Nikolaj D'Etoiles A/W 2011

Nikolaj D'Etolies A/W 2011 collection is called Jack. The Jack collection is inspired by the history of London. Since London is a very old city, it holds a vast quantity of inspiration. This collection makes me think of the early 20th century, with a dash of British country side. The fabrics seem to have a central part of the collection, and the items in the Jack collection look and feel much heavier. For winter that is crucial for us who live in the northern parts of the hemisphere. These pictures are the first part of the collection; I will post the second part later on.

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elBulli: Cooking in Progress

elBulli, was the best resturant in the world until Noma in Copenhagen took over the crown in 2010. But elBulli is legendary, because of their extreme avantgarde way of cooking. Now we all have the chance to enter the world of elBulli and see how they created. I can't wait to see this movie. The food looks like pieces of art, pieces that are worthy their own exibition at an art museum.

Herr Judit - Commercial

This Herr Judit commercial from 2008 still works. The reason is the classic heritage style. The founder, Christian Quaglia, of the vintage shop is the stylist in the video. I can't find the time to go to Stockholm, but I truly want to and this store is one of the reasons.

In the Elevator

My clothes reflected my weekend. Super relaxed. I'm not used to dress like this anymore. However I like it. I never thought that I would come to the stage in my life when I would dress down during weekends, but I have. It might have to do with the fact that I'm closing in on 30.

Sneakers: Filippa K
Jacket: Hetregó
Cardigan: Filippa K
T-shirt: Acne
Jeans: Dr Denim


Since I’ve gained 20 kilos in three years, many of my jackets and blazers don’t fit any more. So my main goal now is to get some great jackets, pants and jeans. I’m starting off my shopping this fall at Story Fall with four items. The cable knitted sweater Oskar, the Rick chinos, Nigel jacket and David belt. All this for around 1450 Sek. Click on the images to get to Story Fall.

storyfall storyfall3 storyfall1

Fine and Dandy Shop - Lookbook

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Photos: Ken Pao
Hair & Makeup: Atsuko Shimizu Styling & Art Direction:
Assistants: MyKellann Ledden, Zach Beattie
Models: Dillon Rosel @ Major, Orion Hinkley @ Q

In the Elevator

Jacket: Hetregó
Sweater: COS
Chinos: V Ave Shoe Repair
Bag: Mulberry
Belt: Filippa K
Shoes: Asos

Hot Style - James Franco

Picture: Zimbio

Orlebar Brown - Relaunch

Orlebar Brown have relaunched their website. It's easier to navigate and a new feature is the "Style Advisor". I like it when great brands help their clients with their styling. I am getting a new pair of shorts for my Nice trip next year, but what color should I get?

To enter the new site just click on the images. Go explore and look fabulous at the beach or a pool.


Politburo Tweed Lovers Week

I somehow managed to forget the Politburo "Tweed Lovers Week". It is still on today so go shop. Just click on the image and get some Venetian revolutionary couture for fall.

Politburo Tweed Lovers Week

In the Elevator

2011-09-02 06.14.03
Jacket: Pour
Bag: Malling & Mikai
Belt: Zara
Desert Boots: Asos
Watch: Bulova Automatic Chronograph 
Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Dr Denim

Paolo Savi Interview

I had the honor to be interviewed by Fatgelina. The whole interview is posted on 4 different sites all in chinese. But since the majority of my readers doesn't understand chinese I decided to post it in english. I truly hope that you like it. Also a big thank you to Fatgelina.

1) What is the idea behind of launching Paolo Savi blog?

The idea behind my blog was that I felt like I wanted to find and communicate things, design and other things that I like. I honestly think that I started the blog as a refuge when I felt un-creative.

2) What is Paolo Savi Blog all about? is first of all about men’s style and fashion, especially classic fashion but also modern and heritage styles. I like to find and share small brands such as Companyofwe, Hope Sthlm, V Ave Shoe Repair, Politburo and Globe-Trotter. The blog might be a counter reaction to all the high-fashion blogs that tend to somewhat overdo it when it comes to styling and how they write about fashion. I think that men should dress as men; I would never wear anything that is supposed to be for women. High heels and jewelry is something that you will never see me wearing.

Many bloggers try to please as many brands as possible. If I don’t like a brand I will not write about them. Simple as that. However I will not write negativity. I was put in a situation once were I was invited to a fashion show and I didn’t care at all for the clothes. It was nothing new and I lost interest after just 4 looks. I didn’t write anything at all about them; well I did say that I attended the show, but nothing more.

My blog shows beauty and style from my perspective and it always will. I should and could become better with the cultural bit, but that’s in the future. My everyday life, somewhat edited, is a big part of the blog as well. It gives the readers the possibility to see what I do on a daily basis. Not that it’s much fun, but I like to share.

3) How do you define your style?

My style is my style. I wear what I feel is right. It has changed over the years, but I am now starting to find my style. It’s a mix of Scando-Italian and British heritage. My biggest style icons are Marcello Mastroianni and Olivia Palermo. Mr Mastroianni was and still is definition of the classic Italian style and Olivia Palermo because she is the master of styling and details.

4) If you have to wear a designer for your lifetime, who would it be?

Tomas Maier for Bottega Veneta.

5) What trends will you see coming in 2012?

I think that we all over the world are looking back and history will be the biggest trend of 2012. We all want to see an end to the economic turmoil, and also handcrafted limited edition clothes are coming back very strongly. Shows like Mad Men, Pan Am and The Playboy Club will set the trends. Clothes with classic cuts, 40s and 50s style mixed with Avant guard haircuts and high-tech styling is how I see 2012.

Fatgelina Blog
Brand Magazine Online Forum
Vogue China Blog


Michael Kors Mens Underwear

Enrique Badulescu directed Cory Bond for the new Michael Kors mens underwear line commercial. The cut of the briefs are perfect. Mr Kors I would like a pair or two.


ThursdayFriday - Diamonds Bags

The somewhat legendary ThursdayFriday have created a new series of bags. The “Diamond” collection is my favorite. I want one, but I already have a bag from them.

The “Together” bag is $65, Super “Together” is $90, and “Here” pochette retails for $35. The waiting list is long as usual, I remember waiting for mine for almost four months, but it was worth it. These shopping totes will hang on the shoulders of fashionistas all over the world soon.


Hot Style - Kanye West


Bordeaux V.1

My weekend in St. Emillion was really fantastic. It was someones birthday so you can all imagine how fun we had during those four days. The village of St. Emillion is beautiful, but very touristy. But I didn't really care. The first day was sureal, mostly due to the fact that I had been awake since four in the morning. But a coupe du champagne, alot of wine and great company made me feel very awake.

Globe-Trotter NS Tote

Globe-Trotter have a collection of bags called ”The Leather Series”. There is a bag that I found that is called “NS Tote”. The entire collection is made out of natural grain hides and vegetable tanned leathers. The NS Tote retail for 435£, and I think that it is a very reasonable price. It comes in 4 colors and is available on their webshop.

My obsession with bags is becoming unhealthy, but it isn’t my fault. I blame it on great designers. The only way to make it go away is either to become Amish or a Buddhist monk.


The First Bag

The producer that made the two bags that I designed(Erik helped me with black one) made the first bag that I got in Chania. It is small and simple. I wanted to buy the "Christian" bag that Herr Judit sells, but this one was so beautiful and it's handmade. When I got it my sister told me to ask the woman in the store if they could make one of the designs that I've done, and the woman said yes. So this one is the mother of my two other bags, ha ha ha, I'm kidding but it found my producers if I want to make and sell my bags. How great is that?!

Story Fall - Arch

My love for classic brogue shoes is becoming a never ending story. Story Fall have made a black pair ,called Arch, for this fall and they retail for 799 Sek.

In the Elevator

2011-10-05 06.20.54
Jacket: Hope
Chinos: V Ave Shoe Repair
Knitted Sweater: COS
Bag: Erik & Paolo Tote
Shoes: H&M
Belt: Politburo
Shirt: H&M
Watch: Vintage 30s Hermès

Giorgio Armani A/W 2012 Boudoir

Giorgio Armani's "Boudoir"campaign for Autumn/Winter 2011-12, filmed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, feels like a modern take on the classic movie "Metropolis".

All the clothes are from Giorgio Armanis A/W 2011 collection. The models are Sasha Pivovarova and Diego Fragoso.

Clemente Talarico S/S 2011

Australian brand Clemente Talarico's S/S 2011 collection is sporty. It's a mix of european sports style, subtle colors and a bit dandy. My two favourite items this season, a grey t-shirt and a grey sweater. It's not boring if you think about it, one just have to style it right to make it more interesting.
ClemTal SS11_logo11
ClemTal SS11_logo23
ClemTal SS11_logo28ClemTal SS11_logo14
Clemente Talarico - Summer 2011 from Clemente Talarico on Vimeo.
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