chania and Kreta isn't the best destination. There are some places and stores with local handmade bags and shoes, and my little sister went shopping for Dsquared2 at a Chania shop that had Moncler, Burberry and other brands. But most shops were packed with fakes or just cheap simple clothes, bags and toys.
FxCam_1316444101554 FxCam_1316443643204 FxCam_1316444056790 FxCam_1316444469598

Kristina S - To Pio Trelo Kalokairi Mou

After spending 2 weeks in Greece I realised that they listen alot to their own music. Some good others not so much. But our favourite one this year was Kristina S video and song. It's very Dolce & Gabbana...just watching the it makes me want to eat Kellogg's Special K and work-out all the time.

The Paolo Savi Tote

I have done it. Finally. It took some time and here is the first tote model that I designed. It is handmade in Greece with cow leather. I must say that I am really thrilled about it. There will be at least ten more models. Hope that you like it.



Hello everyone! I haven't forgotten about you, I just haven't been able to get hold of technology. I will be able to post again around the 22:nd. Talk soon.

Anna Wintour - Forbes Interview

Anna Wintour is a person who takes her job very seriously. Many see her as a president of the fashion world, she is respected and many are intimidated by her and her sheer presence. I respect her because she gives her all to create fashion and help gifted creaters.

But fashion for Anna Wintour seems to be a world mixed with the arts, beauty and the power to change and help others. If you really read Vogue cover to cover you will see that it isn’t all fashion, but so much more…

COS - A/W 2011 Campaign


H&M - Shoes

H&M have for the first time made some really stylish shoes for men. Usually the shoes haven't really reached that level of fashion that they should. But these there pairs are just right.

The low laced shoes retail for 599 Sek and the brouge boots for 499 Sek. The laced shoes are made in leather, something H&M normaly only do for their high fashion collaborations. I'm thinking of getting the boots and the black laced shoes.


In the Elevator

2011-09-06 06.20.39
Jacket: Story Fall
Cardigan: Gant
Watch: Hermés Unbreakable 30s
Shoes: Maldini
Belt: Filippa K
Jeans: Dr Denim
Bag: Malling & Mikai
T-shirt: Reiss

Croc Bag - Cashhimi

When I saw these three items, I in an instant could see myself with them. Everything is handmade in Istanbul, so that makes every single piece unique. It would be so stylish to have the croc bag without handles, a pair of brown loafers, a brown leather belt, dark blue chinos, a nice light blue shirt and my Persol glasses.

The best thing is that they have wallets, agendas and all kind of bags to match. Love it. But I don't know what the price range is, and I don't even dare to know...ha ha ha. 000001064 copyC_CR_029 (2) copy000001055 copy

Good Mornin*

Today started off nicely. I got up a bit to early, but it was a nice. I've been doing nothing basically, but I'm heading to the gym, going to clean, wash and we might hit the cinema.

I want to see "Captain America! but I am not sure. Can you help me? Give me some tips. Oh and the hair needs to be cut. Giving Ida a call, no one else is cutting my hair. Bild 2011-09-03 kl. 11.37Bild 2011-09-03 kl. 11.37 #2

Magazine Party

Yesterday after work we decided to go to this magazines party at "K" in Malmö. It was kind of nice and we always enjoy people watching. Ida and her Bob came along and we always have some interesting discussions. I am according to Erik, shallow...let me break some news here...that's not anything new. I have always been shallow. But to a certain extent. I am shallow when I need to be and proud of it. Ha ha ha.

I was wearing a Gant sweater, Filippa K belt, COS cardigan, Bulova Automatic watch, Mads Norgaard chinos and the Malling & Mikai bag.





Medina - For Altid

I love Medina. She is amazing in every way and who doesn't love the danes?!

My Hair

On my way home now. Really tired as you can see, I look like I haven't slept for days. I have, but this photo was taken for another reason, my hair. Ida told me the other day how to style it correctly. There was alot of blowdrying an a mix of Bumble and Bumble products and Sacha Juan hairspray. The hair is fixated but still natruall. Thank you darling Ida for the tip.
2011-09-01 18.55.13

Sandqvist + Herr Judit = The Christian Bag

Yesterday Herr Judit had the Sandqvist + Christian Bag launch party. I couldn't go since I live circa 1 hours away from air. The bag is a design collabortaion between the founder of Herr Judit Christian Quaglia and swedish bag maker Sandqvist.

The bag is made in high quality vegetable tanned leather and retails for 2000 Sek at the moment.

christian bag 0

christian bag2

christian bag
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